Be calm and survive while storm is hitting you. It will surely be over but you will either get destroyed or survived…….Best option is to survive.
Afterall, we have one life only ๐Ÿ™‚
Keep smiling…


I wish I could touch…

Being a fan of Preeti Shenoy, I thought to participate to this contest this time. I am not a writer but an avid reader and love the way author like Preeti writes.

I wish I could touch….
the breeze of air, that cool breeze which gives me happiness and satisfaction.
Being a nature lover since childhood, I have been always wondering what if I could touch the air, the time, the …….(many more). I would have bundles them and would have used them whenever I needed them the most. Whenever I am tired or frustrated, I go to the terrace where I can feel the breeze on my face. Its a lovely feeling and I am in love with it. If I could touch and bundle the breeze I would never be tired or frustrated ๐Ÿ™‚

With this, I want to mention one more wish of mine –
I wish I could touch everyone’s heart on this earth. As per my understanding, I have been sent on this earth to do something which is helpful to the human community and if I could touch everyone’s heart, I am sure I could spread more happiness. Wishing my wishes will come true soon…..

LIFE and life

Yes, LIFE becomes life in a fraction of second.

Hi everyone, I am here again. Enjoyed festival of Uttarayan with family and was (yes, I was) quite happy that I spent a lot of time with my son and hubby. My parents were visiting Dubai and were supposed to come back today morning.


In the morning at 3:45 am, I received a call from my brother (he went to airport to pick up my parents) and he just asked my husband to reach to hospital. His voice was scary and was upset. My heart missed a bit. I love my parents more than myself (I know everyone do), but in my case, they have been the strongest support system of my life.

After waiting for half an hour, I received a call from my husband that there was a major accident and my mom was thrown out of car and had lot of injuries on the face. Although CT scan report was normal, she was in pain. They shifted her to another hospital and treatment started.

What an awful day. I thought of to spend time with them today as I was working from home today. I was excited that they were coming back. But LIFE as usual played.

LIFE is always big but we dont know when it becomes so small life, where we have to fight for livelihood. LIFE throws most unexpected things at most unexpected time or I would say, at the time when you are super excited for something.

Taking this moment and time as lesson and learning that no matter what happens, LIFE has to be lived fully. With God’s grace, my mom will be ok withing couple of days but the feeling/fear of losing her, I felt for a second made me think that I am not here to waste my life by carrying any EGO or HATRED. Its simply to lived, loved and enjoyed.

Thanksย  GOD for teaching me this lesson but I really don’t like the way you teach me. You are a tough teacher.

Will catch you all soon Please pray that my mom gets well soon and I can live happiness with her.

Good Morning ๐Ÿ™‚





Every First is exciting….

Hey All,

This is my first post. But I want to continue here and want to write here for infinite years. I know, somewhere I had a passion of writing since long. I have been thinking to start blogging since long. But as most people say, I was at a short of time.


Since last few days, I am reading blogs from a truly magnificent personality and the blogs of her encouraged me to follow my passion and ignite that fire inside me which can show me the path till long way here. Wish me a luck that I will never again complain about short of time and I will blog regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

I am an IT professional (yes, you will get that IT industry masala over here :), a wife, a friend, a daughter, a mother and a wanna be author. Seems funny? same here ๐Ÿ™‚

But I am an Optimistic and this first blog has ignited that fire inside me. Lets see how far I can go and what I make over here…lets see.


After all, every first is exciting and I am excited again because this is my first blog. DO read it and press like / leave your comments. I would really appreciate your response and it will definitely help me to achieve my passionate dream.


Good Night ๐Ÿ™‚