lesson learnt

Sometimes I wonder about why life has so many ups and downs? When you are at your pink mood, something happens which gets you down from sky to earth. Yes, everyone tries to not get de-motivated, to not take criticism by heart but somewhere in mind it always gets stored.

Couple of incidents of my life have taught me to not worry about people who want you to feel down, by cricising you or by any other reason. But sometimes I cannot control my emotions. Just yesterday, we attended a small family function. As my 1.5 year old di not feel well since morning (he had cold), he did not leave for a moment. My relatives wanted to play with him, wanted to talk with him, wanted to make him dance……but nothing happened. And what everyone concluded was – today, he is not in mood and keeps crying. It hurt. My son is very much a public person. He loves people around, can mix with them easily and can enjoy with them. But yesterday he was not able to do so as he was not well. People kept telling (with different expressions) me that we should make him learn to mix etc. I did not say anything and accepted but while coming back to home, I burst into tears. I was so much angry with my son that he did not do well in function and cried. I wanted him to perform but he did not and as a parent I could not accept it. That was the moment, my husband held my hand and made me understand that he is too little to expect from. I completely agreed. Then I thought – why should I make my son perfrom among people? Why do I want my son to be at his best all the time? He is a human being and a kid so he can definitely not follow the common moods and joys. I was so shameful on my thoughts that he did not perform. Said sorry to him and kissed him. So innocent he is. He just smiled and hugged me.

Learnt a big lesson yeterday night. I do not want my son to be a performer in public. Its ok it he follows his own mood and does not do what I ask him to do all the time. I have to accept that he is still a toddler and he needs his own space to enjoy the most precious phase of life – childhood. I will be very careful about this from next time.

While writing this, a though passed through my mind – Why dont we follow the same process for adults too? Why do we want people to talk / behave with us the way, we want them to talk / behave? Everyone has different views and thats why this world is beautiful. Lets keep it beautiful 🙂


A power pack day

I have been waiting for the most power pack day like today where I can have satisfaction in all roles, like today.

Today is and going to be the most satisfactory day since long.

I woke up around 6:45 today and went to kitchen (as usual) and I was able to complete cooking and all the kitchen chaos by 8:30. Made paratha, subji, daal, rice, soup,  milk and wheat recipe for my 1.5 year old. I could give sometime to my son while he was having massage. He had a refreshing bath and then I and my husband played with him for 10 mins and then we said (I and my son)  “Bye” to my husband and I made my son sleep. Its really a blissful moment to see your kid sleep. I am really fortunate in that term. I left for office at 11:00 but then think to visit my mom who lives just two blocks away. Went to meet her and she appreciated my dressing style and specially my dress today. I was so happy and boosted with confidence. we kept talking till 11:30 and then I realized that I was getting late for office so finally I left for office.

Arrived in the office at 11:50, had a cup of coffee and started my work. E-mails were saying that my day would be very very busy. Although I was so happy from inside today that while being busy in work, I kept talking with colleagues, laughed on their jokes and had fun. Took lunch at 2:40, which I have been skipping since last 15 days (I tried to be on dieting :-)).  Resumed work and finally analyzed that today’s build was broken and I can not move ahead with my work. So happy. yes, sometimes broken things give you so much happiness. And that means, i had some time to do my favorite activities. Wrote a long e-mail to my 1.5 year old. Surprised? Strange but true. I have created an e-mail account on his name and I and my husband regularly send him an e-mail about his growth, our routines, our hopes, our advices and lot more. Once he will be mature enough to understand and read e-mails, I will give the account information to him. Writing this blog post now.

Still I have atleast 5 hours left before my day completes. I will leave for home and will take my son to garden, where he enjoys the most with other kids. And then I will have fun time with my son  and husband. Once he will get sleep, I will finish my work and will go to bed with being thankful to GOD for giving me the beautiful life.


Love you so much life. May I live every moment of yours.