Dreams….do they really come true?

If you do’nt write, you never write. This is happening to me since last few days.

I wish to write but most of the time, that human excuse “I don’t have enough time” catches me. I know I can write if I decide to do so but most of the time, I do not decide πŸ™‚

Anyways, today is the best day and this moment is the best as I forced my self to write and now thoughts are automatically converting into words. I thought many times about how I want to use this blog site to express my thoughts and finally I have got an IDEA !!!Β  Being aΒ  irgo, I have been always shy to open up my self to people and that stops me to share my thoughts clearly with you, readers. So I have decided to start story telling. Yes, I will tell you stories, which will be based on my life or my thoughts or my imagination πŸ™‚ So, get ready for the one today…..

Radhika is an ordinary girl, coming from middle class family. Not being so beautiful, she is always conscious about her look. Yes, most of the time people are conscious about the things, they don’t have. Although ordinary look, she is very smart and brilliant academically. Radhika has a dream to be an air hostess. Yes, she wants to fly, she wants to feel the air, she wants to greet passengers and wants to give to give them warm welcome. Oh, she has prepared a welcome speech to welcome the pessangers on board. But again, thats the wish of every ordinary girl, now a days to wish to be an air hostess or to fly high. But what about most efective factor, who makes you an air hostess? Your looks or your personality. Radhika has got zero for both the factors. Above all, social pressure to not think about this kind of weird career.

A LONG Pause…..of 15 years

Radhika enters into the flight with superb confidence and welcomes the passengers she prepared , by delivering the same speech, she prepared before 10 years. The way she speaks, the way she shows warmth, the way she shows care, all the passengers are very happy.

What magic happened to Radhika? How circumstances changed so?

Well, as we know Radhika was ordinary, by looks only. Academically she was briliant. When she realised that her dream of being air hostess will not be possible to come true, she decided to follow the other path – the path, where she was comfortable walking. Yes, academics. She studied well and received masters degree, which earned her a job in a reputed company. While working, she experienced goods and bads of the world and that helped her to shape up her life. Within 3 years of professional career, at the age of only 26, she was a vice president of the company. She learnt about how to deal with people. Time passed and passed. Radhika did not get marry because no man in the world wants an ordinary looking wife and if there are few, they did know Radhika….after spending 7 years with the same company and promoted as director of the company, one day she decided to start her own company. She wanted to start but what to start? And then came that childhood dream in picture – yes that air hostess dream. She started an air lines company. For all her initial 5 flights of day, she was always present to welcome passengers on board. It was always a kind of pleasure to the passengers also, who have never experienced this kind of warmth. THe air lines picked up and got on top within 2 years of start. With best business stretegies and realtionship management, the company is growing fast. Still, Radhika is always avilable for 5 initial flights of the day, to welcome the customers. She is present personally whenever possible otherwise she connects via video. Radhika has grown up so much proefessionally but at heart, she is still that little girl, who wanted to touch the sky. And today she is doing it everyday.
Moral of the story : when your dream seems blurry, GOD has better ways to make it true. Just follow and trust yourself.


tired and tomorrow

For most of the time, I am (and I think most of us) trying to be super in every role, mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, employee, friend, employer, colleague and so on. We are trying to be at our best and chasing it is tiresome. Really….

Being a virgo, I always want everything to be very perfect and on time and that gives so much of stress and I think kills me inside. I can control the environemnt at home and at most myself. But what about other? what about circumstances? what about unwanted and unexpected problems? You can not control them and you will have to accept them and will have to live li. For most of the time, I really and heartily accept them and take them as a charm of life where struggle can be a part of joy. But then sometimes, I feel like I am tired of that joy and just want to sleep or read in a corner where I will not have to worry about kitched, kid, husband or work.

Yes, thats true. Most of the time I write about my motherhood feelings and beauty of the world. ButΒ  somewhere inside I feel like I have lost myself. I want to read more books, I want to learn art, I want to go for charity, I want to …….A long pending list. But again my pending list is always overtaken by pending list of remaining task at home, for kid etc. I do not want to put that OLD IS GOLD excuse – I am not able to find time. Yes, I can have time and if I have set my mind on doing something, I do it but then its really stressful. The joy to do it is lost most of the time.

I really want to have a vacation with myself. I just want to be myself, atleast for 24 hours only. But whenever I plan to pamper myself with that luxury, either the servent is not well or the maid has to leave early or my vehicle needs service or people around me need me badly or…..again long list and I am losing Sundays or I can say time to be myself.

I dont know why I am so much tired with my routine or daily tasks. I feel like I am caught up and want to go out for some hours. I want to breath without worry or tension. I know its upto me only, what I want to do and so today I am deciding something…

From tomorrow, I want attend people, I don’t like or don’t respect, I will finish household chores as fast as possible, will try to blog everyday, will write e-mail to my son, will buy my favorite book and will try to read atleast an hour in a day, will try to exercise, will try to have smiling face and hight spirit at work…..OMG, so many tries, I will have try. But I am going to try them for sure.

Wish me a luck that I can found breathing space during my busiest routine :-).
Afterall, tomorrow is an another day to try…

letter from a mother

Whenever I hold you in my hand, it feels like,

it was just yesterday, I wanted you to be in my lap and today you have grown up.

It was just yesterday, you were dependent on me and today you are on the way to be independent for most of the routine activities

It was just yesterday, I always carried you in my arms and felt you near to my heart and today you want to walk on your own and does not want to hold my hand

It was just yesterday, I was selecting toys for you to play and today, you want to play on your own and that too not with toys but with laptops, mobiles and remotes

It was just yesterday, I was afraid of taking you out alone, and today you leave home (saying bye to me) with anyone who takes you out

It was just yesterday, I thought you are mine and I will never leave you for a moment and today, you are ready to leave for pre-school

It was just yesterday, you were crying and I was crying with you and today you hold my hand and giving me a hug if I am crying

Our journey has been the most beautiful one and I hope we will have the same for future years.

Parenthood is the most blessed things in world and I am fortunate to experience that with you dear son…Love you.

my 5’s

5 persons who makees my life

1. My son : of course, he leads the list and he will always πŸ™‚
2 and 3. My husband and my father : They both are on same level. They are the persons, who made my life a LIFE. They are everything to me, really.
4. My mother : WHile yound, I did not like her attitude towards life but after marriage, I think I could truely understood her and we are sharing great bond of love.
5. Yet to decide. How rigid and concerned I am, right? But I am like that πŸ™‚

5 food items I can have anytime (The list leads with “Anything prepared by my lovely mom) —
1. Paani puri / Golgappa : can have at midnight and compete with anyone and win for sure πŸ™‚
2. ice-cream : again, I can prove a big competitor for any ice-cream lvoer.
3. South indian food prepared in gujarati manner : you read it correctly. Gujaratis prepare south indian food in different manner and I love it and also prepare it very well.
4. pizza : Yes they give me guilt to lose track of dieting but so much in love with them.
5. Handvo / dhokla : This gujarati item always send me a kind of temptation that I can not hold my self. And btw, who wants to hold back πŸ™‚

5 things I am crazy for —
1. my clothes : I am conscious and specific and believe that right dressing sense gets you much ahead in life
2. my earings : I love to collect and put on them
3. my shoes : Again they are very special and select them consciously
4 and 5. : Not sure yet

5 destinations, I want to travel —
1. Europe
2. Australia
3. United States
4. Singapore
5. Dubai

5 people who encourage me on daily basis :
1. My son : his smile makes me realize, how important it is for others too, when you smile :-), so keep smiling.
2. An old lady : I dont want to open her identity but she is so encourageous. She is around 65Β  and she works so hard daily with a smiling face. Love you Maasi….
3. My husband : his calm and cool nature, makes me feel that I need to learn so many things in life. Getting aggressive with every situation won’t work for sure and I am going to change it for sure…
4. My manager : Yes, he is the person who helped me survive in the office environment while differnt personal circumstances. I learned a lot from him and the way he tackles the situation everyday in the office, encourages me to look at bigger picture of life and to work hard.
5. Everyone in my life : In one or the other way, whoever meets me, encourages me πŸ™‚

5 bloggers I follow :
1. Preeti Shenoy (justamotheroftwo.blogspot.in)
2. Sian (siany.blogspot.in)
3 Sejal Vidhyarth (sejal-vidyarth.blogspot.in)
4. Pradeep soundararajan (testertested.blogspot.in)
5. Robin Sharma (robinshrma.com)

I think the 5’s are enough and my remaining 5 work items are asking me to get back to work now. So enjoy the day and keep smiling πŸ™‚