Love is not about being together, its about bonding together

Shalini got ready and saw herself in the mirror. She continued staring herself. That black jacket was perfectly suitable with the strawberry pink skirt. Those pink and black bangles and the square RADO wrist watch. Those designer high heels and expensive clutch. Everything was so perfect. And a thought passed in her mind……May Ajay would have been here. He would have got mad. She smiled at herself. Ajay was really mad for Shalini and for her dressing sense, which was a big talk in their friend circle. Shalini badly wanted Ajay to be with her today, on her big day. Although Ajay called up in the midnight and wished her and sent flowers too but that was not enough for Shalini.


Ajay and Shalini had arranged marriage. But during that first meeting, they both realized that they were made for each other. Ajay appreciated her dressing style and beauty and Shalini was impressed with his sense of humor and easy nature. Love bloomed and every custom and ceremony followed were just a formality for both of them. They were so much in love that everything else was of no importance. Their honeymoon to GOA in the rainy season of July added a fuel to that fire of love. They talked, played, laughed, swam, made love and ate like crazy. Even today, each and every moment of that phase was so fresh in Shalini’s mind. They became shadow of each other. And when came back from honeymoon, friends and relatives started calling them “Made of each other”, rather than “Made for each other”. They were always in sync. If Ajay started some conversation, Shalini’s response was automatically so positive and most of the time Ajay will know Shalini’s secret wish before she spoke about it.


With time their relationship grew well and they understood more about respect and space for each other. Ajay got promotion and his company decided to send him to Australia for 2 years. But there was a condition. Ajay was not allowed to take his family with him till 1 year. There was a heart break. Ajay decided to leave the job but Shalini explained him, how important this opportunity was. She made him understand about the future and growth he was going to have after taking up this challenge. But she could not answer his question “will you be able to live without me? I won’t be able to”. Shalini felt a lump in her throat but strongly replied that she will manage and its compulsory for both of them to face that situation. To this, Ajay got ready to depart for Australia before 3 months.


Yes, its been 3 months and only Shalini knew how she had been living. The days were never longer like this and nights were sleepless. Whether alone at home or with friends or family, she always missed Ajay. She thought she had made a mistake by preparing Ajay for Australia. Although at heart, she knew what she had done was true. Nothing was able to change her mood. That singing parrot in balcony, that 52” LCD TV, that shopping to brand factory and that drive around. She felt totally incomplete without Ajay. At every moment, her heart wanted to run away and reach to Ajay. This loneliness was unbearable and unexplainable. She tried out many options but her mind was not ready to accept absence of Ajay and her heart was with Ajay. Most of the time she felt helpless and cried. Although she tried to attend those family functions and friend’s party and tried to be strong but inside she was broken and wanted to avoid people asking about Ajay.


On the other side, after reaching Australia, Ajay got very much busy with new work and culture. He hardly got time to call Shalini. He assumed that Shalini would be able to understand his situation and was dreaming of Shalini being with him after a year. Here, Shalini started thinking that Ajay had changed and was not responding.


I met Shalini just yesterday. She has changed totally. I talked with her for long duration and tried to understand her situation. I could feel her emotions as I have already passed through the same situation of loneliness. I tried to explain her that missing your love like mad and crying will hurt your love. In life, everyone faces this kind of loneliness in one or the other way. But you have to be strong. You need to understand priorities of life. And finally true love is not about being together, its about bonding together no matter how far you are from your love. Trust your love if its your love and make it strong. Yes, sometimes we cannot control our emotions but it should not be for longer. Remember good time you spent with the person, call him/her, say “I Love You” and move ahead. Wait for being together but don’t stop growth of yourself.


And I am seeing that spark in Shalini’s eyes. She is almost ready to forget about pain of loneliness. She has decided to pursue her long lost hobby and move ahead. Ajay is still with her at every moment but Shalini is still the same. She misses Ajay but she has decided to be strong. I am so happy for you Shalini. Keep it up !!!Image


Love is not changeable


4:15 pm in the watch. Kartik was almost drinking that beauty via his eyes. While Shachi was busy in enjoying sight of London from London eye capsule, Kartik almost forgot about the world after seeing her. That transparent white shirt coupled with dark violet jeans, little butterfly shaped hairpins, white oval wrist watch and that light pink lipstick. Everything was just adding beauty to someone already beautiful. Kartik was almost fallen. Shachi was busy with taking photographs of London and Themes river and Kartik was busy with taking photographs of Shachi. Shachi was totally unaware about it. Suddenly she felt someone constantly staring to her. Yes, females have that hidden talent. She turned around and found Kartik taking her photographs. She was angry and Kartik loved it. He loved that little nose getting red and those rosy lips speaking. He smiled. And to this, Shachi got more angry. She wanted him to delete all her photographs from the digital camera, he was using. To this Kartik said something, which moved Shachi “I can delete those photographs but what about the photograph I have on my heart. How will you be able to delete it? And believe me, its not me, who did the mistake. Its you only. You are so beautiful, I can not see anything else. I am really fallen for you”. Shachi could not do anything but smiled and love started blooming. In addition to that, rain outside was also adding romantic flavor to the conversation.

Shachi and Kartik were in London for training. Shachi was working with a well-known IT company and Kartik was working as a lead with a mid-level IT company. London is really a dream place for lovers and so for Kartik and Shachi. They held each others’ hand, roamed around, visited places, went to movies and enjoyed each others’ company the most, while their stay in London. London nurtured their love. But then that day came. Shachi had to leave for India as her training was complete and her company wanted her to move back to India office. They did not know what they are going to do. On the day of her flight, Kartik took a leave from the training and decided to be with her for whole day. Both of them were silent. They never thought about this parting. Kartik bought two tickets to London eye and both of them were in the capsule again. The place, where they met for the first time. Those moments re-lived. Shachi was almost in tears and Kartik could not speak. When the capsule was at top, Kartik bent on his knees and proposed Shachi to be his life partner. Shachi cried and hugged Kartik and finally they found the way. The way to be with each other for life time. They celebrated, danced and cried their happiness. So strange it is. Happiness does not always come with happy emotions. It always has mixed feelings. Kartik said “Bye” to Shachi on Heathrow Airport.

Time flew and converted into years. Happily married couple – Kartik and Shachi were blessed with a baby boy and they named him Charit. They were moving ahead with life, with career and with their son. Strangely since last 15 days, Kartik was upset. His behavior towards Shachi and Charit was changed. He was getting angry for little matters. This was not his nature. He was known as calm and cool guy but nowadays, everyone was seeing a change in him. Shachi thought, it was work load and stress at work, which changed him. She decided to talk with him but Kartik denied to talk about anything. This was a kind of shock for Shachi. Kartik never denied to talk about anything. What can be the matter? Shachi’s mind was always busy to find out the answer. Behavior of Kartik was getting worst day by day. Now a days, he started crying. In the middle of the night, Shachi found him crying and when asked he got angry. Shachi was really worried now. Something was terribly wrong but what it could be.

And the day came. Shachi was busy while preparing for celebration of their 10th Marriage Anniversary.  She asked Kartik to help shopping for Charit. And while both of them were out, she started looking for matching tie of the suite for Kartik. She wanted Kartik to wear the same suite, he wore on the day of marriage. She was looking for the tie in his wardrobe, where she found a file. A file with patient name as Kartik. The file from Doctor Anand Mishra, the well known neuron surgeon. Her heartbeats rose. She opened the file and started reading the reports and analysis. The reports were saying, Kartik had a brain tumor and it was identified so late that surgery was risky. He had few days left. Shachi was almost faint. Now, she resolved that puzzle of odd behavior. She cried loud. She was angry. Why did Kartik hide this from her? Being his wife, wasn’t she worth to know about this? She kept crying. After an hour or so, she got up and drank a glass of water. She tried to be normal. She thought about Kartik and again her eyes were teary. She could understand that Kartik loved her so much that he could not have speak about his illness to her. She decided something.

Shachi took appointment of Dr. Mishra and met him. Dr. Mishra explained case of Kartik and its complexity. He conveyed the risk of surgery but also mentioned that it was the only possible way to save Kartik’s life. Shachi asked him to give date for surgery and left. Kartik was shocked when he saw Shachi at home so early. Generally Shachi was used to work till late due to her demanding job and as Kartik was not going to office since last few days, he was looking after Charit. Shachi changed to white shirt and navy blue jeans. She slowly walked to Kartik, held his hands and looked into his eyes straight. Her words – “I am the same Shachi who met you before 11 years in London. I promised you to live together and be with you for all the time. We have been together for all the time. I am so much in love with you even after so many years of our marriage. Lets face the reality and I am sure we will sail”. She did not mention about his illness or her visit to doctor. But her words made Kartik cry. He understood the situation and said sorry to her. To this, Shachi kissed her on his forehead and said “I love you”. Those words created magic. Kartik prepared himself mentally ready for surgery. They both took care the most that Charit should never know about it. On the day of surgery, before going to hospital, kartik gave a hug to Charit and said he was going abroad and Shachi will take care of him for sometime. Charit was OK with that. Kartik and Shachi cried silently but held each other’s hand and left for hospital.

I am not going to mention what happened to them. I leave it upto you readers to imagine what good or bad could have happened to this couple. But the story till now, conveys an important message. Love is not changeable. Circumstances always examine your feelings and when it comes to husband and wife, love is the only feeling, which can make them move forward together.

Life always gives two choices. Either you change your feelings and move ahead or persist with your feeling and take someone with you. Select the later option always. Because moving forward with changed feelings puts you on peak but you will be alone. Whereas with persistent feelings, you might not be on peak but you will have always someone around to celebrate your little success. So, don’t be changeable when it comes to love and relation. Respect them and love them.

I still cherish….A letter to a growing son

I still cherish ….

I still cherish that moment when I knew you were there, inside me

I still cherish that moment when I felt your kick for the first time

I still cherish that moment when I saw you for the first time and cried like anything

I still cherish that moment when I kissed you for the first time

I still cherish that moment when I nursed you for the first time and felt complete

I still cherish that moment when you smiled for the first time

I still cherish that moment when you gave me a hug

I still cherish that moment when you rubbed my tears

I still cherish that moment when you walked while holding my hand

I still cherish that moment when you came to me and said “Mumma”

I still cherish that moment when no one was around but you were

I still cherish that moment when you appreciated the recipe, I prepared for you

I want to cherish this never ending list

I want to cherish your growth

I want to cherish your life and achievements

I want to cherish your adulthood and my motherhood J

I want to cherish everything while being with you.

Love you so much my son. I am always always in love with you, madly….


it was just yesterday….they were parents, and today….we are.

it was your responsibility and you have not done anything new as every parents do that”,  Aman said angrily and went out of room. His parents were shocked. They did not speak anything till long and then his mother started crying. She could not stop her tears and her father was just staring her, almost helpless. There was no word to help, to make her feel better.

It was just yesterday,

Yes, it was just yesterday

Priya and Satish celebrated birth of their first and only kid, Aman. They were so happy. Satish did not leave him for a moment. He helped Priya for everything related to Aman. They both were struggling financially, when Aman born, but both of them had an intuition that Aman will bring them prosperity. So they believed Aman was a little GOD for them. They celebrated his birthday every month and silently, every day. The felt so blessed. Aman was a happy and healthy kid. Everyone wanted to hold him. Priya and Satish were proud of their son.

It was just yesterday

Aman caught fever at 3 months age and Priya and Satish were up for the whole night. Internally, they felt the same pain, Aman was suffering from. Priya prayed silently for the whole night. She did not want anything other than Aman’s health. Once recovered, Priya went to temple with bare foot. Yes, people call it blind trust, but sometimes it works. Priya and Satish were parents with higher acceptance not higher expectations. They gave so much love to Aman. Even an incomplete meal of Aman was able to make them disturb. It was their care and love, which maintained Aman as happy kid. Priya continuously emphasized Satish to make Aman learn about outer world so that he could be aware about the world. They both were working and had a demanding job. Also household chores were the shred responsibility for both of them. They could not be free easily over the weekend, so giving time to Aman was quite difficult for them. They decided to sleep less. They hardly took 4-5 hours sleep during Aman’s initial 5 years. They tried to be ready with all their chores finished so that once Aman was up for the new day, they were ready to give him time. They did so many financial adjustments. Priya never asked for new dress after Aman’s birth. Whenever they were out, the only priority was Aman. What he would like and what would help him grow. Satish never tried to satisfy his hunger for that high resolution camera because Aman’s needs and priorities were most important. They never felt bad about the sacrifices they were doing. They were happy that they had a reason to sacrifice. They wanted each moment of Aman’s childhood to be memorable. With their old camera, they shoot so many videos of Aman. Life was full and in full swing.

It was just yesterday

Aman went to school for the first time and he cried a lot as he wanted his Mumma to be with him. Priya too cried a lot and could not eat anything that day. Gradually Aman settled in the school very well and years passed. Priya and Satish grew more grey hairs while seeing Aman growing. Their minds were always in calculation about Aman’s school fees, his books, his fun activities etc. Priya and Satish left almost every hobby of them behind just to nurture Aman’s hobby. They both knew how important it was for Aman to grow a reading hobby. They kept searching for books. Books with big pictures, with different objects, with different descriptions. They travelled to different parts of city for different books. Aman too started enjoying reading and became an avid reader. Priya and Satish were really happy and proud while seeing their son growing.

It was just yesterday

Aman passed his graduation with first rank in university. Again a big celebration and happy parents. Priya and Satish felt so much proud. Aman left for US for higher studies. He did not have idea about how his parents had collected money for his study. Priya and Satish never even tried to convey about their hardship. For them, Aman was little GOD and it was their duty to nurture their little GOD. On the international airport, while saying BYE to her beloved son, Priya broke totally. She could not stop crying and was almost faint. That was the first moment in his life, Aman consciously realized how much his parents loved him and how much they were going to miss him. Aman completed higher studies with success and got a respectful job in US.

It was just yesterday

Aman came back to India to select a bride for him. Being in US for around 4 years, he was almost an English man. After meeting around 15 candidates, he was not able to select any as his life partner. And decided to return back to US and visit India next year.

And its just today,

Aman packed his luggage and was ready to leave for US. Priya packed so many snacks packets and pickles and everything for him. Just before an hour of his leaving for airport, Satish called Aman in his room and asked Priya to join them. Satish and Priya explained about the new home they were planning to buy so that it would be more convenient for Aman in future. With hesitance, Satish asked Aman if he can help with some money because he did not have enough saving. To this, Aman was upset and asked them to not buy anything. And arguments started for the first time. Priya tried to stop Satish but she could not and Satish conveyed Aman what kind of hardships he and Priya have been observing to make Aman successful. To this, Aman blankly said, “it was your responsibility and you have not done anything new as every parents do that”. Satish and Priya were dumb. What was that? Why was that? There was no other option than crying because life was about to over and Aman was about to leave.


So friends, it was just yesterday when we were kids and took everything for granted, what our parents did for us. But today, after being parents, we can realize how difficult it would have been for them. So make sure to not hurt them. Because if its they today to be hurt, tomorrow it will be we. And believe me nothing hurts more than the feeling of negligence by our own kids, whom we raised with love. Do not do it if you don’t want it to be happened with you.  Love them and respect them for whatever they did for you. Tomorrow, you might realize your mistake, but they will not be around.

So just call today, at this moment and say them “I Love you”.

Keep smiling 🙂

re-create magical moements

Closed eyes and mind at work, this combination most of the time, leaves the human being with a world called dream. Preyaa too was in the same world today. She closed her eyes and re-lived those days again. Those 12 days, where life was full and beautiful. Those 12 days, when she was treated as princess. Those 12 days, when love bloomed and grew. Her honeymoon with Ravi at ALPS, yes, at Alps. The white bed sheet of snow on mountains and the same white snowy smile on Ravi’s face, she was in love. She was mad. And Ravi too replicated same behavior. He was madly in love with Preyaa. They talked, explored, made love, talked till 4 am in the morning and swallowed life fullest. So much happiness and love was around. She felt so beautiful when Ravi sang a song appreciating her beauty, in those White Mountains.

And suddenly she opened her eyes. Oh my God, the dream had spoiled. She was amidst the demanding office chores. So many things, she was supposed to finish before running to home. HOME – it was no more home now. Its just a house. She had been living with Ravi in same house but now that warmth of relationship had disappeared. After completing two years of marriage, they found themselves busy with work and career. Their ambitions have now overwhelmed them and as far as Preyaa remembered, its been a couple of months, since they both sat together and talked about anything. Most of the time, they were busy and running and talking about requirements and schedules. If schedule clashed, it resulted in a big fight. FIGHT – the word, they decided to hate the most. They decided to not fight and even if it happens, they promised each other to make up within 2 hours. Now a days, fightings used to resulted in silence of more than three days consecutively. Preyaa tried to remember, when it was the last time, she looked at Ravi with love or even gave a look to him. She was very busy and so Ravi was. And that increasing silence never gave them an opportunity to talk about their future, to talk about their family planning and just to talk about anything. They were just like room mates rather than a married couple.

And today, while searching for something, Preyaa navigated to a blog where a female described how she was enjoying her marriage life even after 25 years of marriage. She gave it a thought. What was the missing thing in her marriage, which made it the most unbearable thing on the earth? And she decided something. She locked her computer and went to her manager and asked for a half day sick leave as she was feeling feverish. Her manager was shocked as since last one year, Preyaa did not ask for sick leave even while she was burning with 104 temperatures. Although he granter her sick leave and she ran out of office like anything.

The mission is started. She went to the nearest gift shop and bought the peppermint flavored candles and flowers. Then bought some groceries for today’s dinner. After almost 6 months, she was going to prepare dinner on her own. She had a song in her walk and a charm on her face. By evening, she prepared those favorite dishes of Ravi – Spinach curry with paneer, garlic naan, vegetable pulao and spaghetti. She decorated the dining table with all the dishes along with flowers and candles. Now, it was her turn. She took a bath and wore that red sari, Ravi gifted her while on honeymoon, with golden sleeveless blouse.  She did a light makeup and got ready with basic hair style. When she looked herself in the mirror, she realized that she was seeking this moment since long. Today, she was confident because she found herself beautiful.


And the doorbell rang and her heart started racing. What will happen now? What if Ravi will not respond? How will he react? So many thoughts in her mind. She just switched off all the lights in her HOME, and the only light available was from those candles, on dining table. She opened the door slowly and Ravi came in. For first few moments, he did not even notice Preyaa and went to his bedroom (yes, since last few days, they were not sharing the bedroom) and put his laptop bag. When he went to refrigerator for water, he realized that light from candles and saw that decorated dining table. Now his eyes were searching for Preyaa. He almost ran to her bedroom but she was not there. He looked into kitchen and drawing room too. He shouted her name in anxiety. And suddenly a sweet voice singing the song “I am with you and only with you, always” came nearer to him. The magical moment from their honeymoon time was successfully re-created by Preyaa. He could not speak anything. He just carried her. Both of them were speechless and a lump in their throat. How much they needed this private time with each other, during their busy life? Today, everything was heaven and everything was beautiful. Ravi kissed Preyaa on her forehead and said “Thank you”. In response to that, Preyaa smiled and started helping him for dinner.

So, sometimes in our routine life, its really necessary to re-create those magical moments of past. These little efforts and initiatives can save our lives and relationships by becoming trust less and worthless. We are here to live and we are the only persons, who can make your life, a LIFE.

So start re-creating those magical moments of your past and lighten up your present J.


live LIFE today

God loved you the most

and so sent you on the most beautiful place, called earth, by giving you a magic called LIFE


Why to fall for small

Why to think small

Why to smile small

Why to dream small

Why to be jealous of others

Why to be away when you are most needed

Why to pack yourself in a box and see the world as black

Why to set limitations for yourself when they do not even exist

Why not to love and being loved

He made us a free bird so that we could fly. But we on our own gradually, cut down our wings and settled while blaming him.

So today, open up yourself

Dream big

Think big

Laugh big

Act big

Love and be loved

Accept and move ahead


Today is your day. Just do what you meant to do. Tomorrow might never come and yesterday has already gone.

So live LIFE today and keep smiling 🙂