Love is not about being together, its about bonding together

Shalini got ready and saw herself in the mirror. She continued staring herself. That black jacket was perfectly suitable with the strawberry pink skirt. Those pink and black bangles and the square RADO wrist watch. Those designer high heels and expensive clutch. Everything was so perfect. And a thought passed in her mind……May Ajay would [...]


Love is not changeable

4:15 pm in the watch. Kartik was almost drinking that beauty via his eyes. While Shachi was busy in enjoying sight of London from London eye capsule, Kartik almost forgot about the world after seeing her. That transparent white shirt coupled with dark violet jeans, little butterfly shaped hairpins, white oval wrist watch and that [...]

it was just yesterday….they were parents, and today….we are.

“it was your responsibility and you have not done anything new as every parents do that”,  Aman said angrily and went out of room. His parents were shocked. They did not speak anything till long and then his mother started crying. She could not stop her tears and her father was just staring her, almost [...]