Daily Prompt : State of the year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.State of year while I am still living it…..ummm…For me, I do not count years and months. I count on days and taking life as it’s a day long. Strange? Might be, but that’s how I have been revolutionalized since last two years. I was used to count [...]


Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”Years passed by and lately I have realized that my closest friend is my heart, myself.Being a teenage and a collegian, I always fantasized for best friend. Someone with whom I can talk endlessly, someone who does not judge me, someone who always pick up my call no matter [...]

Love never dies but destiny always has different plans

How should I convince Steve to re-schedule the task planning meeting?Thoughts were running faster than the air plane, she travelled via, from India to US. Charmi, a corporate employee, and to be specific, project manager was on client visit for second time. Her charm, convincing power, communication capabilities and hardwork earned her this visit for [...]

Birth story of l’étoile – Sharvil, after 24 months

Yes, its been 24 months and he, our prince (as they call l'étoile, in French) will turn 2, within few seconds. The star, who arrived with love and happiness and fall in my lap on the precious day. I wanted to write this since long, probably the day he born but could not. And then [...]

Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.Why to draft the plan? I have everything ready in mind and here is how my dream home will look(photo : future-dreamhome.blogspot.com)Oh!! Didn't you find me there?I am sitting on that black chair with my hubby and my grand children are enjoying the toddler [...]

Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

If you normally write non-fiction, post a photo. If you normally post images, write fiction. If you normally write fiction, write a poem. If you normally write poetry, draw a picture. I think, normally I do write fiction, non-fictions, quotes, pictures and poems. SO for the Opposite day, I did not have anything to write opposite.And [...]

My Life……Daily Prompt : Earworm

When I started with youI dreamt for the most amazing experienceI wanted to live youI wanted to enjoy youI wanted to learn from youI wanted to grow with youI wanted to love youI felt so grateful that I was given an opportunityGradually I realized thatIt was tough for me to enjoy while you were throwing [...]