My little success….

They say, success is not about counting, its about feeling. I agree but sometimes counts matters and so…..

One BLOG (, 7 months, 2000+ hits, 90+ followers, 175+ comments

To celebrate this first step of little success, I am planning to present something to my readers and supporters….

Am I excited?

Yes, I am.

Am I nervous?

Yes, I am damn nervous

Am I scared?

No, I am not scared because my intuitions are telling me that you will like it

Am I happy?

Who won’t be?

OK, long story short, I am writing my first novelette and I am excited to announce that first part of it has already been written.  

For today, I would like to introduce the manuscript of my Novelette to you. Remember, this is just a manuscript. But trailer is enough to judge how the movie would be.

Wish me the luck and provide support, as usual.



Tana, not interested in politics but in college years fell in love with son of a politician and got married at young age with him

While being a constant part of politician family and after seeing the dirt created inside house as nearly, she got irritated with life. Constant war between two parties and continuous conversation about how to win votes made her sick.

One day her husband got murdered while he was driving. She was devastated. They both were in love each other deeply and she felt great loss of life.

Her in-laws took it very easy but made it a point of public sympathy to win the votes. This hurt her the most.

Tana decided to find the truth and mystery about his beloved husband’s murder

But is it so easy while being a part of politician family?

Is it a common man task to get deep into the rivalry of two biggest politician parties in the state and resolve the mystery?

Probably NO.

Tana joined the opposite party (it was easy for her to join as the late X’s wife) and this created big thunderstorm in her life.

Will Tana be able to resolve the mystery or will she become mystery herself?

Will GOD help this weapon less woman’s bravery or politics will take over?

Stay tuned for details ….


I am disturbed……being a female in India


(Photo :

Yes, I am really disturbed. I do not want to read or listen about it anymore. I just want to run away to a foreign land. For the whole weekend, my heart was sinking and felt gloomy. I do not know why India is becoming so much rape known country?

I know it’s been old news now or might be I am late to write about. So many blogs / articles / news have been published about the recent gang-rape in Mumbai. But today, I could not help but write about my feelings as female.

Neither I want to go into details about that gang-rape nor I want to describe why it happens and psychology behind it. I want to do something else here, via this community – social community, which has power.

First of all, I would like to appreciate the bravery of the female who really came out as hero and her family to stand by her during this critical phase of life.

Also, I would like to take an opportunity to generate awareness in females for few points –

  1. You are a human first. Respect yourself. The person who does not respect herself can not seek respect from anyone else.
  2. Be brave. We are living in a country where gender biasness is still present and I really feel sorry for that. Don’t consider yourself inferior or less powerful when it comes to yourself.
  3. Be alert. We are not living in old era where the men will earn and we will take care of home. We have to go out and we have to face people. Good and bad both people. Be alert when your mind receives suspicious signals.
  4. Keep your mobile battery always charged. Generally we do not take care much about mobile battery. Its ok, if its low. I will be able to make one or two calls, fine. No, its not fine. You never know the situation where your mobile will be the life saver for you so please please please always have your mobile battery fully charged before going out.
  5. Believe but do not trust. Yes, life is like that. Most of the time due to circumstances and personal situation, you have to believe to people. That’s fine. But don’t have blind trust for someone, who might have wrong purpose.
  6. Be prepared. Its not that it will happen to you too. But its always better to be prepared is always better than regretting. Just take out 10 minutes and think what will you do if you have to face a kind of bad situation and how will you prepare yourself.
  7. Do not avoid. Do not encourage  bad comments for yourself or for any other female around you.  Do not neglect them. It’s we, females only, who will have to educate this society about our identity and power.
  8. Be smart. Develop your mental skills and be smart enough to understand person / people’s intentions and social situations.
  9. Speak out. The gang rape case or any rape case, we read about is the 20% of total. As a female, we feel ashamed, scared and invaluable to speak about this issue. Even I know so many married women who are being raped by their respective husbands (yes, sexual relationship against anyone’s wish is called rape, no matter if the female is your wife). Why do not we speak? Why do not we try to make situation better? We have to speak and we have to make ourselves clear about this.
  10. Don’t feel victim. Indian society has been seeing a raped woman as negligible and sympathetic. Its not about sympathy, its about support. Please do not feel scared or victimised about whatever happened to you. It was not your fault and there is nothing about hiding ourselves or committing suicide.

I am feeling slightly better now (after jotting down those points) but not OK.

As we all know, as a female, we have power to change everything. Lets be a powerful human being and lets avoid gender biasing. If you have son, please educate him about how to respect a woman, no matter whether she is a mother/daughter/sister/colleague/teacher/pedestrian. Lets create a better society where females have not to worry about what they should wear or at what time they should not go out or the career to be taken up.

We are human first and we have power to create the whole society. Lets use that power in a positive way.

(Please note that this post is not anti-males. Its only about considering female as human).

Thanks for reading, dear readers.

Lets celebrate humanhood

While browsing the internet world, I came across this picture and could not help but to download and present to you, dear readers, with special comments from my thought factory 🙂
Whats the first thought passed through after seeing this picture?

For me –
we all have been landed on this earth with different personality, religion, community, needs, gender and many more different things. But so true it is that still we all are on this earth only. Base for all of us is same always, whether you are an American, Asian, African or Australian. Can we relate this wisdom to our real life?
Lets consider ourselves as human first and lets consider our self lucky to be blessed while sharing the life with others on this beautiful earth. No matter, how you are, what you are and where you are….you are part of human community and thats the biggest achievement to celebrate.
So lets forget about personal success, rivalry, happiness, depression and failures.
Lets celebrate humanhood together. The best role, life could have ever achieved while being on earth.
Keep blessed.
And yes, do not forget to share your thoughts. I am waiting…..

I am accepting guest post


Thanks for following me on wordpress. It feels great to have the people like you there to provide feedback on your writing. I am honored.

I am planning to arrange a guest post for my blog ( for next few weeks (No, its surely not to generate traffic. Its only to share different stories and contents from some of the great people from the community. Also, I am not running out of ideas to write about, but something great is cooking up which will be presented to you in near future). I was wondering if you would be interested in creating a guest post for my blog.

I am expecting YES 🙂 and so hereby I am taking you through the process too —
1. The post should be very original and should not have been published anywhere.
2. The post length should be somewhere between 200-1500 words.
3. The guest is totally free on selecting any topic and write about it.
4. Before posting your post on my blog, I would like to read it at once and will recommend minor modifications if required.
5. You can submit your post to bhumika_sept(at)hotmail(dot)com

So here I am. Eagerly waiting for yes and your posts.
Lets create a great community together 🙂
Keep writing….

Thanks !!!!

12 easiest ways to LIVE LIFE (better)

Sometimes I take hold on life and think about what I should do be happy for almost all the time. After studying people, who are happy and contented most of the time, I am sharing my analysis with you. I have stuck these points on my refrigerator and starting day by reading them has made a recognizable difference :

1. Understand that life is bigger than anything else. Move ahead and don’t waste time in thinking about sad memories from past. Remember, everyone loves happy ending.


(photo :

2. Life is what you make it so do not complain. You have to face the situation or you have to leave. Options are always two only.


(photo :

3. You are here because you meant to be here so do not think about why. Only think about what and how.


(photo :

4. Some days are exclusively for celebration, togetherness and enjoyment. Enjoy those days and treasure those memories for yourself and for others too.


(photo :

5. NO lives on this earth are same so there is no meaning in comparing our life with others. Live the life and leave comparison.


(photo :

6. Time is the best medicine so when there is no way or resolution, just leave it as it is. Magically future will come up with better solution.


(photo :

7. Don’t take it so hard. Life is meant to be lived and not just to follow schedule and work.


(photo :

8. Everyone on this earth lives the same life (most of the time) – study, make friends, earn, marry, raise children, earn, get retired and wait for the end. Do or add something extra to this ordinary life schedule and life will be spicy and sweet 🙂


(photo :

9. Laugh, laugh and laugh.  Laugh like a child.


(photo :

10. Educate yourself and the next generation that LIFE happens once only. The way you shape it is a gift to GOD. Take mature decision, don’t hold grudges, leave past, keep dishonest people away, be kind, help, love and finally LIVE.


(photo :

11. Be natural and don’t wear mask. Its easy to be what you are. Don’t try to fit into others’ expectations (it kills). If someone has problem with you, that is not your problem.


(photo :

12. Learn to live for yourself. Take some time for yourself, Read, dance, walk, sing, play and LIVE. As long as you believe in yourself, sky is the limit – remember this.


(photo :


Would you like to add anything to this, dear readers?