My little success….

They say, success is not about counting, its about feeling. I agree but sometimes counts matters and so.....One BLOG (, 7 months, 2000+ hits, 90+ followers, 175+ commentsTo celebrate this first step of little success, I am planning to present something to my readers and supporters....Am I excited?Yes, I am.Am I nervous?Yes, I am damn [...]


I am disturbed……being a female in India

(Photo :, I am really disturbed. I do not want to read or listen about it anymore. I just want to run away to a foreign land. For the whole weekend, my heart was sinking and felt gloomy. I do not know why India is becoming so much rape known country?I know it’s been [...]

Lets celebrate humanhood

While browsing the internet world, I came across this picture and could not help but to download and present to you, dear readers, with special comments from my thought factory 🙂 Whats the first thought passed through after seeing this picture? For me - we all have been landed on this earth with different personality, [...]

I am accepting guest post

Hi,Thanks for following me on wordpress. It feels great to have the people like you there to provide feedback on your writing. I am honored.I am planning to arrange a guest post for my blog ( for next few weeks (No, its surely not to generate traffic. Its only to share different stories and contents [...]

12 easiest ways to LIVE LIFE (better)

Sometimes I take hold on life and think about what I should do be happy for almost all the time. After studying people, who are happy and contented most of the time, I am sharing my analysis with you. I have stuck these points on my refrigerator and starting day by reading them has made [...]