Beautiful Dawn tearing : Daily Prompt – The Golden Hour

I don't think any person who is still living human life will wish anything more after seeing this beautiful dawn tearing at beach....Does life need anything more? NO. 🙂

A lonely evening on beach…..A perfect date (250 words)

When I am aloneWhen that cool breeze touches my faceWhen that sun goes home after a long day workWhen that noise of splashing water creates rhythmWhen that wet sand asks me to turn it into art piecesWhen that big ship looks small at the other end of seaWhen those footmarks on wet sand make me [...]

Meaning of success

So how do you define success?  The Talk show anchor asked typical question in stereo type tone.Noya thought for a second and responded,As per me, success is more about stretching yourself beyond limits to achieve dreams. It has nothing to do with what fame or money you gain. Success cannot be measured, it can be [...]

5 ways to play with LEGO – Guest Post from a favorite blogger

Today, I am presenting a guest post from one of my favorite blogger, Jillian Riley. Jillian Riley is a mama writer who thinks learning should be fun, always. She pours her ideas in her space at A Mom with a Lesson Plan.. I hit her blog more than once in a day to make sure [...]

lonesome togetherness and time resolves everything positively …

A peaceful dawn arrival, rhythmic sound of waves in Arabian Sea, shivering cold breeze, fearful calm surrounding, four tearful eyes and absence of words.... (photo :, 19th March 2013The day brought that forgotten happiness in Aman and Shreya’s lives. Flying from US to attend a friend’s marriage proved worth. That decided LAST joint tour turned [...]