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The most beautiful creature at its best 🙂


Beautiful Dawn tearing : Daily Prompt - The Golden Hour

I don’t think any person who is still living human life will wish anything more after seeing this beautiful dawn tearing at beach….Does life need anything more?
NO. 🙂

A lonely evening on beach…..A perfect date (250 words)

When I am alone

When that cool breeze touches my face

When that sun goes home after a long day work

When that noise of splashing water creates rhythm

When that wet sand asks me to turn it into art pieces

When that big ship looks small at the other end of sea

When those footmarks on wet sand make me think about importance of life

When there is no connectivity to human

When I can sing, dance, laugh, cry, talk and be quiet

When I am not worried about how other/s will think about me

When I am near to nature

When I feel close to GOD and to myself

When I am grateful for my livelihood

When I am reading my past and correcting my future

When I am getting ready to face new challenges

When I am living a little bit of MYSELF with myself

That’s the perfect date for me.


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Yes, you read it right. I do not want to go on date with anyone other than myself. Because that’s the only person, I am missing now a days. Being a mother, daughter, wife, sister, employee, friend…..(endless list), I am able to spend quality time for each of the relation. But my mind and heart are shouting and scolding me to spend some time with me. As I mentioned, the lonely time gives me strength to live the present and future better, my perfect date would be with myself (surely in near future).



This post is my entry to TOUCH Thursday No. 4


The prompt: Describe your idea of a perfect date.

(Who would you date?  You can give a fictional name if you don’t want to use the real name. What would you do? How will you make it special? How would it end?)

Meaning of success

So how do you define success?  The Talk show anchor asked typical question in stereo type tone.

Noya thought for a second and responded,

As per me, success is more about stretching yourself beyond limits to achieve dreams. It has nothing to do with what fame or money you gain. Success cannot be measured, it can be experienced.  Success should not be followed. Actually success follows them  who are more with themselves, who are determined to follow the instincts and dreams, who are ready to face challenges, who can ignore discouragement and take negative comments positively, who can think out of box and those who have courage to do something different.

She stopped for a moment and looked at audience. The whole auditorium applauded and a little smile appeared on her face.  She put back bunch of hair from her shoulder to her back and blushed. Yes, at the age of 32, after being a successful writer and after appearing into more than 100 business school talks, whenever audience applauded for her, she was not able to face it. She always blushed and looked back to audience with killer eyes. Her dressing style, her hair, her smile, her features were as famous as her books.  

The talk show ended within 20 minutes and Noya got busy while giving autographs. People wanted to talk with her more about her success – secret of her success, actually. After being a celebrity, she knew what kind of questions will be asked and she was ready. At the same time, she knew how to avoid some of the questions and how to respond. Success teaches you more than you need, she thought and smiled to herself.

On the way back to home, her mind had thought traffic. She remembered what she had to sacrifice to achieve her dreams. She recalled how people were talking (gossiping) about her, how people were more interested in her personal life, how most trusted people turned back and broke the trust, how she had to hold tears when people were commenting negatively, how everyone was ready to teach her but did not want to understand her, how people were jealous of her success and their response……everything passed through her mind. Tears rolled down. It was really not easy to face or respond so called social personalities who always wanted to create drama from good or bad things. Her life was like a story and everyone around was more interested in making that story more interesting rather than reading her books or her thoughts.

But isn’t it the truth for everyone, who really wants to do something in life? Her mind asked a question and responded to it on its own –

Those always free people are ready with questions when you lock  door while going out or when your kid is crying or when guests visit your home or when you have little fight with hubby. They add spices to the answers and spread them like hot news. They do not understand that if someone is not showing interest in their lives that means they do not get disturbed in their lives too.  As per those so called social personalities, if you do not speak, you are egoistic and if you speak, you are marketing yourself.

So dear readers, if you can think today, think how do you live? Most of your life has been spent to make other happy? Have you ever heard your inner self and not worried about others? Did you ever got up and followed your dreams rather than thinking what people will say? If not, today is the right time. Remember, those who ask questions and follow you, do not have anything else to do. But you have got something to do, something to follow your dreams. Just forget about those gossips and avoid them. Concentrate on your life and your family. Think how you want to live your life and what happiness do you want to feel on your deathbed?

Always remember,


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Life is only one opportunity, to live, to jump, to dance, to laugh, to play, to talk, to breath, to enjoy, to make mistake, to learn, to teach and to travel. Just live it :-).

5 ways to play with LEGO – Guest Post from a favorite blogger

Today, I am presenting a guest post from one of my favorite blogger, Jillian Riley.

Jillian Riley is a mama writer who thinks learning should be fun, always. She pours her ideas in her space at A Mom with a Lesson Plan.. I hit her blog more than once in a day to make sure I do not miss the new post from her. She has been very kind to me (the unknown blogger but fan of her) as she accepted request for guest post. I am honored. Thanks Jillian.

So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.


My son has been Lego crazed since he turned 5 years old. Now that he’s 8 it sometimes feels like those little bricks are taking over the house! Building with Lego is great… but I like to add a little playful learning anywhere I can. It’s easy to let the Lego bricks inspire other fun Lego activities.

lego guest

  1. Storytelling with Mini Figs: Pull all the Mini Figs out of the container. Have your little ones build a scene for their story. Take turns moving the Mini Figs through the scene telling a story as you go along. My kids and I have a great time storytelling with Mini Figs. For us it inspired more stories from my son and more building from my daughter. Win win.
  2. Lego Relay: Fill two buckets with Lego bricks. Place two empty buckets across the yard. Give each runner a cup. Have them fill the cup and dump it into the empty bucket. The first one to fill their bucket wins.
  3. Make your own Lego Directions: Make a simple Lego creation. Work backwards taking it apart. Every time you take off two or three pieces take a picture. Put all of the pictures together to show the creation from beginning to end. (I think this was my son’s favorite Lego activity… besides just building of course!)
  4. Measure with Lego: Find a few objects around the house to measure. Stack Lego bricks that reach from one end of an object to the other. Count the bricks.
  5. Use a Lego Creation for Inspiration: Take a creation that is already built. If your house is anything like ours, you have them everywhere! Place it in the center of the table and recreate it. You can use colored pencils, paints or even play dough.


Jillian Riley is a writer who focuses most of her creative energy into her playful learning, playful parenting blog A Mom with a Lesson Plan. She is mom to an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. Jillian is passionate about kid activities, learning and creativity! Find her onFacebook, Pinterest and Google.

lonesome togetherness and time resolves everything positively …

A peaceful dawn arrival, rhythmic sound of waves in Arabian Sea, shivering cold breeze, fearful calm surrounding, four tearful eyes and absence of words….


(photo :

Goa, 19th March 2013

The day brought that forgotten happiness in Aman and Shreya’s lives. Flying from US to attend a friend’s marriage proved worth. That decided LAST joint tour turned into new and fresh beginning. Both fell in love with each other again. Those tears in their eyes were the proof of the pain both went through within last 8 months. Aman and Shreya got up from that wet beach sand floor and held each others’ hand. That whole night talk without any interruption and phone call ended in reunion. Everything around was happy with this couple. The couple, known as the most creative, most enthusiastic, most perfect couple.

Kansas, 17th May, 2011

Shreya entered into her home, to be specific, Aman’s and her home, for the first time. The newly married couple flew to US immediately after marriage as work was waiting for them. Shreya and Aman were working with very reputed fortune 500 MNC in US. Meeting once via a common friend ended into love at first sight and the freedom of US air fuelled that love. After 6 months of courtship, when they announced marriage, everyone was sure that the couple is going to be the perfect couple.  Days of their courtship earned them understanding the meaning of togetherness. And marriage was definitely going to add fuel on daily basis to keep the fire ignited. Having roots in India, they both came to India and got married in presence of family and friends. Both families were happy and satisfied with their respective child’s choice.

Once in US, they returned to work instantly. That needed lonely time after marriage was not on cards for this couple. They thought they are going to enjoy “Honeymoon” every moment as they were together. First year of marriage flew by and the anniversary of togetherness was celebrated. Although people in party noticed that spark was missing from Shreya’s eyes. Those talkative eyes were calm and tired. Some close friends tried to get into matter but Shreya avoided them. She was not sure, how she is going to live this marriage. Yes, only one year of togetherness demonstrated them the level of adjustment and patience required. Most of the time, they failed. Working in fully stressed environment for more than 10 hours per day and guilt of not giving / taking up time to / for personal life made both of them frustrated. Aman tried for zillion times to convince Shreya about leaving her work for sometime. Most of the time, when Aman tried to take some time out with the lovely wife, Shreya was always busy. Those dreams of living life together with happiness were disappearing in daily fighting.

Chicago, 11th December, 2012

Shreya was walking in the corridor of the hotel. In the freezing cold of December, she was sweating. She was visiting client site for 4 days. While being away from Aman, she realized that she wanted to live alone. She did not want to force herself being together when nothing was working. She knew that she loved Aman only during her whole life and there was no one who could replace him. But she did not want LOVE to take over everything else of life. With trembling hands, she took out her cell phone and dialled the name saved as “My Life”. Aman picked up the call on second ring. He was hopeful that the loneliness might make Shreya understand the meaning of togetherness. But instead of that, he heard something which he never thought in his worst dream. Shreya wanted to part away.  He could not speak for a moment but regained his mental balance and asked Shreya to be at home first.

Kansas, 14th December, 2012

Almost all the houses were lit up with celebration lights. People were busy while preparing for Christmas but Aman and Shreya were busy fighting. Shreya blamed Aman about not giving enough time to her. To this, Aman reminded him atleast 20 incidents when he wanted to enjoy some time with her but she was busy. This argument from Aman made Shreya fiery and she put blame that Aman was not happy with her successful career. Aman dumbfounded. He could not digest the thing and angrily left the house. For the whole night, he roamed around the city in his car, driving unintentionally. Shreya on the other hand, was tired and slept on couch with tears in her eyes. The relationship cracked.

For next 2 months, none of both initiated topic about parting away. Neither they talked with each other nor did they ignore each other. A confused and clumsy phase of relationship was being lived.

Kansas, 1st March, 2013

Shreya was happy today. She was paid off for her hard work. She was promoted as VP of the company and she was supposed to shift to Massachusetts immediately. She decided to take up the final call on relationship and broke the news to Aman. She asked him to join her in MA but Aman was not ready. He had well set job in Kansas and he did not want to leave it. Aman requested Shreya to rethink about the decision as long distance relationship could be difficult to handle. To this, Shreya finally announced that she wanted divorce. Aman was not shocked this time but for sure, he was heartbroken.

The next morning arose with a marriage invitation card from a closest common friend. The marriage was in Goa, India. Shreya and Aman decided to travel together for the last time, to attend last function together.

Goa, 16th March, 2013

Shreya and Aman arrived to the resort in Goa and tried to behave as normal couple. They danced in the ceremony, gave poses to photographers and smiled to each other whenever required. Those little forceful acts ignited the fire again. Aman took the last chance and asked Shreya to accompany him for the beach night out. Shreya’s prompt positive response was unbelievable. They headed to the beach and sat on the beach sand quietly. Aman started talking about his wish to be together and to not break the marriage. To this, Shreya blurted out about his weaknesses and Aman listened to them. He covered Shreya’s hand with his hand and stared in her eyes. He could see the same wish as his, in her eyes. Again killing silence for an hour or so and then Aman initiated the conversation again. He said that he was ready to do any kind of adjustments to be with Shreya. That statement made Shreya cry. She cried like a baby. Her heart was waiting to hear this. She accepted her fault and said that she was ready to leave her career for the relationship. And that’s it.

New sun, new ray of light, new morning and new beginning…..

Sometimes or I would say most of the times, we need lonesome time together to decide upon relationship. Sometimes, while being in crowd, we come to know, how much we love the loved ones. Sometimes while blurting out to the dear ones, we realize how important they are in our life.

So, give time to everything and see the bigger picture. God never creates software with bug :-).