What 2013 taught me?

While the world is busy welcoming new year and ending 2013 with memories, I want to share what the year 2013 taught me. The year was fruitful in many ways, where I fall, I got up, I ran, I fall again and got up again. The year brought frightening moments, happiness, family time,  awkward moments, [...]


12 easiest ways to LIVE LIFE (better)

Re blogging my previous work because it again was successful to leave impact 🙂


Sometimes I take hold on life and think about what I should do be happy for almost all the time. After studying people, who are happy and contented most of the time, I am sharing my analysis with you. I have stuck these points on my refrigerator and starting day by reading them has made a recognizable difference :

1. Understand that life is bigger than anything else. Move ahead and don’t waste time in thinking about sad memories from past. Remember, everyone loves happy ending.


(photo : retreatcoach.typepad.com)

2. Life is what you make it so do not complain. You have to face the situation or you have to leave. Options are always two only.


(photo : depositphotos.com)

3. You are here because you meant to be here so do not think about why. Only think about what and how.


(photo : facebookstatusbase.com)

4. Some days are exclusively for…

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How do you decide that you are in love?

Aniket, its your turn today to cook, don’t forgetI heard that but did not respond. I was busy staring her. She wore backless shiny red dress today and it sent me again to the different world. She shouted for the second time and I just nodded with smile. Just looked at her long, shiny legs [...]

Picture story of Christmas Project : My Preschooler is so happy

This is for my 2.5 years old son ----After working full time at office, looking after totally messy home and a toddler when this Christmas + winter project came to his (our) way, we were excited again. It’s been three sleepless nights, when we are constantly working on this, to make it, to make it [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community | Lets celebrate humanhood

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Lets celebrate humanhood

While browsing the internet world, I came across this picture and could not help but to download and present to you, dear readers, with special comments from my thought factory 🙂
Whats the first thought passed through after seeing this picture?

For me –
we all have been landed on this earth with different personality, religion, community, needs, gender and many more different things. But so true it is that still we all are on this earth only. Base for all of us is same always, whether you are an American, Asian, African or Australian. Can we relate this wisdom to our real life?
Lets consider ourselves as human first and lets consider our self lucky to be blessed while sharing the life with others on this beautiful earth. No matter, how you are, what you are and where you are….you are part of human community and thats the biggest…

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I want to be HAPPY

Mumma and son enjoyed walk together.Mumma and son enjoyed ride together.Mumma and son enjoyed painting together.My 2.5 years old was telling joyous experiences of the day while I put him in the bed. It’s been a routine for both of us. Making him asleep used to be a difficult task. And one day, out of [...]