What 2013 taught me?

While the world is busy welcoming new year and ending 2013 with memories, I want to share what the year 2013 taught me. The year was fruitful in many ways, where I fall, I got up, I ran, I fall again and got up again. The year brought frightening moments, happiness, family time,  awkward moments, tough decisions and overall huge smile :-). In short, 2013 rocked.


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Sharing what I learned from the great year which is going to be past within hours.

January 2013 :

  • Be grateful for having parents around. Call them, laugh with them and take time for them. Those moments will be treasure when they will not be around.
  • A moment can change a perfect life picture to totally broken one.
  • Be prepared for worst and enjoy the best.
  • Facing tougher situation as family makes the tougher situation manageable.

February 2013 :

  • Sometimes it does not matter what good you do for people, they do not change. Change yourself and move ahead.
  • Whatever happens is always for good only.
  • Having a life partner who can support your wild ideas, who can encourage when you are totally low, who can make you laugh when you are crying, who can make you understand what life is in simple words? you are the luckiest person. Hug him/her and say “I Love You” to those whom you really love because it really makes difference.

March 2013 :

  • If you want to survive, you need to learn management.
  • Start today. That better time will never be there.

April 2013 :

  • Follow your passion because life is for once only.
  • Time is always in hurry. You have to hold it and utilize it for what you want to.

May 2013 :

  • Be happy that you had food to eat, fresh air to breath, healthy body to move around and a shelter to sleep under. Half of the world is unfortunate in those terms.

June 2013 :

  • Accept changes and life can be better.
  • Self respect is the major aspect to live for. Never sell it for any cost.
  • When you are not feeling well, go to someone who knows you and does not judge you. When you are feeling good, go to someone who does not know you and share your happiness.

July 2013 :

  • Motherhood is a blessing.
  • Stealing time for family will never make you regret.
  • Create memories and treasure them in different forms. They are going to be lifeline.

August 2013 :

  • Celebrate without cause and see the difference.

September 2013 :

  • Be grateful for being part of human community.
  • Sometimes you have to forget and forgive. Do it for your good.
  • Never think too much. Everything has a solution.

October 2013 :

  • People always love to see you in trouble. Are you included in people? Ask this question every morning to yourself. Help, appreciate and support people rather than discouraging them.
  • Learn lessons from the mistakes you did. Do not regret,  just move.

November 2013 :

  • Creativity does not know boundaries.  Create something everyday and be thankful that you were able to.
  • Read, read and read.
  • Playing with a child makes you understand importance of childhood.

December 2013 :

  • Success is not about talking big or showing off. It’s about working hard, working smart and working consistently.
  • Love yourself and the world will follow.
  • Don’t count time in terms of months and years. Look at it as treasure, which you will never be able to get back at any cost.

Will you like to add your learning from 2013? I am waiting.

Happy New Year to all you, dear readers.


12 easiest ways to LIVE LIFE (better)

Re blogging my previous work because it again was successful to leave impact 🙂


Sometimes I take hold on life and think about what I should do be happy for almost all the time. After studying people, who are happy and contented most of the time, I am sharing my analysis with you. I have stuck these points on my refrigerator and starting day by reading them has made a recognizable difference :

1. Understand that life is bigger than anything else. Move ahead and don’t waste time in thinking about sad memories from past. Remember, everyone loves happy ending.


(photo : retreatcoach.typepad.com)

2. Life is what you make it so do not complain. You have to face the situation or you have to leave. Options are always two only.


(photo : depositphotos.com)

3. You are here because you meant to be here so do not think about why. Only think about what and how.


(photo : facebookstatusbase.com)

4. Some days are exclusively for…

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How do you decide that you are in love?

Aniket, its your turn today to cook, don’t forget

I heard that but did not respond. I was busy staring her. She wore backless shiny red dress today and it sent me again to the different world. She shouted for the second time and I just nodded with smile. Just looked at her long, shiny legs and those white flowery designed red colored sandals. She is so perfect, I murmured !!!

Hi !!! I am Aniket. Aniket Mehra. I am a hospitality manager at a 7-star hotel in London and sharing apartment with Chhavi Khanna. Chhavi is working as head receptionist at another well-known hotel in London. We both are living together since last one year. Today I will be working in night shift and so kind of free. Coffee is brewing in the Kettle and I am here to share something with you. Something which has been making me awake for most of the nights, now a days.

But before starting my story, I want to ask you a question –

How do you decide that you are in love (the most foolish question in the world, I know)?

Well, I know there can be 100s of 1000s of views and debatable reactions on it. But my case is different (I know again, everyone has different case :-)).

Ok, let me tell you my story and then will ask you the question again.

As you know, I and Chhavi are sharing this apartment and we both are working with prestigious hotels. We were project mates during our MBA from London Business School. It was a last semester of two years long master degree program and we were supposed to work on a project, where group of people were randomly selected. I and Chhavi were in the same group and being only Indians in the whole group, it was natural for us to get closer easily. I liked Chhavi from day one. She is a combination of brain and beauty. We used to talk and discuss about project and other things for hours. Eventually, we became good friends and started sharing everything under the sky.  Together, we visited whole London for numerous time and spending time with each other was like an addiction. Even after saying her GoodBye, I used to call her at night. Those nights were full of talks. We were hungry. That hunger to know about each other, to show each other that “I am a good friend” and to care about minute things of each other, was leading somewhere else. I knew at heart that I wanted Chhavi in my life but was never sure about Chhavi. She used to be friend with everyone, although she was sharing some special bond with me. I am not sure why but I never gathered that strength to tell her about my feelings for her. Once our project completed and both of us got good working opportunity in London, we had a talk. The talk, which changed our life tracks. I still remember it words by words and expression by expression. She was wearing a beautiful black top with short off white skirt. Those black and white rings in her fingers were adding beauty to her already beautiful look. I was mesmerized.

I wanted to talk something, I

Oh tell me. Why are you so formal today?, Chhavi

Umm….as our course has completed and as we both have got good work opportunities, I was thinking…umm…was thinking to take this friendship to another level, I

Thoughtful Chhavi….She thought for two minutes (and believe me, that silence killed me)

Aniket I know what you are trying to indicate but you know how ambitious I am. And our career has just started and I do not want to take any other responsibility at this stage. Also I am not sure I have ever thought about any commitment ever. I want to enjoy this phase of life, Chhavi

I was speechless. That most confident guy in me was missing and I was not sure what to say.

But I want to be friend with you and to be honest, I like you, I

A million dollar smile and a rosy blush. And I don’t understand how this beautiful girl knew how and where to use that smile.

Even I like you Aniket, Chhavi


But that does not mean I want to get engaged with you or want to marry with you. I like you as a friend and lets see how it goes. Shouldn’t we enjoy this prosperous present?, Chhavi

I agree, but I want to be with you all the time. I do not want to miss you as a friend because rather than you, I do not share anything with anyone here, I

Yes, I know that Aniket. And let me think to resolve that problem of yours, Chhavi

After couple of minutes’ pause, a playful smile was again on her face.

Lets rent an apartment together. It will give us an opportunity to live together and still we will be able to maintain our privacy, Chhavi.

I could not believe. My slightly orthodox Indian mind could not believe that an Indian girl was asking me to share an apartment with her.

Ok, I am in but you know, you are going to pay for this suggestion, I (winked).

Don’t worry, I know how to handle it, Chhavi (with mischievous smile).

And we moved into this apartment. From first day, we decided some rules. Both of us were supposed to work on cleaning and cooking part and fortnightly the responsibility was supposed to swap. We bought furniture together and arranged them. Getting a sight of her slightly naked waist while she was cleaning or her deep neckline while she was trying to find something or looking her fresh after bath, was enough to ignite that fire in me. I controlled and controlled myself. But one night, while watching a movie on our large screened LCD, when I could not control, I spread my hand and held her from waist. She looked at me and smiled and again started watching movie (or acted to watch movie). I was completely hypnotized. I put my head on her lap and stared at her. She too stared at me. Her hand was in my hair and mine was on her left cheek.  And I am still unsure what emotion drove us, but we were into it. That thing called love making is so amazing. Exploring her body was like a dream.  Her anxious bite on my left ear is still fresh. Kissing her was like heaven. Our tongues were struggling and our breaths were out of reach. We stopped for a second and then again a passionate kiss. And those kisses worked as an initiator. Yes, we made love that night and I must confess, it was the best night for me. Chhavi too confessed the same thing. I was happy that she was happy and we were with each other.  The following morning came up with one more serious discussion about how do we want to take this relationship. I was ready to accept her as my life partner but Chhavi still had same answer. She suggested for open relationship, where physical involvement was allowed but no emotional attachment. I wanted to be with her at any cost. Also, after tasting those honey coated lips, I was hungry again.

And that loop started. We were sharing apartment, we were sharing responsibilities, we were making love but we were not typical boy friend, girl friend. We were enjoying and that was enough for us. Its been a year now. That routine is still there and we are happy with that. But since last few days, I am again feeling that emotional attack. I want her to be mine wholly. But at the same time, my mind starts calculations about how much I would have to adjust before accepting her as my life partner, as I know her weaknesses. My orthodox mind is not able to accept the face that my wife would be someone with whom I have already slept (can she be so open minded?). Silently, my mind asks me to rule as husband but my heart is saying no. I feel like, I am totally in love with her but I am not sure I am in love with her not. Yes, that’s the state of my mind.

And so, I asked that question (what? Did you forget my question?)

How do you decide that you are in love?

From heart, I am in love but my mind is always calculating. Arguments of mind are winning now a days and emotions of heart are not working. I am with her but I do not feel that love and at the same time, while making love, I feel like she is only mine. I am confused…like Chhavi.

Suggestions ???

Can you assume our future??

Picture story of Christmas Project : My Preschooler is so happy

This is for my 2.5 years old son —-

After working full time at office, looking after totally messy home and a toddler when this Christmas + winter project came to his (our) way, we were excited again. It’s been three sleepless nights, when we are constantly working on this, to make it, to make it better, to make it more creative and to make it a memory. We are TIRED, we are exhausted but after completing it when we presented it to him, he was more than happy :-).


















Weekly Photo Challenge: Community | Lets celebrate humanhood

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Lets celebrate humanhood

While browsing the internet world, I came across this picture and could not help but to download and present to you, dear readers, with special comments from my thought factory 🙂
Whats the first thought passed through after seeing this picture?

For me –
we all have been landed on this earth with different personality, religion, community, needs, gender and many more different things. But so true it is that still we all are on this earth only. Base for all of us is same always, whether you are an American, Asian, African or Australian. Can we relate this wisdom to our real life?
Lets consider ourselves as human first and lets consider our self lucky to be blessed while sharing the life with others on this beautiful earth. No matter, how you are, what you are and where you are….you are part of human community and thats the biggest…

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I want to be HAPPY

Mumma and son enjoyed walk together.

Mumma and son enjoyed ride together.

Mumma and son enjoyed painting together.

My 2.5 years old was telling joyous experiences of the day while I put him in the bed. It’s been a routine for both of us. Making him asleep used to be a difficult task. And one day, out of any idea, I just started listing our experiences of the day and he liked it. I told him all the positive and negative experiences, thinking he should learn from negative experiences. But after 2-3 days of the routine, one night, when I started the listing again, he told me something which opened my eyes. He was continuously avoiding listening to negative experiences and when I was telling the joyous experiences, he was clapping. I got the clue and asked him what he wanted. And the answer was – Mumma, I want to be HAPPY. I want to sleep happily. His innocent remark made me to be awake for the whole night. I kept thinking about his remark and co-related it to human nature. How true it was !!!

Most of us, at the end of day, sleep with a burden. Burden about coming day’s task, worries about everything exists and fights with loved ones.


(photo : dailymail.co.uk)

Our sleep, undoubtedly gives us worst dreams and we wake up with a burden again. Changing the habit slightly can make our days more productive, more enjoyable and more creative.

Have you ever marked yourself while talking? While describing happy experiences, we automatically charge up, we smile more and we feel great. That simple logic is applied to overall existence of ours – human being.


(photo : inmagine.com)

We all love happiness and hate anything else. Increased expectations have changed definition of success and so our happiness dependencies are tough to achieve. We smile less, we think more (more about bad experiences), we get frustrated and we want to change everything (but do not want to change ourselves).

Lets start something new today. While going to bed, list down your joyous experiences of the day briefly in a notepad or virtual pad. Close your eyes and re-live those happy moments and sleep happily.


(photo : Colourbox.com)

Feel the difference and do let me know if it worked or not. And btw, that notepad will be a treasure, when you will refer it in future.

After all, everyone lives one life here. And while trying to live every role successfully, we forget to live for ourselves. Live a little part of your life for yourself. Enjoy a late night movie alone sometime, go for early morning walk, call friends, cook for loved ones and smile more. Life will surely be different.


(photo : meetville.com)

Enjoy :-).