Love is not about departing half way BUT …Part-2

You can read first part of this story here.Thinking about Shruti’s terms for divorce, I reached office where Manya was waiting for me. When I told her about Shruti’s demands, she got furious. She fought with me saying Shruti was trying to save the marriage and if I will say yes to her demands, I [...]


Love is not about departing half way BUT …

Hi, I am Jay. I am here to tell my story - the story about love, cheat, trust, love and finally something unexpected. Well, I am sharing this story with the world so that no one else can make a mistake like me.Ok, to start with, as I said I am Jay - Jay Art. [...]

10 Life saver quotes males use and their real meanings

1. I’m so sorry    Meaning :Now stop talking about it, forget it and let me chill.          (photo : This is a small gift from me     Meaning :You should understand how much I have spent on it.Now can I kiss you?          (photo : Please listen to me    Meaning :Just shut your [...]

Begin the week with these 100 words …

No matter in what phase of life you areYou always see a group of peopleReady to create chaos in your lifeI spent most of my life to calm down themI practiced different life lessons To handle that group of peopleBUTFinally ...I have realizedThe best way to handle them is -Just IGNORE themWhy to waste the [...]

Say NO to marriage before accomplishing 22 Things …

Marriage – the word is not limited to marrying a dream man/woman but also marrying his/her life adjustments and still being you. After seeing couple of marriages (at the age of 22) in recent past, I had to write this post. Although marriage comes with unity, happiness, love and responsibilities, most of the married persons [...]