Long journey of LOVE – meeting, departing and re-meeeting – Part 3

You can read first and second part of story here and here, respectively.(photo : dreamstime.com) Departing from the place, where my love with Aman nurtured and where we created thousands of memories was not easy. And above that, I had accepted someone as my life partner, whom I barely knew. I was not sure how [...]

Long journey of LOVE – meeting, departing and re-meeeting ….. Part-2

After listening his words -This was the only way I could be with you for all the timeI could not react. I was speechless. Aman wasted a precious year of his life for our love. I never thought our love meant to him that much. Finally, I could say “I Love you” with wet voice. [...]

Long journey of LOVE – meeting, departing and re-meeeting.

The love story which made me believe in love forever … … …I am Anoushka, Anoushka Kapoor. For friends and family members, I have been Anu, always. At the age of 18, when I entered into college for the first time, with long polished black hair, navy blue skin tight jeans, white transparent crisp shirt [...]

Love is not about gifts and Valentine’s day….its about values and priorities

Tomorrow is 14th February, valentine’s day – the day when millions of couples will propose / accept / reject the love. How easy it is for current generation to move on if someone denied to respond your feelings.  But it was not the case before 40 years.Hi !!! I am Anurag. Anurag mehra from Delhi, [...]