The day I STOPPED … … … Realization of untold facts about life in 200 words

The day I stopped worrying, my life became an enjoyable eventThe day I stopped saying FAST, I understood what it means to liveThe day I stopped being conscious, I realized what it means to be myselfThe day I stopped calculating my wealth in terms of money, I started appreciating everything elseThe day I stopped considering [...]


Picture story of storytime

Wordless Wednesday : Picture Story of Story time


Our story time is getting more and more interesting now a days……

Walk through below pictures and let me know your views :



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When you will grow up….. Mama bear musing

(This post is dedicated to my only son, whom I love more than myself) When you will grow up, you will choose your track to walkWhen you will grow up, you will acquire maturity and smartnessWhen you will grow up, you will know the world betterWhen you will grow up, you will develop likes and dislikesWhen [...]