Smiling Sun : Wordless Wednesday

In India, the Sun is mentioned as Grandfather. I got a beautiful caption from my 3 years old after he saw this –
Sun dada (grand father) is having rest under tree as its very hot. See, how happy he is !!!


Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-IX

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A long incoming call ringtone ultimately woke up the love birds.

After the most sensational love making, both Aayam and Aastha fell asleep beside each other, holding each other’s hand. It became the most eventful, most happening, most lovely, most wonderful and most memorable night for both of them. Both felt contented and happy.

To respond an incoming caller tune singing “you are my love”, Aastha had to wake up as she knew who the caller was. For a moment, she thought to cut down the call but immediately Aashay was on her and her practical mind could not stop her motherly heart. She picked up the call but found that she was unable to speak. With efforts, she responded to Aashay’s constant shouts for her. Aastha completed the call by assuring Aashay that by tonight she would be at home and looked at Aayam who was staring her.

Aastha gave a sad smile to Aayam. To this, Aayam held her hand and kissed softly. Slowly Aastha pulled her naked self from the bed and wrapped the bed sheet around the body to reach to her room. There was a storm in her heart. She felt her knees weak and wanted to run away. Aashay and Tanay’s voice had put her in the present again and she was not sure what she had done under the name of LOVE was justifiable or true.

She slowly entered into shower and once the water started removing the love symbols of Aayam from her body she tried to cover them and at the same time, she pushed herself to remove them. What a dilemma it was!!! After making love with the dream man of life, Aastha was struggling to justify herself to her own self. She stood silent under the shower and tried to calm herself. After almost 15 minutes when she felt slightly better, she wrapped a towel around her body and came out. Aayam was waiting for her. Again there was a mental struggle. She wanted to run and hug Aayam tightly but the recent thoughts from practical mind were stopping her. She felt Aayam’s eyes observing the littlest inch of her body. She went into shower again and put on the shower coat. After trying to calm herself when she came out again, she found Aayam at the door of shower. She tried to escape herself but Aayam stopped her by putting his hand on her back waist. The male hands came from back were finally successful to open the knot of shower coat and Aastha, for a moment, forgot about the world and started enjoying Aayam’s body. After responding Aayam’s final moves, she closed her eyes tightly and tears flew down. Aayam hugged her tightly but it was very late. She started crying hard with heart wrenching pain.

Aayam could not see his love suffering like that. He slowly made Aastha to sit and allowed her to be comfortable. He asked her to talk if she wanted to. When Aastha denied, he took her hand in his and spoke the first word of day “Aastha, I love you”. Aastha cried again. Aayam waited till Aastha got comfortable again. He asked Aastha to dress up and walked out of guest room. Aastha slowly got up from the couch and opened the wardrobe with weakened hands. She selected ocean blue denim jeans with snow white tank top. After putting on white wrist watch and blue diamond earrings, she joined Aayam on the dining table. They ate silent breakfast at lunch time. Once done, Aayam started,

Aashu, I love you and I know you too love me – Aayam

Aastha did not reply but started looking at floor.

Aayam came nearer to her and held her hands.

Aashu, I have been waiting for you for lifetime. Can’t we be together? I am ready to welcome you in my life and ready to accept you son as mine, Aayam stopped for a moment and looked at Aastha.

Aastha was clueless as she never imagined herself in this situation. Her heart was asking her to run away with Aayam but her mind was controlling her by reminding her about Tanay and Aashay.

For almost half an hour, there was a killer silence.

Finally Aastha had to respond to Aayam’s questioning eyes,

Aayam, I too love you from bottom of my heart and I have been dreaming of you. You do not know how painful it was for me to live dual life for eight years continuously. After being with you for less than 24 hours, I have realised that you are one whom I would have accepted as my life partner with a smile. But …

Aayam put his hand on her lips and said

Aashu, please no BUT…..After so many years, we have got an opportunity to be together. Please Aashu, I do not want to be away from you.

Aastha could see the moisture layer in his eyes.

She continued with tearful eyes and voice,

Aayam, I can not be with you and we need to accept it as destiny. I cannot break Tanay – My husband’s trust. When it comes to LOVE, yes, I love you only but you need to understand that for eight continuous years, Tanay has been caring for this person, standing in front of you. He never has done anything bad to me and I do not have any right to leave him in the middle of life without reason. I am really sorry Aayam, I am repeating, I love you only and I will love you till the last breath of my life but may be god did not want us to be together. This meeting for a day gave me a life time memory and I am ready to live with the memories.

Aayam could not speak for some time and just nodded.

Aastha went into guest room and packed her bags and came downstairs. Aayam took the bag from her bag and put it in the car. She stared Aastha. Aastha could not control herself and hugged Aayam tight with tearful eyes. They sat in the car and Aayam drove towards airport.

At the airport, before entering in to departure area, Aastha hugged Aayam again and told him,

Aayam, please never forget me but forgive me surely. I am leaving you again and I know its going to be more painful. I am sorry Aayam. I salute your love and your faith for love but I am not that strong. I have to take care of social protocols. I promise you that for next life, I will be with you but please wait for me.

Aayam nodded and Aastha slowly pulled her hand, Aayam had held tightly.

Even today, after two years of meeting with Aayam, Aastha is able to feel him and remembers him every day.

Aayam on the other hand has decided to live life alone and to spend it after his patients.

Who says love means being together? Leaving miles apart, love can be lived and loved.


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Happy loving readers J

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Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-VIII

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With an unknown fear and guilt mixed happiness when Aastha entered into Aayam’s house. She could feel the luxury around. Rarely seen half oval shaped swimming pool was inviting and those marigolds around the main door of house were just adding aesthetic value. The garden was full of foreigner flowers and for a moment Aastha wanted to run to that garden to enjoy the beauty of that colourful sight she had seen recently in Sweden. At main door, she could see Aayam providing his fingertip on locking system and the door unlocked. Aastha was amazed. Inside the house, the huge living room was decorated with brown leather sofa, again a half circled glass centre table, half circled shaped mini bar in one corner and a showcase full of awards Aayam must have received within those years. She was impressed with glass art and soothing colour combination of the house. Without speaking anything, Aayam led her to a room on first floor. Aastha was so busy in observing everything that she did not find it necessary to speak. Slowly Aayam opened door of a room and held Aastha’s hand to lead her to the room.

Aashu, welcome to my world!!! With moist voice he spoke.

Aastha loved that Aashu address from Aayam. He was the first person who addressed her like that and Aastha loved it. With a smile when she entered into the room, she could not believe herself. The room was full of pencil paintings and all the paintings were of one person only. They were all of hers, neatly arranged. She could not trust her eyes.

How in the world someone can love me like this? Her heart started beating fast.

Aayam……..she could speak slowly with efforts.

Yes Aashu, I have been waiting for you since years. I could not find a photo of you and actually I did not need it. After seeing you for the first time, my mind printed you on my heart and I have been copying that image on paper since years in a hope that I would be able to meet you someday. Thank God, that biggest wish of life has been fulfilled. I am ready to die at any moment now.

Aastha interrupted him by putting her right hand on his lips.

He held Aastha’s hand and took off it from his lips. He held her hand tight and they stood there like that for couple of minutes.

Where were you Aashu? Why did it take you so long to come back? Aayam asked slowly while pampering her hand.

Aayam, I too have been living and dying every moment since we met for the first time. In one sentence I would say, destiny had different plans for us, Aastha summarized.

Whatever it could be, I want to celebrate today when we are together, Aayam replied with a smile.

He led her to the kitchen with silk white marbled floor and opened the refrigerator. A chilled Champagne bottle in his hands and a lovely smile on his face was the proof of happiness he was feeling at the moment. He filled two glasses and gave one to Aastha. Aastha, without hesitation, took that glass and cheered with Aayam. The celebration was started.

They talked and talked and talked for hours till they both realized that they did not eat since last 10 hours. Aayam asked Aastha to get fresh and told her the plan about the evening. Aastha went to the guest room, took shower and changed into Cadbury brown knee length skirt and full sleeve polo neck white t-shirt. Those brown diamond ear rings and brown leathered shoes were adding beauty to that already beautiful lady. For the first time since years, she felt beautiful. For the first time since years, she wanted to forget that she was a wife and mother. For the first time since years, she kept staring herself in mirror and smiled. When Aayam saw her he could not keep his eyes off. Aastha felt that Aayam’s eyes were drinking her beauty and she blushed. Those reddish shads on her cheeks made her more beautiful and Aayam held her hand tightly. Aastha felt secured.

Aastha’s mind was on the tour of thoughts. Unintentionally she started comparing Tanay with Aayam. Though she never had any problem with Tanay, she never liked the way Tanay always threw himself on her and never cared to know her desires. On the other hand, even after seeing a lifelong love after years, Aayam was in control and did not take any liberty with her. How the mind and heart speaks same language when you are with the most loved person of the life!!!

Aayam had booked a candle light dinner in the boat shaped restaurant. The table was decorated with a heart of red roses and a candle. After settling in the respective chairs, again there was a silence. Although this silence was not about discomfort. This was about being with each other, watching each other after years and talking with eyes.


Dinner was eaten in between those continuous stares and rare talks. When they finished, waiter served wine and left them in loneliness. Aayam raised his hands and Aastha put hers in them. Again silence and tears ….what a destiny it was. The true lovers were celebrating togetherness of a day with silence without complain. It was only when Aastha’s cell phone ringed, the loop of thoughts and stares broke. When Aastha saw Tanay’s name on screen, she put her phone in “I am in a meeting” mode and slid it in her purse. Aayam held her hand and both left to explore Delhi’s nightly roads. For three hours continuously, Aayam and Aastha drove on Delhi’s roads. In between, they enjoyed road side tea for three times. And Aayam kept staring at her when she happily declared how much she loved to enjoy road side tea and since how long she was waiting for it.

So innocent she is !!! Aayam thought to himself.

At 2:30 a.m. in the morning, without a shade of tiredness they returned to Aayam’s house. After changing into night dress, when Aastha came down stairs to wish Good Night to Aayam, he was preparing for another celebration. He had arranged a table with flowers and wine bottle. Hesitantly when Aastha came nearer, out of nowhere, she kept her hands on his eyes.

Aashu, please do not play that with me. I am not good at that, Aayam spoke excitedly.

Aastha rapidly rounded Aayam and hid herself behind a pillar. Aayam opened his eyes and while he could smell her nearby him, he walked towards her with soundless footage. Aastha was excitedly looking ahead where Aayam was, when he put his hands around her waist and rounder her towards him. He looked in her eyes directly and the flame of togetherness, loneliness, nearness and love was present in her eyes too.

Without knowing, both of them were matching each others’ dance moves while listening to the romantic number flowing from the music system. Without rehearsal or telling each other the next move, they were perfectly dancing like a professional dancer couple. When hearts replace tongue the most beautiful conversations in the world happens and those unsaid dance moves and follow-ups, those stares and blushes, those ignorance and acceptance, everything was looking beautiful. They danced till they felt breathless and in their hearts they both knew, this was the most memorable dance for them.

Aayam held her tight at her waist and with other hand he carefully held her head and after waiting for a moment if she was comfortable, when he saw she had closed her eyes tightly, he moved near and a lovely smile spreaded on both of their faces. This was the moment, they had burned themselves for years. There was no bad intension, there was nothing to hurt anyone, there was nothing to show off, there was pure love and a desire to sail through the beautiful reality of today and dream of yesterday.

When Aayam kept his lips on hers, she felt a chill in her spine. Aayam held her more tightly and slowly when Aastha started responding his madly moves, love was at its best. Without worrying for tomorrow, two hearts and were crossing each other at 3 a.m. in the morning. Love, love, love was around.

Isn’t it every female’s dream to be loved like that?

To be continued …

Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-VII

Previous parts of story can be read  here, here, here here, here and here respectively.

After a day of dilemma, when Aastha got down from the car at airport, she felt an unidentified happiness inside her. It was for the first time in years, she was travelling alone. She was not sure the excitement of being alone was overtaking the excitement of meeting her lifelong dream mate or vice-versa. She was happy and her 26 years old lean body wrapped up in red and black top with tight black denim was looking gorgeous. Every eye was staring at her and with some discomfort she checked in and got into plane.

For those two hours flight, Aastha’s mind was working faster than the flight. She started preparing herself about what she wanted to tell to Aayam. For a moment she almost day dreamed about being Aayam for rest of life.

How strange it is, she talked with herself. I am a mother and wife and still this role of lover excites me more than them.

On the other hand, her mind, as usual, tapped in with an argument – do not forget that you have two people waiting for you at home. Tanay does not know what crime you are going to claim and he trusts you like anything. There is no point in breaking his trust. Also, meeting with Aayam is temporary and for once only.

Answering her mind and heart simultaneously, she tiresomely slept. After an hour, when she unconsciously heard the announcement about Delhi airport landing she woke up and made her hair. Once the plane landed, her heart skipped a beat. She did not want to get off from the plane. An unknown fear enveloped her heart and she wanted to run back to Tanay. Finally when she found herself sitting alone in the plane and all the crew members looking at her, she slowly got up and started walking towards exit door with her small bag.

The moment she entered in the Arrival area, a hand from the crowd raised and she did not make mistake in identifying. Although she could not see him, she started walking towards the direction and the next second she found Aayam in front of her. She wanted to die right there as the biggest desire of life was fulfilled. Her mind alongwith her body was out of control and her eyes, as usual, started flooding. That 6 feet heighted, dark and handsome well-known doctor was the stealer of her heart and she could see him after years. She did not want to move from there. Suddenly a ringtone from her cell phone threw her in reality. It was a call from Tanay to ask whether she had reached safely. She finished the call in a sentence and looked at Aayam. Aayam was still staring her and a layer of moisture in his eyes made her realized how eagerly he too must have waited for this moment. She slowly moved to him and unconsciously gave her hand to Aayam’s and they both walked out of airport.


The pearl white Mercedes Benz with chauffer was waiting for them. Aayam opened the door for her and that made her smile. While the car was running on Delhi’s mid-morning roads, both Aayam and Aastha struggled mentally about what to talk. Strangely they felt a divine calm in their hearts by being with each other. The latest music system in the car was playing local radio station and when the song “kab ke bichhade huye hum aaj kahaa aa ke mile” (we departed and came so far to meet again here) was enough to generate those valuable drops of tears in Aastha’s eyes. She started looking outside to hide the same. Aayam slowly put his hand on hers and to this Aastha could not control herself. She looked into Aayam’s eyes and hid herself in Aayam’s arms. No one spoke anything for next half an hour. When the car stopped near an iron gate, she could see a luxurious Italian style white and brown bungalow and walked out of car slowly to follow Aayam. Aayam instructed the driver about something and with eyes he welcomed Aastha.

 With mixed feelings of happiness and guilt, Aastha entered into Aayam’s heaven.


To be continued ….

Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-VI

Previous parts of story can be read  here, here, here here and here respectively.

With a song in heart and spring in feet, for a moment, Aastha literally forgot about Tanay and Aashay. For a moment, she turned into 18 years old Aastha who desperately wanted to see Aayam. But a call from Tanay broke her into present and she realized she spent almost 5 hours and did not buy anything and Tanay was waiting for him at hotel. She caught the train back to hotel and her mind and heart started debating with each other.

How can I even think of Aayam now? I am a wife and mother now, her mind asked.

Why not? Aayam is love of my life and I have been eagerly waiting to meet him once, her heart argued.

But it would be an injustice to Tanay who never did anything wrong with me, mind again

There is a difference between living and loving. You can live with anyone by adjusting yourself but you can not love everyone. I loved Aayam and those sleepless nights while I shredded tears are proof that he is still living here, heart replied.

But don’t you think that one meet with lead to another and it may ultimately lead to an extra marital affair which will not be tolerable by Tanay who trusts me like anything, mind again.

I will definitely take care that first meeting ends as last meeting and it never lead to anything which can hurt Tanay. But I would like to meet Aayam once to make myself free from that love flames in which I have been burning since years, her heart concluded.

At hotel, When Aashay ran and hugged her, Aastha felt weak. That mental struggle since last couple of hours made her fatigued. She wanted to throw her mind out of body, who was continuously trying to interrupt her heart, who was busy dreaming about Aayam. Aastha did not tell anything about meeting with Sangini to Tanay.

Finally when the plane took off from Arlanda Airport, she firmly decided to follow her heart and meet Aayam once. Her hand unconsciously touched her phone with smile, where Aayam’s contacts were saved.

Once at home, it took her couple of days to settle with routine and make everything in shape. Meanwhile she was continuously thinking about the possible way to convince Tanay about her visit to Delhi where Aayam was set up. Finally she got an idea.

In the evening, while eating dinner, she started

Tanay, there is a workshop about clay art in Delhi for couple of days. And you know, how much I am keen to learn about it. Also this workshop will give me an opportunity to meet with other artists. It’s a matter of couple of days only, she added a requesting tone to her voice.

Tanay was surprised by hearing his wife as Aastha never went out except to her parents’ without him. And today, she was asking him to allow her to attend the workshop arranged 1000 kms away from the home. He thought for a second and as usual his heart asked him to fulfil her wish. He never doubted Aastha about anything and always tried to support her wherever possible.

Sure Aastha, let me know the dates and I will book your air tickets. But please come back within two days as I will not be able to handle home, office and Aashay together and above all, we are going to miss you, Tanay told her.

Aastha smiled sadly and nodded.

Next day, while Tanay was in office and Aashay was in school, Aastha surfed her phone again and started at Aayam’s contact. She was still not sure whether she should contact him or not. But heart took over and she touched the dial sign. After couple of rings, when her ears heard a “Hello, Dr. Aayam here”, her heart missed a beat and her hands trembled. She could not speak but out of nowhere tears flow down to her cheeks. On the other end, when there was no response to three continuous Hellos, Aayam in low tone spoke


Aastha was in shock. She could not understand how come Aayam knew that she was calling.

Again her tongue and mouth did not follow her mind’s instructions to speak and in almost non audible she could speak his name.

Aastha, waiting for you, Aayam spoke again and that sentence created magical effect on her.

Afterall, Aayam was the one for whom she waited to meet since years and that sentence made her realized how much he too was waiting to meet her.

Yes Aayam, I am coming, with much more efforts, she could speak.

She told him details about her flight and he assured her that he will be there to pick her up. Two hearts were planning to be together after years, without worrying what the outcome could be.


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To be continued ….