J for ….???? (something I have not written about since long)

Five reactions show people are jealous for you (Photo: wongadoh.wordpress.com) (when you excitedly inform them about your first abroad visit and their reaction is) Oh, we have been there long ago: These kind of people can never see others enjoying their lives. They are always so self-obsessed that they think, other people are/should not be [...]


… but heart is not logical – XI

Previous parts of this story can be found at part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7, part-8, part-9 and part-10. OK, so welcome to the end of my love story :-). You must be confused about the smiley I had put at the end of first sentence. I am talking about end of my love story [...]