Why hiding Chaddi is so important?

Three years old toddler playing joyfully with his companions. Adults sitting on a sofa and keeping eye on respective toddlers. The said toddler bent down to take out the ball under sofa, which was hit hard by other toddler.

And after watching the said toddler bending down, a comment from an adult –

See, his SHOWROOM (chaddi) can be seen.

And a giggle.

And a thought came to my mind was – Why hiding chaddi is so important?

Brought up in Indian culture, the first things we were taught were – cover up your privates and cover up those too who cover the privates, correct?

But time has changed now. Transparent stripes of upper portion covering is a routine. But when it comes to Chaddi, ….its still a big NO. Everyone, including that three years toddler needs to be careful by not showing it even unintentionally.

Time to change our mind set while living global.

Even after living in the era of backless and off shoulders, a joking titter is always heard when the top of other private covering is being seen from tight jeans. Aren’t we ready to accept the normal thing as normal or are we trying to create an issue out of acceptable thing?

Although I too laughed hard when a colleague bent over while showing the not covered privates from low waist jeans. That’s not acceptable….he he he 🙂

Take it easy 🙂


Missing Salad Days ….

Salad Days…..

Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).

it really brought back something from memory box and happy to share it 🙂

I missed golden childhood when I realized school life was not fun the way childhood was

I missed diamond school life when I saw the huge world of college and felt misplaced

I missed platinum college life when I entered into corporate culture and saw those masked faces

I missed silver singlehood when I decided to spend the rest of life with someone else

I missed flowery marriage life when I welcomed a beautiful gift from god – my replica

I missed that innocent face of my kid when I had to re-enter to the corporate culture

Every now and then, I kept missing something.

One day, on a fine one day ….

I thought to myself,

Why do I miss on past life so much?

And the answer was an eye-opener –

I was not living the life at all. I was always dreaming about future life.


Decision taken and implemented,

Live it today like there is not tomorrow

And dream it like there are hundred more years to live 🙂


(Photo : missingrelations.com)


I know…..But that is what I am (I mean life is)

The post has been written in response of Salad Days. Loved it 🙂

How good are you at being OIL?

I smiled silently. That eye-catching pattern created on surface of water, after I threw a spoon of oil in water, still and settled in the bucket.

How the factor called DENSITY creates magic like this, I talked with myself.

The peaceful morning allowed my mind to go on thinking and self-talking track and what I realized was –

Every relation in life is like oil and water. The only difference is pattern created on the surface of water. Isn’t it?

Hooh, I think I need to explain it.


(photo : photographyblogger.net)

Consider yourself as still, settled water in bucket. During every phase of life, different oil drops will be thrown to you in terms of relationship. They can be parents, siblings, friends, enemies, colleagues and many more. Some oil drops really create beautiful design on us and leave us by making us more beautiful, or I would say meaningful – just like those pattern after throwing oil drops on water? Some oil drops just gather at the centre and try to create an ugly outcome, just the way those smiling people who are ready to back stab you.

What is the difference between those two?

Only ONE – Density.

Yes, Density is the only element which is responsible in creating good and bad designs on water, just as LOVE in human relationship.

Did I explain it?


Dear reader, consider this post as mystery if you have not been able to understand the explanation and get busier in nurturing yourself to be able to create good patterns on any water surface, i.e. be with good density (oops!!! It should have been LOVE, right?) 🙂


This post has been written in response of daily prompt at wordpress.com http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/oil-meet-water/