Ocearth – The New Zodiac

Being a lover of reading and relating zodiac interpretations, it was a kind of golden opportunity for me, when I was tasked with inventing new zodiac.

Date : 21st August – 22nd September

Sign : Ocearth


Traits : Mixture of ocean and ocean and earth, this zodiac shows boldness of ocean and calmness of earth. A story teller, a day dreamer, a hard worker, born with steel spine, Ocearthans are the only zodiac who would settled with every zodiac easily. Smiling face coupled with determined eyes make them charming and their love for knowledge and discussion make them popular. Artists at heart, they always prefer heart over mind and that is the only weakness which brings some terrible experiences at some stage of life. Always alert, they look for details but prone to oversee huge mistakes of people, whom they love and therefore suffer a lot in some relationships. Enjoying little moments is more important for them rather than going on a foreign trip. Always expecting the same level of treatment the way they treat you, may result into painful experience because no one can think of the care and love ocearthans can think of and able to give. Blessed with good grasping and sharp mind, they are always successful for whatever profession they choose.

Finally, the only zodiac in the chart, who emphasizes truth over pleasant words.

The post has been written in response of daily prompt Custom Zodiac

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