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A true love story…..nearer to my heart – Part 2

Its been exactly 1.5 years, since I published the first part of story. I never thought I would be able to update the story or I will need to write next part of it but that is how love stories are. When you think its ended and nothing can be done about it, a new chapter begins without notification….
After struggling for almost three months, I have decided to update the story because of Rachit. Thanks a lot Rachit (if you are still reading this) for forcing me on timely basis to do this :-).
As I mentioned in previous episode of the story, I have been witnessing every phase of Zoya’s life and knew very well how difficult it is/was to not remember Rachit, her first love.  When I told Zoya about the story I published about her, she was not happy. She did not want anyone to know about her life but Rachit. I convinced her with an argument – you  might get an opportunity to re-connect with Rachit via this story, who knows? She clarified that she just wanted Rachit to read the story and was not at all interested in re-connecting with Rachit. But most of the time, you are not aware about your future actions, while trying to be too practical with present. And when it comes to matter of heart, its really difficult to impose it in certain way.  To my surprise, Zoya and Rachit were already connected via social media since last 3 years and to my surprise again, they never exchanged single word.
On a specific day,
Due to late evening meeting with client, Zoya had to stay back in the office and she had an hour time free for her, before meeting. As usual, her heart took control and started day dreaming about how life with Rachit would have turned. And before she could understand, she was wiping tears. This had been the situation since last few days. Reason? Within last 15 days, she had attended two prayer meetings, one for a dear friend and one for a relative. In addition to that, one of the relative was diagnosed with cancer and was counting days of life. These all had moved Zoya. What if today is my last day, that was the question popped up in her mind every morning. She did not want to leave the world like that, before closing all the chapters, which she left behind incomplete. And Rachit was the biggest and most critical chapter of her life which she wanted to complete. An indescribable feeling drove her to do something, which she would have never done while being in her perfect senses. She copied the URL of her story from this website and sent it to Rachit as personal message via social media. No word was written.
She still remembers, it was Friday evening. She was not sure, whether Rachit will ever care to look into that URL sent, will he ever read the story or will he ever respond. And when the meeting timer buzzed, she left her desk. While being in meeting with client, her mind was engrossed in thinking about possibilities of Rachit reading that story for once at least. She wrapped up the call and came to her desk. It was really late for her and she knew Anup and Navya must be waiting for her. She collected her things and opened the e-mails for last time to check. There were total 5 e-mails, and there was one – from Rachit. Yes, Rachit’s reply to her was there. Rachit had responded within 20 minutes of her sending her story. For the first time, she cursed outlook, when it took three seconds to open the e-mail. Content of e-mail was something like this (with permission from Zoya and Rachit)
Hi Zoya,
I never knew about what I read. I am overwhelmed with all types of emotions and would like to talk with you for few minutes.
After re-reading the reply for third time, she was not sure what to do. She locked her computer and left for home. For the whole way while driving back to home, tears made their space and she did not care to stop them.
Why does he want to talk now? Where was he when I was going through hell?, her mind was continuously tapping and she decided to not respond.
At home, she cooked dinner for Anup and Navya and cleaned kitchen. She felt sick inside and was unable to stop the tears. When Anup asked her about dinner, she could not respond but her eyes did. When Anup saw tears in her eyes, he was concerned. Zoya shortened the matter saying she was feverish and needed some sleep. And as the rarest routine, she went to bed before Navya. She covered her head with quilt and tried to calm down her heart. A strange anxiety was leading her and she was listening to the uninterrupted fight between her heart and mind.
Rachit was not someone, whom she loved back and forgot. Instead, he was the only one person in her life, whom she talked every day silently, thought of him on every occasion, wanted to be with him in every situation and prayed for his happiness forever. She could never forgive herself for the decision taken in response of Rachit’s unresponsiveness, before 11 years. Since the first touch from Pratham, she knew what mistake she did with her life. But it was too late or may be her fate. The pain she had carried since years needed a space to drain out because it was getting tough for her to live with it.
Finally, Zoya decided to follow her heart as she did during evening and once Anup and Navya were asleep she walked to the computer and sent her chat contact details to Rachit. Within couple of minutes, Rachit was there to chat with her. It was around 11:00 p.m. they started chatting and it continued till 6:25 a.m. in the morning. Yes, that is what Zoya told me. They chatted for almost 7.5 hours. After years, Zoya had sleepless night without tears…..
I never asked about details and Zoya never described. But I could see her face glowing every day and her smile widening. She was happy and probably Rachit too was. Rachit contacted me and asked me if I could write next part of story about his and Zoya’s re-connection. In the beginning, clearly denied, I was convinced after talking with him for 3-4 times. Rachit too had a story, the way Zoya had.
As per Rachit,
He too dreamed to be with Zoya and never thought that Zoya will be away from him one day. He wanted to settle in US and therefore wanted to get green card before moving ahead with life’s major phase. Although he never clarified the reason to Zoya, he assumed Zoya will understand. When Zoya called him  to update about her urgent engagement with Pratham, he was stunned. He always thought that he had enough of time to clarify everything to Zoya even if Zoya decides to commit anyone else. But he was bedazed when Zoya informed him about her quick decision. He did not know how to react. Yes, he loved Zoya but then why did she wanted to move away? Was she interested in marrying any good person and not specifically him? Wasn’t she able to keep some patience? Wasn’t she able to read in between line, where he always expressed love and care for her? Was it that easy for Zoya to go away? And with these questions in mind, he never tried to stop Zoya. He decided to let Zoya move on and Zoya really did. Soon after Zoya’s marriage, he too got married and the way Zoya went through a bad marriage, he too had to face some bad situations in his marriage. And just like Zoya, he too remembered her on every point of life. Gradually life almost settled for him, when Zoya sent him the story of her. He never thought they both will get in touch like that.
Sorry Rachit, I might not have been able to describe your feelings, the way I did for Zoya. Its only because, Zoya was here, I have seen her smiling painfully and re-collecting herself after broken down, everyday. I am happy for both of you that you have re-connected. Believe me, Zoya is still same, when it comes to you. I can easily see those twinkles in her eyes, since the day, she had talked with you for the first time since years. For the outer world, she is reserved and hard to convince, but she can easily forget the difference of 11 years since you both spoke to each other, while talking with you. As far as I know, there is no one who can easily get into the shell Zoya has created around her but I am glad that you are one of them who reached to her heart easily. She has started listening to those old favorite songs again and humming them too, which I thought was never going to be. Thanks a lot for giving her littlest part of life because she surely will be able to make a life from it.
And to Zoya and Rachit,
Life has given a chance to both of you to re-live those lost years and coming ones. If you both take it rightly and understand the bond you shared, the feelings you both kept hidden in your hearts for years, the lonely moments when you craved for each other, you will be able to understand, there is something more than LOVE, that you are sharing. You are best friends, who can share anything and everything with each other without second thought and you both gave each other the best of yours. Not everyone is lucky to re-connect with lost love like this and live it for the remaining life. You both are fortunate to meet each other at a point of life, where you both are mature to understand what life requires and what this relationship does. And as far as you both can differentiate between right and wrong, you are going to nurture a beautiful bond, called Lovely Friendship :-).
I would like to end this part of story with some best words from Rachit,
We meet so many people in life for a reason…we feel strong connection to very very few of them, even for a bigger reason.
I am glad for both of you that you both are that biggest reason for each other to live happily…..
Cannot wait to write about both of yours meet-up after years, if both of you permit 🙂
And finally, I wish you both to experience the first meet up after long years, just like this –
To be continued …

9 quotes every female want to hear, even though they are not truth …

I know, there are countless quotes to please a female untruthfully :-), I have tried to present the most popular one… You can definitely add to the list:-).

  1. You are slim and beautiful
  2. That dress suits you very much
  3. You work so hard
  4. You indeed won the crowd in that party
  5. Your recipes are unique and tasty
  6. You should take some rest
  7. Your driving skills are excellent
  8. Your taste for music is amazing

And finally the shot

9.  I Love You

And I hope I do not need to explain anyone of them…..:-). After all,