Monsoon, memories, moments….miserable

Monsoon is here again

Rain is here again

That red umbrella is here again

People shouting about water logging are here again

In the corner,

Under the tree,

Shivering and waiting eagerly,

I forgot ….

I forgot for a moment

That you have moved on

That you have found another way to be happy

That you have never came back


My head argues with heart

But that poor heart

Is not able to forget


The proximity under red umbrella

The drench under rain soulfully

The dark under the lightning sky


You and me

And those moments ….


And suddenly I have to come back to present

hey, wanna life?”, asked that handsome guy in the car

I wondered and shocked

But got into car immediately


As you have moved on

So should I… … …

Miserable I was,

He actually asked, “hey, wanna lift?”


Looking at Past ….


When I look behind and analyse

I always feel,

I could have done better

May be it’s a symptom of

“Looking at past”….

May be its pain to realize

“mistakes of past” ….

May be it’s a secret of

“Enjoying the past” ….


May be it’s a gratitude to smile

“it was past, after all” ….

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Tangy Thursday

11312902_914924235233253_7301561502776182853_oWhile this part of world is still experiencing heat wave, we tried to cool down our taste buds with this summer special Pasta salad containing health….Yes, you read it right….it contains HEALTH in the form of organic wheat pasta, bell peppers, kidney beans, moong, coconut, peanuts, potato, carrot, dried grapes, cashew nuts, pineapple and sprinkled with olive oil, chilly vinegar and oregano….

Who says its summer, btw? 🙂

Why do they change?

One day,

When they saw me working hard for longer hours

They said to not take life seriously

To enjoy life and to smile more

To help more and Be happy

On the other day,

When they saw me jumping high

Happiness flashing on my face

new rhythm played by my feet

twinkles in my eyes

and an undying smile ….

One more piece of advice came over, along with a question

Why are you wasting your time?

Why don’t you understand you have limited time?

Why don’t you make out of it the most?

Why don’t you take it seriously?

With confusion and dilemma

I stood there for longer

Watching the splashing water of ocean

BKY6FR A woman watching ocean waves in a turbulent sea.
BKY6FR A woman watching ocean waves in a turbulent sea.

Asking myself a question –

Why have they changed?

Why their statements have changed?

Why their reactions to my happiness changed?

And the answer from within came typically,

It’s because

Your happiness was unbearable to them

As your sadness

They love you in either way

After all, hate and love both are four lettered words…

And both have power to change the world

Therefore, I need to choose now…..

Which one I want to pick


And forever I will select LOVE over hatred

The love, which will make this world more beautiful

And the lives more liveable.

How about you?

Wait and Tears …

What happened to both of you?

Nothing, we were just waiting for each other….

To initiate…

Every day, I used to check my phone and e-mails

For more than 100 times

To check if I have received anything from him

And nights were always tearful

When I did not find anything



Far away,

I know, he too was doing same thing…

Wait and tears….

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