An unforgettable sight : Wordless Wednesday


Shore Temple – Mahabalipuram : An unforgettable sight


Friday Fantasy


That brightest star hiding behind dark cloud

That lovely bird chirping inside little nest

That watery raindrop creating mountains of wishes inside heart

That wordless talk formulating between pair of eyes

That Friday fantasy vanishing due to people around …

That you, that me and that WE…..

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We can be taught …

We can be taught to fight followed by a heartfelt laughter

We can be taught to disagree followed by a secret liking

We can be taught to argue followed by a guiltless adjustment

We can be taught to irritate each other followed by a tight hug

We can be taught to cut out each other followed by flying together in the wide sky




We can be taught so many things…followed by Love flames in eyes….


I am learning, Are You?

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