From ME to me (older version to younger version)

Dear me (I really hope I could write this letter to you on time. But sorry, I am almost 15 years late. However I think better late than never),



You will be amazed to learn that life has so much to offer

You will be excited to know that love has different meanings to present

You will be stunned to recognize that cloaking has been the habit of people

You will be astonished to understand that living is about exploring


Just leave those worries and tensions

Just chill with friends and family

Just say “love you” to loved ones

Just dance in the rain


People will come and go

Games will be lost and won

Mistakes will be made and learnings will be discovered

Time will take care of everything else


Leave fears

Look ahead

Love yourself

Live life …..


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  2. A Handbook of letter writing
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To be Born for You

Streets were empty as my heart

Roads were noiseless as my mind

Home was dark as my future

Walls were daunting as my own shadow

A river of emotion, flowing inside my heart

A mountain of judgements, overtaking my sentiments

A desert of loneliness, scaring my spirits

A sky of hopelessness, making my eyes teary

Meeting and departing

Trying and failing

Fighting and making up

Is a way of living life, they say


I wonder,

God ever considered

My desire, to be with you

My prayer, to live with you

My wish, to explore with you

And finally…..

My dream, to be born for you

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____ is the new ____

Insomnia is the new built-in habit to work on

Smile is the new missing thing to look after

Breathe is the new ingredient to be breathless

Blankness is the new term to realize

Hurt is the new way to live life

You presence is the new pain to deal with

WHY is the new question to ask for, every moment…….


Love WAS the new spirit once, to neglect all of them.

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