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The picture that entices me to give up everything and run away to that place….serene and beautiful.


5 Things you feel while being in LOVE

5 Things you feel while being in LOVE

Being in love is the most auspicious experience on the earth and how does that experience feels? Read on,


  1. The world is beautiful than ever : The world was never so good, the people were never so understanding, the things were never so beautiful. When you are in love, the world around you automatically turns into beautiful space. You want to explore it, you want to experience it and you want to live it, suddenly 🙂



  1. You are precious and everything about you is so meaningful : Every human being on this earth wants to be loved and when you are really loved, it’s not unusual that you will feel precious, you will feel confident and you will understand self-worth.



  1. Sleepless nights are so lovely : Love does not allow you to sleep because reality is more beautiful than dreams and believe me, those sleepless nights, while thinking about that special someone are the most memorable and lovely moments.



  1. Smile is the permanent jewellery : Without reason, you will smile and will keep smilingJ. After all, who has ever found a bigger reason to smile than being in love?



  1. Daydreaming is the best choice to kill time : Castle in the air and staring in the blank are two significant attributes of lovers and I never knew a single one, who denied itJ



And finally, a beautiful quote from one of my favorite love story : P.S. I Love You

Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we’re gone.



Next one in the series : 5 things you learn while being in love

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5 actions to be taken to prove you have traveled

5 actions to be taken to prove you have traveled


In a social media era, where every minute details of life are “must” announced to the world, traveling too has not been left. Traveling is the most stressful thing now a days, as to prove you have traveled, you have to be present on Social Media constantly and yes, those likes and re-tweets seem more important than breathing in those beautiful sceneries.

Presenting here some most important aspects to prove you have traveled, because traveling is not experiencing and exploring, its social traveling where you have to keep tapping your laptop and phone to feed details and send them to the world.


Let’s enjoy those must followed travel tips and I hope you will have good time and better planning for your next travel plan.

  • Check-in via FB : The moment you enter into Airport, check-in to FB page is more important than check-in for flight. Of course, flight can wait but your friends can not:-).


  • Pictures posted via instagram : No matter you really enjoyed the place and local cuisines, photos should be shared to let those poor people know, how beautiful the place is and what they are missing. Of course, taking photos and instantly uploading them on Instagram is significant than enjoying that sun hiding behind mountains:-).


  • Sharing in 140 characters and hashtags via twitter: Whether enjoying Safari in South Africa or kayaking in Europe, your twitter feed should be up-to-date. After all, how will the world know you have experienced so many things while you were travelling.


  • Whatsapp DP change: Your whatsApp DP must change every day so that your contacts know how you have been looking on a particular day. And yes, WhatsApp status is also a very important matter to take care. Thanks to basic features of phone, which allows to edit photos instantly but again thinking different status every day? Big task……well, I am enjoying the place:-).

Whatsapp Status and Dp

  • Accent you develop in any short duration: If you had visited Spain, you need to develop a Spanish accent and therefore your friends and relatives would understand how traveling to Spain means. After all, wasn’t it amazing that you got so much time to establish a local accent, while you were there for 7 big days:-). And yes, before I forget, you should be able to verbalize quotes, to show importance of traveling, no matter how your travel experience was….


And yes, to update you, now-a-days, travel agencies are out of date. Social travel agencies are in demand. Do you want to know how and what about it? Have a look at the video clip below, I received via social media:-).

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My Chhotu : Friday Fun

Security closes the new doors to the Christ Church Gate Entrance

Rushing to almost closed gate

I shouted at highest

Stop!! Stop!!


My Chhotu is there, inside

I exclaimed!!


With wide eyes, they looked at me,

Wondering how can I forget someone inside


Gate re-opened and a bunch of people rushed

To look for my Chhotu


I kept shouting your name, my Chhotu

Gradually, everyone joined me


Wondering, why my Chhotu was not answering….

They kept looking at me to watch my expressions


I was relieved the moment I located you

In that small window corner


I screamed my happiness

They all rushed to see my Chhotu


Suddenly their helping faces turned red

Is this your Chhotu? They asked in unison


Can you guess, who was the darling Chhotu?


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