One More Time

The day crafted to be “perfect”

The hour formatted to be “ideal”

The moment embossed to be “memorable”

Our hands netted

Our footsteps rhythmic

Our heartbeats uneven

Our faces smiling

I want to relive it One More Time

When there is no one around


When everyone is around


Whether alone or in crowd

My heart invariably ponders …


for that silent walk

for that delightful dawn

and for that lovely bond

If you leave ….


I will be broken, if you leave

I will cry hard, if you leave

I will be dumb, if you leave

I will be lifeless, if you leave


That is what I thought …

And one fine day

You left….

Without uttering a word

And never looked back

Never responded my countless communication efforts



Was I broken?

Was I crying hard ?

Was I dumb?

Was I lifeless?


Yes, I was …

But I am still alive

Because you have left me alone

But not your memories have…..

They are still with me

Enough to keep this heartbeats active


Still waiting for you… … …

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