10 most missed secret pleasures of 20’s

Disclaimer : The post can be read with only condition that you need to write down the one, you are missing the most, in the comment area…….Go ahead 🙂


  1. Winking at someone randomly while walking down the street
  1. Dialling random number at 2 am in the morning and asking the person at the other end if he/she knows someone XXX and continue talking until you hear the “cut”
  1. Fighting for TV remote with sibling and with frustration when he/she leave the room, watching the same program he/she was watching
  1. Humming duet love song while the professor is asking about your continuous absence in class
  1. Hacking the newly engaged friend’s FB account and changing the status as “Just separated”
  1. Mixing chili powder in ice-cream for random bowls and serving them to guests at function
  1. Watching movie in theatre and shouting randomly in between
  1. Sending porn MMS from friend’s mobile to whom he/she hates the most
  1. Messing up kitchen while trying to cook something and making sibling to clean it up
  1. Daydreaming about anything and every thing

Did I miss something? 🙂




Just when I think I am Done …

Mind wanders and details are being analyzed

Heart denies and conclusions are being made

Thoughts pop up and hopes are being illuminated

Trust is cracked and arguments are being made


Just when I think I am done, I miss you more than ever

Just when I think I am done, I see new horizons to reach out

Just when I think I am done, someone holds hand to help out

Just when I think I am done, I feel unexampled energy to live

Just when I think I am done, I have just begun…..a new phase of life 🙂

(photo : arushikuchhal.wix.com)

Your ideas and My ideas and we end up …

You suggest eating out and I desire homemade food

And we end up cooking Maggi

You suggest mountains and I argue for beach

And we end up camping at country side

You suggest blue and I contend pink

And we end up selecting white

You suggest stars and I want to go for moon

And we end up looking at dawn

You suggest movie and I fight for musical night

And we end up sitting in the balcony

You suggest friends and I look for family

And we end up having colleagues

You suggest drive and I ask for walk

And we end up discussing book

You suggest to control and I want to let it go

And we end up having debate

You suggest this and I want that

And we end up having them


You suggest…….and I ……

And at the end of the day,

we are together

Under one roof

With a broad smile

Waiting for next day

To argue and smile again….


Not a millions of fights

Have power

To make me hate you 🙂

Its been Three long years ….

Its been Three long years ….

Counting years and months is a way of re-living memories

Seeing the seeds growing is a way of re-assuring abilities

Witnessing the rainbow colors is a way of re-thanking God

Expressing the thoughts in words is a way of re-experiencing feelings

And that is how An Optimistic was started before three years…

Yes, its been three long years and still counting

Passion never goes away, they say

And I wish, I will continue putting words here for lifetime

A very Happy third Birthday, dear An Optimistic…..


I am as excited as I was for your first and second birthday 🙂