7 things LOVE is about …when its LDR

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Long Distance Relationships… they say…

Difficult to live up

Hard to work out

Easy to end up


Illogical to be part of

But again, as they say….

Love is not about distance, It’s about how much the person means to you

Love is not about being together, It’s about creating memories together

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Loving someone who is at the other corner of world and what that feeling means…..a brief summary here (I know a book can be written :-)). Being in LDR, love means,

  1. Having fun in each other’s virtual company : You both are away from each other but together virtually. For every moment, you feel the other person around, whether its cafeteria or kitchen or meeting room…..and thinking about what you both would have done at the very moment, if together, makes your face blush and radiant at the same time. Yes, Love is all about FUN in the company of each other.


  1. Missing but smiling : Yes, you read it right. Missing that someone special brings back so many beautiful memories to you and makes you smiling rather than being sad. That is the power of LOVE.

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  1. Finding new techniques and technologies to communicate : Yes, for most part of life you are away from each other but you are constantly in touch, sharing thoughts, laughs and feelings. While most couples love to stick to single media of communication, trying different apps to chat and talk and play games and sharing interests helps in adding playfulness to the relationship.

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  1. Dreaming and anticipating next meet : The next date of meeting is the only thing that makes distance survivable. Planning and anticipating minute details about the special day and re-planning and re-imagining and re-planning is the continuous loop until the actual meet happens. When the reality of being away for most part of life is bitter than being next to each other for sometime, building castles in air helps :-).

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  1. Giving space to each other : Yes, you love each other but you are an independent personalities. Mature love understands that everyone needs space and giving each other that most required space surely helps in strengthening the bond.


  1. Realizing what “Love” actually means : Being away from love of life results in either being more demanding, cranky, irritating and frustrating or being more mature, understanding and tolerant. You realize what is most important for you, value of time being together and how to make it work in different situations.


  1. Getting lost in each other’s arms for those few real moments : Finally when lovebirds see each other, forgetting world seems better option. You feel like that tight hug was the only thing you were longing for and that smile on his/her face was the only thing you were dying for. Life suddenly seems blissful and the mirror suddenly shows the “complete” YOU :-).

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Your thoughts??? 🙂



I’m an addiction to avoid…


Remember me while morning coffee
Relax with me while evening wine
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Feel my love in tender moonlight
touch my soul in delicate sunlight
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Experience the mountain peaks with me
Dive deep with me in green sea
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Hold my hand tight while walking
Kiss my forehead gently while laughing
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Sit with me in silence
Sing with me on stage
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Be mine or make me yours
Love me or hate me
But remember….
I am an addiction to avoid

Live with me or without me
You will never be able to forget me
I am an addiction to avoid


One day…with you


One day, I just want to fly like a free bird, with you



One day, I just want to dance in rain, with you


One day, I just want to walk on white sand, with you



One day, I just want to sit idle and cuddle up under starts, with you



One day, i just want to word my love for you


I want all those one day to be on same “one day”…..maybe today 🙂