4 reasons we learn non-monogamy

Every other day, we hear about secret affairs/ extra marital relationships and someone being in multiple relationships at a time. While all of our response is big “haaaaaah”, understanding this changing behavior of society is interesting.



Why anyone looks for option in relationship?

Why someone takes risk to live life fully, at a cost of existing “OK” life?

Why no value is effective when it comes to breaking societal rules?

  1. Unsatisfied emotional needs : A prime factor, leads any male/female to non-monogamy. Marriage or commitment does not guarantee emotional satisfaction. Sometimes, even after spending years together under common roof, a couple is not able to understand each other’s emotional needs and when one finds the compatible match, he/she definitely is tempted to go for it. It’s not that someone is desperately looking for option but when it happens, guilt is overruled by happiness of having someone like-minded.
  2. Secret pleasure : We humans, are risk takers. We love to do things which we are not supposed to do and that give us unusual joy and terrific confidence boost. That secret pleasure of texting/meeting/talking with someone secretively, gives a feeling of teenage, which everyone of us likes at any age 🙂
  3. Lack of variety in sexual life : A bitter truth of real-life, of marriage, of monogamy and of being into relationship. It might seem contradictory to all those love statements or all those love commitments but sex plays a major role in defining relationship between a male and a female. After being with same person for years, all those love makings feel like routine and humans do not like routine. We seek variety and there is nothing wrong in it.
  4. Phase of life and circumstances : Quite relevant to emotional dissatisfaction, this considers other factors like age, hurting in past, revenge feeling and many others. Of course, being in relationship, we all are expected to act maturity but it does not happen always.  Hurting from the partner, long term sickness, disinterest in sex, risk taking abilities, success and failures are major defining factors in getting into non-monogamy.


Well, nothing can be concluded as something wrong for someone proves absolutely right for the other one. Therefore, this is just a matter of individual choices, maturity, understanding of societal pressure and above all, feeling of true love, for which everyone of us is always looking for.


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Miss you…..

That starry night and continuous talk

That sunrise and holding hand

That sunset and locking lips

That coffee and constant stares

That pillow fight and unstoppable laughter

That exchange of smile and no word

That long walk and matching steps

That white sand and lovely footprints

That splash of waves and that rescue

That lonely street and gamey eyes

That public place and those whispers

That tipsiness and the fun around

That boat ride and webbed lovers

Did I miss anything?

Yes, I missed YOU

Every moment….

While dreaming this

While penning this

While re-living this

Come over……before its too late