Deal of the day : I love you from a girl


When I will say I Love You to someone,

I will expect but I too will go beyond expectation when I can

I will dream but will understand reality

I will ask but will provide information without asking

I will cry but will smile on his joke while crying

I will argue but will accept the suggestion

I will fight but will make sure to patch up before sunset

I will cook but will make sure him to be part of that exercise

I will sing but will ask him to dance on it

I will play but will expect him to lose the game

I will talk but will wait for him to add humor in it

I will go out of way but will need proof that he is the right person to do so

I will anticipate but will make him verbalize his wishes

I will not hurt but will see he realizing, how delicate I am

I will not cheat but will never look back if cheated

I will adapt but will not like to be asked to change

I will serve but will look forward for appreciation

I will leave but will come back on realizing mistake

I will forgive but will expect him to not remember many things

I will enjoy but will make him part of my mood swing phase

I will hate him but will love him more once done with hatered

And finally,

I will love whole heartedly and  (after so many but) will do so forever

Good deal… isn’t it?