Tomorrow is an another day…

Tomorrow is an another day…

Just after this dark night

At the end of this never ending tunnel

After the toughest test of patience …

All those tears will disappear

All those setbacks will roll down

All those wounds will heal …

With a new ray of hope

With a new light of joy

With a new way of life …

A smile will spread again

A feeling will replicate again

A love will be lived again 🙂


That Tattoo…

That moment….

We embossed ourselves

With a symbol of love

With a promise

To live the love for lifetime…


I still see your face in it, every morning

I still kiss it softly, at every opportunity

I still stare at it, while every lonely moment

I still cover it from the world, at every instance

I still feel color in it, everyday

With a hope that

One day the other half of this tattoo

Will remind you…

Someday, someone loved you

More than herself

More than anything in the world

More than any love story can describe

More than anyone would have loved you

That tattoo….

Will not allow you to forget me 🙂

The Sound of Silence

That dark night and twinkling stars

Those splashing waves and cold breeze

Two naked bodies on beach sand

Trying to dominate each other

To celebrate the love

Preserved for so long

Sound of that silence

Became a song and wide smile

For those two love birds


Tonight is another night

Dark with twinkling stars

But something is missing

That smile has vanished

That love has disappeared

That feeling of “yours forever”

Has been locked again in heart

Sound of that silence

Has transformed in a scary reality


May be for something good

May be for something precious

May be for something beautiful

We will have to part ways

With a hope to cross the roads again

To convert the bitter reality

In beautiful dream again…