Thursdate # 1

While looking for Theme for Thursday, internet presented this awesome idea and as they say, right time to implement something new is is the first post for Thursdate. Hope, I will be able to continue the same in new year too......


Our PURPLE Love…

The fragrance of PURPLE candle is in air to preserve the love The glow of PURPLE flower is turning to violet telling us something The majestic PURPLE star is in sky to witness the “love-humans” The PURPLE wine bottle has already ruined our body language My PURPLE lips are seeking the same wetness while melting [...]


Those endless lonely paths terminated abruptly Those hidden tears wiped out suddenly Those painful losses turned into marvelous victory Those darkened days got sunshine from nowhere Those smelly shirts have changed to fresh fragrance Those stained coffee mugs are filled with warm coffee again Those terrible falls have been converted to high fly Just your [...]