The Real Happiness….

When I look at the endless salty ocean
I am happy that I have glass of drinking water

When I look at the unknown crowd
I am happy that I have you who is known

When I look at the sun and the moon
I am happy that I am alive for you

When I look at the old couple
I am happy that I will have you forever

When I look back to my younger self
I am happy that I grew mature to match you

And when I look forward…..
I am thankful that the tunnel is about to end
Sunshine is ready to brighten the life
And the real happiness is waiting for us….

Loving someone and being loved with same intensity by same person is the rarest melody

being sung by emotions, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires, trust, loyalty and passion, in chorus….

Lucky to have you!!

Paranthe wali Gali : Delhi Diaries

If you have been given only 2 hours in Delhi, how should you utilize it? Especially, if its evening….
Without doubt, its Paranthe wali gali in Chandani Chawk…The food delicacy here is just awesome.
Let me take you on the visual food pleasure journey……


The famous Roadside Aloo Tikki…..just melts in mouth 🙂


Waiting for Parantha……while eating side dishes with eyes…


YAY!! Finally, its here….Have you heard of Bitter gourd Parantha or Papad Parantha? Believe me, your first time experience with those flavors will memorable here….


The Sweet Lassi just works perfect with those flavored Paranthas and spice delicacies…


And believe me, I can eat that meal everyday…..


OOPS!! Did I mention Rabdi Parantha? YUMMMMM…..

Pure sin after strict dieting…Can’t resist 🙂


I will choose you…

I will choose you…
I will choose you…over and again
No matter what situation I will be in
no matter how much I have to wait
no matter which questions I have to answer
no matter who will leave me for that
no matter where I have to go to be with you
no matter how many dreams I will have to sacrifice
I will choose you…