Wat Arun #ThailandDiaries : Wordless Wednesday

Was waiting for the Wednesday, to show the world how beautiful structure in middle of Bangkok city, you can expect...scroll down 🙂


Island Hopping from Phi Phi #ThailandDiaries

As promised in last post, presenting the visual treat about Island Hopping from Phi Phi Island and yes, as promised, I will not use many words. BTW, don't forget to scroll down to the end of the post.....I have added magic there 🙂 So, that was the island hopping morning from Phi Phi Island. Believe [...]

Phi Phi Island : The beauty crown of Thailand

Thailand was never on my list as I always believed it was overrated (yes, I assume things), but when it happened the first thing I wanted to visit was Phi Phi Island. Had read and heard many things about this vehicle free tiny island where culture is great, parties are great and weather is romantic. [...]