Love is an Adventure : Part – 3

Love is an Adventure : Part – 3

Ankur and Keya, Just one casual meeting at annual function in school and it all started. Earlier parts of this story can be read here – part-1 and part-2.

After meeting in super market and having ice-cream together, Keya was awake till late, thinking about each other. When someone, almost unknown, makes you realize that life you have lived so far was just a waste, you feel worthless. Keya kept thinking about it. Ankur was not wrong.

Not able to find time for her own was the excuse she had offered everywhere and to everyone till now. What was the reason? She was not used to be like that. Why all her hobbies and passions had died suddenly? She looked at Nimit. He was sleeping like a rock. Keya went out in balcony and looked at sky, breathing deep. Life with Nimit for 10 years came alive.

As everyone claimed, Nimit was a good husband. There was no harassment, no abuse and no stress. But was it enough? Nimit was a kind of lethargic person since long and he never took interest in anything else other than his business. No support or help at home and dependency for everything were Nimit’s characteristics. Any non-business related activity would always face rejection from Nimit. In the beginning, Keya was used to manage her hobbies and Nimit’s dependency both. But with time, and after delivering Vihan (her son), she got busier in routine life. Everyday, for once, she was used to regret about the life she was living and how she had to leave everything behind to nurture two kids – Vihan and Nimit.

As they say, you become like the people, with whom you spend time. For Keya, all the friends and creativity were left behind. She would not have talked with any person other than Nimit and maid for days. Whether she liked it or not, just to bear the routine life, she had to struggle while fulfilling all the unsaid demands of Nimit. With time, she started feeling more tired, more exhausted and drained everyday and it was mental drain rather than physical. Her weekends gradually turned into couch+TV combination while serving Nimit and Vihan and running around for all the extra work needed to be done. Her subconscious mind had accepted that this is the life she was supposed to live and she was almost out of that complaint mode. But today, very casually but strongly, Ankur had conveyed something which had awaken her soul. So many questions suddenly filled up her mind…

Why I am feeling trapped in marriage life with Nimit?

Why it is mandatory for me to be into marriage when I know this marriage is not working for me and it has just given me additional responsibility of two people?

Why I do not feel strong enough to live life on my own way and why I have accepted the life, which I would have never lived otherwise?

Why I feel like I am being taken for granted but not able to do anything about it?

What happens to me if I decide to leave Nimit?

How valid it is for me to waste my life for someone who does not even understand meaning of life?

Why I am not ME, when I am with Nimit? Why I have to be so conscious every minute?

Why as a human I have to suffer silently on the name of marriage?

Why all my desires are supposed to be suppressed just because I am married or a parent?

Many  of us, being male or female, might be feeling this way in marriage, while posting happy pictures on social media. Do we have answers to Keya’s questions?


Love is an Adventure : Part 2

Love is an Adventure : Part 2

Keya and Ankur, met for first time in school function of their kids. You can read part of that story here.

Before Keya could forget first meeting, Ankur was in front of her again. This time, in different surrounding. While Keya was looking for Nimit’s favorite crackers at super market, she saw that warm smile again. While she was still in dilemma to go to Ankur or not, she saw him coming to her. Unconsciously, she pulled down her waist length pink shirt and made hair with hands.


Hey Keya, Ankur waved from a feet length.

She just smiled.

How are you? He asked casually.

I am good. How is Revati? Keya tried to divert the talk, while trying to not give wrong signal to Ankur.

Oh, she is doing good but still not recovered completely, Ankur replied.

And 10 seconds long silence, where both of them did not know what to talk about.

OK, I need to leave….see you soon, Keya tried to sneak out but her mouth spoke her mind. She wanted to see Ankur soon, again.

If you are not in hurry, let’s have ice-cream together, Ankur offered.

Ummm….ok, confused Keya could not say No. When she could? From silent rape from Nimit to constant demands from son, she could never deny. While thinking whether she had done right thing or not, she started walking with Ankur.

Which flavor? Ankur asked enthusiastically at ice-cream corner in super market.

Anything….Keya was confused again.

Oh come on, you must have some favorite flavors…Strawberry, Coconut, Coffee, Chocolate, Ankur started speaking out each flavor available.

Coconut, Keya said hurriedly to stop him

Two coconut ice-cream, Ankur ordered and they both sat on a table.

Ankur was still very casual but with each passing moment Keya was getting more and more conscious about this ice-cream treat.

One more long silence before ice-cream served.

So what do you do Keya? On first spoon Ankur asked.

Nothing, she said for a moment and responded.

Well, I meant, what are your hobbies?, Ankur

Oh, I have many hobbies but now a days, I do not get time at all, words came out of mouth before Keya could control

Happens…..I keep telling Revati to take out some time to re-consider her hobbies but she is not at all interested, Ankur said it casually again.

For a moment, Keya felt jealous for Revati. How lucky she was. Her husband was asking her to take out time whereas Nimit was used to express demands.

You did not answer, what do you like to do, Ankur re-phrased the question this time.

Oh, I like music, books, colors, dance, crafts….Keya started

Wow, seems you are good at many things, Ankur responded encouragingly.

Yeah, I was used to be a leader during college time, have won many competitions for singing and dancing, Keya enthusiastically spoke. Her favorite flavored ice-cream plus someone who was ready to listen to her, had made this shrinking lady blooming for a moment.

You should start all of it again, Ankur said.

I so want to but now a days, life is busy. I hardly have anytime for me, Keya was opening up.

If you were leader, you should know that time management is the important characteristic. If you cannot manage your time, you can not manage anything else, Ankur said while looking into her eyes straight.

And those words worked as an alarm for her. She felt like she was sleeping for long time and suddenly someone woke her up. Rest of the ice-cream melted while she stared at it and her mind started playing the movie of last 10 years when she did not do anything much other than fulfilling others’ demand.

And a call from Nimit brought her in real life again.

I will have to leave, she said to Ankur, after 20 seconds of talk on phone.

Sure. Thanks for the company, Ankur was still casual.

Thanks for the ice-cream, Keya smiled consciously and left.

Why married women have to be conscious while even smiling with other males? Well, Indian society works that way.

Later in the evening, two people were awake till late, while thinking about each other.

Ankur and Keya….they did not know, what destiny had for them 🙂