Love is an Adventure : Part 6

This story started as Part-1 and grew to  part-2, Part-3, Part-4 and Part-5..

Why someone is not responding? Hope everything is ok…Keya sent the message after seeing her four previous messages were read but not responded by Ankur. She was growing impatient and lots of thoughts – positive and negative, attacked her mind.

When you are known about the situation at other end, it’s easy to be patient or to not expect something. But when you are not known what’s going on at other end and you are so habituated with “Mutual Routine”, it’s tough to wait.

Tired Nimit was sleeping tight beside her but Keya had lost her sleep. By now, she was tired by checking phone for more than 100 times, checking notification tone, checking whether her messages were read or not….And now, she was just staring in dark, hoping and praying to listen from Ankur soon.

And it was around 2 am when Keya heard that known notification. She swiftly reached to phone and checked message. What she read was completely unexpected, at least at that moment.

Ankur : I have been struggling with myself for last few days, especially last few hours. I cannot do this anymore. I need to tell you something, Keya. I LOVE YOU. I know, it looks odd but I cannot control myself anymore. Waiting for you and your response.

Keya was thunderstruck. She never knew, Ankur will give word to the feeling so easily. She was still not sure, what that feeling of slightly discomfort with Nimit since last few days, without reason. But now, her heart was answering that question.

None of us can love/like multiples with same intensity/feeling. For years, Keya kept convincing herself that Nimit was the one for her but after meeting Ankur, something was changed. Of course, she was not ready to accept the truth that she was in love but she was not in position to deny it. Ankur did not do anything specific for her but she was feeling irresistible attraction for him. Somewhere in heart, she was feeling guilty but one part of her heart was happy to find someone for whom she felt that undefined feeling of love. She kept staring at phone screen in dark.

Now, it was Ankur’s turn to grow impatient.

Did I do anything wrong?

What would be her response?

Hope she will not stop talking.

What if she ..?

Why isn’t she responding?

Yes, men are equally impatient and emotional when it comes to love. Ankur’s mind was out of control. He started thinking about all possibilities and with each moment of wait, negative possibilities took over.

Wish, I would not have sent that message. I do not want to lose her, he talked to himself. He kept pacing in room while looking at Revati.

And almost after 45 minutes, his phone buzzed. He quickly checked it and it was Keya.

Keya :  🙂

Without any word, Keya had said something, which made Ankur incredibly happy. He literally kissed that smile on phone.

So true it is….Love changes everything in a moment. At one moment, It lifts you to the mountain peak and it makes you fall to the ground at other moment.

As of now, both love birds, although away from each other, were feeling on top of the world. For the whole night, they kept chatting…exploring each other’s life, experiences and desires.  That darkness of the night brought an unexpected brightness to these love birds….

Stay tuned to know what happened next…

P.S. : Yes, this post shows, I am back from vacation and blog is obtaining my attention again. So you are safe, if you want to wait. Will keep up the promise to publish next episode soon 🙂



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