Love is an Adventure : Part – 10

Love is an Adventure : Part – 10

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The tight sleeper Keya, woke up for couple of times after mid-night to check phone, to look for Ankur’s message but there was none.  Finally, at the dawn, she could not control.

Keya : Good morning 🙂. Had been waiting for your message since last night but you must be busy. Hope you are sleeping well now.

Although at heart, she so wanted Ankur to not be sleeping and instead responds to her message immediately. But it did not happen.

She tried to sleep but could not. It was only 5 am and due to weekend, there was no urgency for anything. Suddenly she felt a hand on her waist. Before she could react or try to react, Nimit was kissing her all over. Keya felt strange but that’s how it had been since years. There was no foreplay or verbal communication, which could help her in getting mentally ready. Nimit started kissing her earlobes without caring for her response and she stayed static. Nimit’s hands were on her body and her heart was somewhere else. She was eager to listen to that special notification but today, someone had decided to make her wait, a long wait. By the time Nimit was into her, keya was completely irritated. She so wanted to run away but kept mum and silently participated with a hope to finish it as soon as possible. Finally, Nimit was done. He kissed her lips and whispered “I Love You” in her ear before falling asleep again and without caring for Keya’s status. Yes, most of the time, most of the males do not understand it but the most important part of any intercourse is to make sure that both participants feel the intimacy because its not a single player game.


Keya, as usual, was used to with this “weekend” routine. She walked out of bed and cleaned herself.

A hot cup of coffee and a cold breeze in fresh morning helped her in being at peace. But as they say, when you think you are settled, life throws surprises and a surprise was on the way for Keya.

She heard that special notification and immediately opened the chat log…

Ankur : Good morning.

There was no smile and Keya could sense an odd feeling.

Keya : Hey, slept well?? 🙂

Keya intentionally appended smile.

Ankur: Yes and No.

Keya started getting impatient. She was still coming out from “weekend” routine and Ankur was not ready to talk clearly.

Keya : Ankur, everything OK?

Ankur : Does it matter to you?

Keya : How do you mean? If it would not have mattered, why I would have asked?

Ankur : I don’t think you have even time to think about us.

Now Keya was irritated with confusion.

Keya : Why are you saying so? I have been waiting for your response since last night. I thought, it was you, who was busy.

Ankur : And therefore you too got busy?

Keya : How do you mean? Where did I get busy?

Ankur : Keya, I do not want to stretch this.

This sentence, whenever used, proved to be effective. Keya was curious, confused and annoyed now.

What he does not want to stretch? She spoke silently.

Keya : Please tell me, whats bothering you?

Ankur : Nothing keya. I thought you will be available to meet over weekend and we will have good time chatting.

So he wants to meet again only within 12 hours of first meeting. Keya thought to herself. She thought about her weekend schedule and she could not see any chance for her to sneak out for an hour even.

Keya : Sorry Ankur. As Nimit will be home for whole weekend, it would be difficult for me to sneak out.

Ankur : See, I told you….

Keya : But I am available for chatting on phone.

Ankur : Keya, I don’t want options.

Keya was taken aback with that response. What he was upto?

Keya : What are you talking?

Ankur : Nothing. You just enjoy new movie and family function with your family.

Keya could not trust her eyes. Ankur had sent that response.

Keya : Ankur, I would have loved to meet you over weekend but not sure how to sneak out.

Ankur : keya, those who want to do something, will find a way out but I know, you love your family and time with family.

Now, keya’s head was spinning. What he was upto? Why he was talking all this?

Keya : It has nothing to do with my love for family. I don’t think even you would prefer to go out alone while family is available over weekend.

Ankur : Keya, I can do it and that’s why I proposed and was looking forward to spend my time with you.

Already guilty, Keya was more confused to handle this.

Keya : Sorry Ankur but I really do not see any opportunity for me to sneak out.

Ankur : Sure Keya. I can understand it. I am secondary.

Keya read it for multiple times. Just 48 hours of love acclamation and Ankur was blaming her to be not available. But you know what? In this kind of situation, when you are successful in making someone feel guilty, you have achieved your goal and Ankur did same thing.

Keya : Ankur, please give me sometime and let me see, if I can do something.

Ankur : Keya, I am not looking forward to meeting anymore. Please continue with your weekend routine.

That “weekend routine” word bunch refreshed the morning experience for Keya. She deep breathed.

Keya : Please don’t say that. I promise, I will try my best.

Ankur read the message but did not respond and of course, that was enough to push Keya to make meeting happen.

She thought of couple of strong excuses, which she can use to sneak out. But she did not want to confirm with Ankur before she could get permission from Nimit. She waited for Nimit to wake up.

On breakfast table, she asked Nimit if she can go and meet her old school friend, who has came back from Australia for few days. Nimit was ok with it. There was no long discussion on it and Nimit did not care even to ask her friend’s name. Although Keya was prepared with details like name and so called friend’s whereabouts.

She immediately sent a message to Ankur.

Keya : Ankur, can we meet today?

Ankur : I can see that. You movie plan must have been canceled and that is why you are filling up the space.

That response irritated Keya. Here, she was trying her best to sneak out and Ankur thought she was using him as an option.

Keya : Well, I tried my best to sneak out. Worked on an excuse, made it happen but I think you are taking all my efforts in wrong manner. Let’s cancel it. We will meet someday when you are in your right mind.

That made Ankur furious.

Ankur : Keya, I am in my right mind. When you said no and suddenly within couple of hours, your are coming up with a proposal to meet, who will believe you?

Keya : OK Ankur, don’t believe me. Thanks!!

She had tears.


Yes, females are just like that and why not? When someone unknown about your situation doubts your intentions, you cannot hold it back.

She kept thinking about first meeting with Ankur and how he had encouraged her for pursuing her hobbies. Day passed by in thoughts and long wait for messages but it did not happen. One more sleepless night was there for Keya but it was painful. No communication. That silence was killer but both of them had their ego. The day, expected to be fun day, turned into unfortunate day.

Next morning, when Keya woke up and checked her phone as first thing, she saw the message.

Ankur : Sorry Keya. Let’s meet. @12:30 pm? Beans café, at the ground floor of Hotel Platinum?

Keya : Will see. Will try.

Of course, she was going because that fire was equally stinging at both ends. But Keya was hurt and sad the way Ankur commented on her intentions. Before Nimit could attack her for another “weekend routine”, Keya walked out of bed and with hot coffee in hand she started daydreaming about the meeting with her love.

And phone beeped.

Ankur : I love you Keya.

She smiled and responded…

Keya : Love you too.

One more sunny day after cloudy weather for almost 36 hours.



But what do you think? That weekend meeting after a clash would have been limited till meeting only?

What these experienced lovers, who are so used to with “weekend routine” in their respective real life do when they meet?

Stay tuned J






Love is an Adventure : Part – 9

Love is an Adventure : Part – 9

Previous part of this story are here –  Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7 and Part-8.

Will you meet me today?  For coffee?  Keya read it as first thing in morning when she was still in bed and had just opened her eyes from deep sleep.

She smiled and instantly replied…..Yes.

And the second moment, that custom notification was there. She turned the phone on silent mode as Nimit was still sleeping beside her and she did not want him to wake up so early. Keya looked at the message –

Love you Keya. Will see you @6 pm sharp, at Rock café, on M G Road. I will miss seeing you at school today as Revati is going to be there today.

And suddenly Keya felt upset. She was so looking forward to have a glimpse of Ankur @school. She responded,

Will miss you too @school.

Ankur : You will be there @cafe, right?

Keya : Will try. Not sure

Suddenly her mood changed. That instant yes altered to “will try”.

Ankur : I will wait for you. Have a good day 🙂

Keya : you too…have a good day.

She literally threw the phone on pillow and got out of bed. Somehow, she did not like the fact that she will not be able to see Ankur @school. Keya tried to focus on kitchen work but today was different. She felt irritated but controlled herself and kept sailing through morning routine of Vihan’s school, breakfast with Nimit and wrapping up kitchen. After shower, she got ready and when she looked herself in mirror, she took a deep breath.


Ankur is not going to be @school. For whom I should get ready? She thought to herself.

She clipped long, silky hair behind face and did not care to put on earrings. By now, she had checked phone for 50 times but there was no message from Ankur. She was so so expecting Ankur to send his selfie but he seemed too busy today.

Not sure, what he is busy with? Can’t he send a message? Now, that irritation level was rising.

She kept looking at clock and finally @2 pm, she left with heavy heart and absolutely no expectation. At school, she was still waiting for Vihan to come out when she heard that husky voice again…

Hi Keya…Ankur  said, with a smile.

Her heart missed a beat. Within a second, all anger and upset feeling disappeared. She felt like she wanted to hug him tight. But she had to control knowing the surrounding. Although she could not hide that big and happy smile on her face, she tried her best to control her body language.

How come are you here? You were not going to be…..Keya left it incomplete.

And you are happy to see me, right?Surprise for you … Ankur looked into her eyes and said straight.

She could not take it anymore. She looked down, which covered her face with her hair and just nodded.

Suddenly she could feel a breath nearer and before she could look up, she heard in confident but lower tone….I love you, my life.

She felt blood rushing into her cheeks. Her eyes were widened and mouth remained open, the way Ankur said it in public. Before she could react, Vihan was there. She had to control herself again. She saw Ankur’s smiling face and suddenly she decided to respond.

While Ankur was still staring at her, she bent down and kissed Vihan on his right cheek and looked at Ankur with a smile. Ankur literally jumped and yes, all this happened in public. Love birds, as they say, do not care about anything or anyone when they are crazy :-).

Keya left immediately with Vihan and at home she kept thinking about evening meeting.  Finally once VIhan woke up after nap, she asked him to get ready for his drawing classes and she too started getting ready. She had chosen bottle green shirt with blue jeans and a light brown jacket. She did not want to send any wrong signal by putting on something specific.

After dropping Vihan at class, she rushed to café. Ankur was already waiting for her. After formal greeting, they settled on corner table. Some uncomfortable silence took over when Ankur kept staring her. Finally, she had to speak

So? Did you wanted to talk about anything specific?

Umm….no.  Just wanted to meet you beyond school ground, Ankur responded.

But why? She tried to hide the discomfort. Keya never knew that meeting Ankur would be this much uncomfortable.

Not sure Keya. Can we have something? Ankur tried to change track.

They both agreed upon Irish coffee and started talking. Within few minutes, both of them were talking like old friends and Keya was laughing on Ankur’s jokes.


Coffee helped in breaking ice and the first step of any “love story” – to be great friends, was in progress. After an hour, when Keya stood up to leave, Ankur stood up and held her hand.

Keya, I Love you. Please never foster any misunderstanding about my intentions. I am really in love and believe me, I never felt this feeling with anyone else.

Keya nodded, not knowing how to respond and left with smile.

But before she could get into car, she heard that special notification tone. Even though she was getting late to pick Vihan, she could not resist the temptation of looking at the message.

Thanks for coming Keya. You have helped in giving me confidence that together, we have something in future.

Keya smiled wryly (knowing the reality) and drove to Vihan’s class. She was happy and chirpy. After years, she had found herself humming on Hollywood number and smiling at same time. At night, when she checked phone, Ankur’s messages were waiting.

Hi love, hope your evening is going well.

Have been missing you so much.

Any special plan for weekend?

She responded…..yes, will be watching new movie tomorrow evening and will be attending a family function on Sunday morning.

Within a second, she saw that Ankur had read her response. She kept waiting for his message but it did not. With some worry and lots of thoughts, she dozed off.


But the next morning, which was supposed to be happy weekend morning, turned up a painful one for her.

Want to know, how?

Stay tuned 🙂


To be continued…

To be continued…


After breaking me, you asked…

Why are you disappointed?

I just smiled….with tears in eyes

And touched that half heart tattoo on my finger


I talked with myself silently

This too shall pass…”, I told to myself


Every day, every moment I repeated it

More disclosures, more facts, more realization

Unwanted and untimely….of course

I just wanted to survive


But pain never went off

In one or the other way, it kept coming

And emotions started drifting


Today, while sitting alone at other ends of world,

We both are thinking same thoughts

Where all that beautiful time flew away?

Why we, who promised to be brave, weakened?

What made us great partners, split us

What encouraged us to be together, parted us

What prompted us for everything, changed us


And we…

We just stood there and allowed time to take action

We punished out souls but not self-importance

We tolerated silence but not an error of other one


And while the clock still says “to be continued….”

We know, for how long 🙂

Love is an Adventure : Part – 8

Love is an Adventure : Part – 8

This story is 7 parts old. Read them as Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6 and Part-7.

For the whole way back from school, the phone kept buzzing. Keya got irritated but melted at same time. One more loop of thoughts processed while driving back…

He might not be like that…

I was too harsh…

I would have at least talked with him

But as he wanted to kiss me at first glance, his intention seems clear

Why would someone not love a beautiful wife like Revati?

Ankur is just another male….no difference.

Keya took deep breath before entering into home and decided to not look at messages. She served lunch to Vihan and sat with him. Vihan started playing with spoon rather than eating and Keya got very upset with him. She was about to hit him but controlled herself. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She never hit Vihan and her philosophy to treat the only kid with love was violated just because of one statement from someone, whom she met just few days back.


But love is the strongest influence. To the outsider, it looks like another stupidity, another presentation of weak control over heart, another story….but those two, who are involved, know what it is. None other than who lives it, realizes that its most beautiful and scary feeling at same time. Being in love makes you think the negative thoughts, you would have never thought as a normal person. And at the same time, that same love will make you stronger enough to face any challenge in the world.

Keya was already affected, just within 24 hours of “being in Love”. She asked Vihan to go for nap and after struggling with herself for barely 5 minutes, she opened the chat log….

Ankur : Hi Keya, what happened?

Ankur: Why did you leave like that? Did I do anything wrong?

Ankur : Keya, I am already missing you. Why don’t you respond the messages?

Ankur : Keya, please tell me, if I did anything wrong. I am really sorry. Please respond.

Ankur : I never knew the best feeling of life will be affected in just 13 hours….Please let me know what happened.

Ankur : Keya, I am getting impatient. Please respond. I hope you are OK.

Keya read those messages for 5 times….The decision to not respond him ever, washed off immediately. She started typing but was not sure, what.

Keya : Yes, I am OK

And on another second, before she could close the chat log, Ankur responded…

Ankur : Haah, I was worried.

Keya : No need to worry for me, Ankur. I have enough people in my life to worry for me.

Ankur was taken aback. The lady love, who sent her smiling face just before couple of hours was not ready to respond.

Ankur : I am glad you have many people in your life to worry for you. But can you please consider me too as your well wisher?

That statement worked like an explosion. Keya was trying to control but seeing Ankur layering his physical desires, she could not.

Keya : Oh really? Just FYI, those who worry about me, does not observe my lips…

Ankur : I did not get it Keya. What are you trying to convey?

Keya : I knew it.

Keya : Let’s get it straight.

Keya : What are you expecting from me by being in love?

Second shock for Ankur and Keya was shivering with anger at other end.

Ankur : Nothing…..I absolutely do not expect anything in return other than love.

Keya : Oh really? In that case, your love must be seeing physical intimacy as part of it, right?

Ankur was messed up but kept patience.

Ankur : Well, yes. I do not see physical intimacy as wrong thing and any pure love sees/meets/experiences physical intimacy. Don’t you give a tight hug to your son when you are too happy?

In fraction of second, Keya lost all the arguments. She felt guilty the way she thought about Ankur.

Ankur continued….

Ankur : I do not see you as a physical desire…..I have felt something new, strange, exciting, similar while talking with you, which I never felt with anyone.

Keya : Not with Revati even?

Ankur : Never….

Keya : But then why did you said that you wanted to kiss me? Does anyone express love like that? That too when you are too young being in love?

Ankur : I am sorry if my statement conveyed wrong message. But let me tell you this. You are really beautiful and I know, you must have been receiving compliments every day.

That old trick to melt any female worked with Keya too.  Her discomfort, anger, doubts everything disappeared with that one statement and a little smile made her face glowing.

Ankur : Keya, I love you…..and that’s not about loving the physical beauty. You are much more than beautiful body.

Again, pampering statement and again it worked….Keya suddenly felt light and out of stress. It felt like a huge burden was taken off in minutes.

Keya : I love you Ankur but remember, I do not love you for your look, status or money. I love you because that’s what I have felt with you and not with anyone else in my life…

Ankur : My love, I know. As I wrote, nothing else matters when frequency of thoughts matches and I respect and love you in same breath.

Finally, the dark tunnel was over and day light was shining. Keya went to Vihan and kissed his forehead. Vihan woke up and smiled to her.  Keya hugged him tight. And one more notification….special one…

Ankur : I love you Keya (love)

She smiled ear to ear…Love is just like that. Any age, it makes you behave like a teenager. All of a sudden, you don’t care for the world and at the same time, you do not want to share your precious feeling with anyone. You want to jump high in air and at the same time, you want to hide in bunker. And that’s how both the love birds felt after first so called virtual arguments session.

But is Ankur really in love with Keya?

Does Keya get peace of mind after Ankur’s explanation?

And most importantly, love between two so called “experienced” people can be limited to “pure love”?


Stay tuned  🙂