Love is an Adventure : Part – 8

This story is 7 parts old. Read them as Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6 and Part-7.

For the whole way back from school, the phone kept buzzing. Keya got irritated but melted at same time. One more loop of thoughts processed while driving back…

He might not be like that…

I was too harsh…

I would have at least talked with him

But as he wanted to kiss me at first glance, his intention seems clear

Why would someone not love a beautiful wife like Revati?

Ankur is just another male….no difference.

Keya took deep breath before entering into home and decided to not look at messages. She served lunch to Vihan and sat with him. Vihan started playing with spoon rather than eating and Keya got very upset with him. She was about to hit him but controlled herself. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She never hit Vihan and her philosophy to treat the only kid with love was violated just because of one statement from someone, whom she met just few days back.


But love is the strongest influence. To the outsider, it looks like another stupidity, another presentation of weak control over heart, another story….but those two, who are involved, know what it is. None other than who lives it, realizes that its most beautiful and scary feeling at same time. Being in love makes you think the negative thoughts, you would have never thought as a normal person. And at the same time, that same love will make you stronger enough to face any challenge in the world.

Keya was already affected, just within 24 hours of “being in Love”. She asked Vihan to go for nap and after struggling with herself for barely 5 minutes, she opened the chat log….

Ankur : Hi Keya, what happened?

Ankur: Why did you leave like that? Did I do anything wrong?

Ankur : Keya, I am already missing you. Why don’t you respond the messages?

Ankur : Keya, please tell me, if I did anything wrong. I am really sorry. Please respond.

Ankur : I never knew the best feeling of life will be affected in just 13 hours….Please let me know what happened.

Ankur : Keya, I am getting impatient. Please respond. I hope you are OK.

Keya read those messages for 5 times….The decision to not respond him ever, washed off immediately. She started typing but was not sure, what.

Keya : Yes, I am OK

And on another second, before she could close the chat log, Ankur responded…

Ankur : Haah, I was worried.

Keya : No need to worry for me, Ankur. I have enough people in my life to worry for me.

Ankur was taken aback. The lady love, who sent her smiling face just before couple of hours was not ready to respond.

Ankur : I am glad you have many people in your life to worry for you. But can you please consider me too as your well wisher?

That statement worked like an explosion. Keya was trying to control but seeing Ankur layering his physical desires, she could not.

Keya : Oh really? Just FYI, those who worry about me, does not observe my lips…

Ankur : I did not get it Keya. What are you trying to convey?

Keya : I knew it.

Keya : Let’s get it straight.

Keya : What are you expecting from me by being in love?

Second shock for Ankur and Keya was shivering with anger at other end.

Ankur : Nothing…..I absolutely do not expect anything in return other than love.

Keya : Oh really? In that case, your love must be seeing physical intimacy as part of it, right?

Ankur was messed up but kept patience.

Ankur : Well, yes. I do not see physical intimacy as wrong thing and any pure love sees/meets/experiences physical intimacy. Don’t you give a tight hug to your son when you are too happy?

In fraction of second, Keya lost all the arguments. She felt guilty the way she thought about Ankur.

Ankur continued….

Ankur : I do not see you as a physical desire…..I have felt something new, strange, exciting, similar while talking with you, which I never felt with anyone.

Keya : Not with Revati even?

Ankur : Never….

Keya : But then why did you said that you wanted to kiss me? Does anyone express love like that? That too when you are too young being in love?

Ankur : I am sorry if my statement conveyed wrong message. But let me tell you this. You are really beautiful and I know, you must have been receiving compliments every day.

That old trick to melt any female worked with Keya too.  Her discomfort, anger, doubts everything disappeared with that one statement and a little smile made her face glowing.

Ankur : Keya, I love you…..and that’s not about loving the physical beauty. You are much more than beautiful body.

Again, pampering statement and again it worked….Keya suddenly felt light and out of stress. It felt like a huge burden was taken off in minutes.

Keya : I love you Ankur but remember, I do not love you for your look, status or money. I love you because that’s what I have felt with you and not with anyone else in my life…

Ankur : My love, I know. As I wrote, nothing else matters when frequency of thoughts matches and I respect and love you in same breath.

Finally, the dark tunnel was over and day light was shining. Keya went to Vihan and kissed his forehead. Vihan woke up and smiled to her.  Keya hugged him tight. And one more notification….special one…

Ankur : I love you Keya (love)

She smiled ear to ear…Love is just like that. Any age, it makes you behave like a teenager. All of a sudden, you don’t care for the world and at the same time, you do not want to share your precious feeling with anyone. You want to jump high in air and at the same time, you want to hide in bunker. And that’s how both the love birds felt after first so called virtual arguments session.

But is Ankur really in love with Keya?

Does Keya get peace of mind after Ankur’s explanation?

And most importantly, love between two so called “experienced” people can be limited to “pure love”?


Stay tuned  🙂


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