After breaking me, you asked…

Why are you disappointed?

I just smiled….with tears in eyes

And touched that half heart tattoo on my finger


I talked with myself silently

This too shall pass…”, I told to myself


Every day, every moment I repeated it

More disclosures, more facts, more realization

Unwanted and untimely….of course

I just wanted to survive


But pain never went off

In one or the other way, it kept coming

And emotions started drifting


Today, while sitting alone at other ends of world,

We both are thinking same thoughts

Where all that beautiful time flew away?

Why we, who promised to be brave, weakened?

What made us great partners, split us

What encouraged us to be together, parted us

What prompted us for everything, changed us


And we…

We just stood there and allowed time to take action

We punished out souls but not self-importance

We tolerated silence but not an error of other one


And while the clock still says “to be continued….”

We know, for how long 🙂


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