Love is an Adventure : Part – 12

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Behind closed door, a married man and a married woman, not married to each other is a completely unofficial situation….I should get out of here, as soon as possible, discomfort was visible on Keya’s face, the moment Ankur closed the door of hotel room. Ankur could see clear irritation on her face and therefore decided to sit on the chair, although he so wanted to sit beside Keya, on the couch.

10 seconds of silence felt like lifelong struggle. Finally, Keya started…

I wish, we would have gone to any other café….This feels uncomfortable, she spoke her mind.

I know its uncomfortable but we had limited time together and I thought it would have been wasted, if we would have gone to explore another café, Ankur pulled the chair nearer to her.

Don’t worry keya, I am not going to eat you, he said and smiled

Keya looked into his eyes and smiled. She felt an unknown, very tempting and unavoidable attraction. An effort to control her body language was difficult and before she could do so, she already bit her lower lip corner and Ankur did notice it.

Do we want to have something to eat? I am hungry, Ankur tried to distract himself

Ummmm….coffee? Keya was awaken from a dream world suddenly.

Coffee? Keya, its lunch time. Do you eat coffee for lunch? He said and smiled again.

One more time, even while tightening her folded hands, she could not stop biting her lower lip.

How much he cares…..Nimit never knows what I eat, one more unwanted comparison.


Ok, we can have something to eat…I mean, whatever you want or prefer, she responded.

Sandwich? Ankur suggested….

Sure, Keya was normal again.

Ankur called the restaurant and asked for room service. Keya kept staring him. The way he talked, the way he smiled, the way he looked at her in between…..not sure, where my mind is wandering today, she thought to herself.

keya got up and walked towards room balcony but was conscious to not open the curtains.  She just stood there while lost in thoughts. Ankur followed her and stood beside her.

Do you know as a kid what was my favorite game? He started

Which one? She looked at him with curiosity in eyes.

Hide and Seek, he smiled and continued, but you know why? He looked at her

Oh wow…..that was used to be my favorite game too but that’s a different story. Tell me, why it was your favorite game? Keya was at ease now and Ankur could feel that comfort in the tone of her voice and body language.

Oh, I was used to be considered a hero when I would jump from first floor to save the whole team at last, he laughed, friends were used to address me monkey.

Actually, you are…..Keya looked at him dryly but could not resist wide grin.

Whaaaat? Ankur had widened eyes. He did not expect this playfulness from Keya.

But in that case, you too are monkey, Ankur shot back.

How? Keya narrowed her eyes…

I think, you just admitted that hide and seek was your favorite game too and I can visualize you jumping and running around with a long tail, he laughed

Oh shut up….that was not the case, Keya acted upset but soon smiled. She tarted telling her story about the game.

Sandwiches delivered but Keya and Ankur were too busy talking. They kept talking, joking and smiling. Now, on bed, they were sitting facing each other. Suddenly, Ankur asked,

Keya, can you give me a hug?

Keya looked at him surprisingly.

Please….he insisted.

Ankur, let’s not get into it, She was still hesitant.

Please Keya, I am asking for a friendly hug, please…….Not sure why but he kept pushing.

OK, Keya did not want to turn him down.

They walked out of bed and hugged each other. At first, it was so uneasy but exactly at next moment, it felt like soul soothing. Ankur held her tight and she did not react.

I love you Keya, he whispered in Keya’s ear. She smiled ear to ear.

Let me lift you, Ankur said and before Keya could deny, she was already lifted.

OMG, she was chirping like a bird….


Ankur walked towards bed, while lifting her in hands and the moment he put Keya in bed, he lost his balance and literally fall off on Keya.

Sorry…..really sorry, he started getting up but slipped off again.

And they both laughed…like crazy, while Keya kept mimicking his sorry style.

Ankur stared at this innocent beauty laughing freely and could not control himself. He cupped her face in his hands and when Keya did not pull back, he put his lips on hers. For a moment, Keya tried to stop herself but could not and finally she surrendered. The way, their lips were touching each others’ and their tongues were exploring each other’s mouth,  was something, none of them had experienced, even after being married for so long. It would have continued forever if Keya’s phone would not have rung…..

Who disturbed the love birds?

What happened after the love moment passed?

Was it a result of temporary affection or something long term?

Following chapters will be worth waiting for that, I think 🙂




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