Love is an Adventure : Part – 13

When you write a fiction, it’s a different feeling. Sometimes words flow constantly and sometimes you struggle to write a 20 words paragraph. Its been almost a month, latest part of the story published. But as I said, I felt mind blockage and took quite a bit of time for me to get out of it. This story is becoming teenager today as it has completed 13 episodes. Previous parts of the story can be read at  Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11 and Part-12.  I hope you will be patient enough until this story becomes adult and gets a hard cover :-).

Read on…..

While the love birds – Ankur and Keya were busy exploring wettest body part of each other, Keya’s phone rang and that brought both of them to real world. Ankur’s hands were still around her waist but Keya got conscious. She started looking for phone in her purse, while trying to avoid Ankur’s stare. Phone ring was getting louder and so were Keya’s heartbeats. When she saw Nimit’s name on screen, she shivered. One glance at Ankur and she clicked the green button to talk…

Nimit : Madam, if you are done with your friend, can you please come back? We have been waiting. Its been 4 hours now. You said, you will be back in 2 hours.

And that made Keya realized that as usual, she completely lost track of time, while being with Ankur. With little hesitation mixed guilt, she handled the communication.

Keya : Yeah Nimit, actually couple of more friends join and we did not realize time. I will be home soon. I hope both of you are OK.

Nimit : Hey, no problem. Take your time. I was just worried.

Keya : No, I was about to leave from here. Will be home in about 25 minutes. She committed time out of guilty.

Nimit : Sure Keya, No problem. We will wait.

Keya : Bye.

The next moment, she clicked the red button for twice to make sure the call was off now and looked at Ankur. He was still staring her. She softly freed herself from his hands and smiled wryly.

test image_1

Ankur : Everything ok?

Keya : Oh yeah, I need to leave now.

She started collecting her purse and glasses. Ankur stood behind her and when she turned around, he literally lifted her again, without notice. Keya was shocked, anxious and giggling at the same time. Within a minute, Keya was at ease and they were smiled together. Ankur put her down carefully and looked straight into her eyes. And before she could respond, he put his lips again on hers and briefly brushed them.

Keya, I love you, Ankur said.

She smiled, looked down and bit her lower lip. Again, Ankur noticed it and pulled her in his arms.


Keya surrendered happily but her monkey mind was already counting seconds.

Must be almost 7 minutes, I talked with Nimit. He must be waiting. Not sure what I will tell him, if he asks for details of meeting with friends. I have to leave now, she talked with herself.

Ankur, I will have to leave now, she said softly.

I do not want you to, his hands were still locking her.

Keya looked into Ankur’s eyes and said, Ankur, this will not lead us anywhere. Let’s stop here.

And before Ankur could speak anything, she unlocked herself from his hand lock and started leaving. Mixed feeling of much more guilt and excitement of newly found love took over. She so wanted to run back to give a last hug to him but controlled herself and left the hotel room, even without looking at Ankur.

And while she was still passing through hotel lobby, her phone buzzed with special notification. Keya so wanted to read the message but continued walking towards car. On the way back, she heard almost 10 notifications and with every notification, her curiosity grew high.

What he has to say when I have clearly told him that I do not want to get into this? She thought to herself.

At home, Nimit was playing with Vivaan. She entered with fake smile and before Nimit could notice, she slipped into bedroom. Looking herself in the mirror, she felt teary eyes.

Why did I do it?

Anyone can claim to love me but that does not mean I should forget my values.

I am never going to meet him again.

What people will think of me if they would find that I met another man in the hotel room?

Her mind was thinking at a fast pace and was constantly asking answers from that little heart, who was still pondering that feeling of “never experienced” love or lust.

Its not my fault that I found someone after being married.

We have not done anything wrong. That kiss was just expression of feelings.

Why should I feel guilty about anything? Did Nimit ever care how do I feel when he leaves me alone in bed after doing whatever he wants to, with my body?

Ankur will never cheat on me. After all, he is taking same risk.

Her heart fought back with mind, with stronger arguments.


After changing into cotton pant and shirt, she came out but could not match eyes with Nimit. Still that internal struggle was going on between mind and heart.

So Kyea, how was your meeting with friends? Nimit asked casually.

Oh it was good. Actually, I was meeting them after a long, so was nervous. They all are doing so well in different fields and settled so well in life. Sometimes I think, I need to do something too. We talked and laughed on past memories. All of them have multiple kids and still they are doing well in life, Keya kept talking without Nimit asking for any details. Her uncontrolled words were a mixture of guilt and fear.

At that very moment, phone buzzed again with special notification. Keya grabbed her purse and took out her phone.

Nimit, I will prepare coffee for me. Will you join? She said

And without waiting for Nimit’s answer, she headed to kitchen hurriedly, holding the phone tight.

What do you think was waiting for her?

Did Ankur accept the proposal of her about not getting into “this”?

Or did he try to convince her that they were not doing anything wrong?

Stay tuned 🙂




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