An evening @Pushkar Fair : Photo Story

An evening @Pushkar Fair : Photo Story

They say, Pushkar fair is overrated and like most of us, I believed it for years. But jumping on opportunity might help you breaking so many assumptions you have built for long and thats what happened to me.

Pushkar fair 2018…..I know, I know… have read many things about it, its over now and almost every blogger/photographer has covered the story and of course, I do not want to be left behind. But as usual, I want to present something different. Till now, you have read everything about Pushkar fair in daylight.

Welcome to the nightlife @Pushkar fair. Yes, nightlife. Once you have spent your evening here, you will never be able to forget it for lifetime. From dancing vibes to camel cart and from 24X7 food stalls to street bhajans……everything about that night is special. Let me take you on the visual tour of it….limited pictures this time but well-captured feelings…












I know, I know,….you want to visit the Pushkar fair now but its over. You will have to wait for a year now. Till then, keep looking at these pictures and keep imagining yourself there 🙂


Life Happens…..

Life Happens…..

In between some hugs and push

Life happens

In between some tears and laughs

Life happens

In between some dreams and realities

Life happens


But when life happens in dark

It seems worthless

It feels meaningless

It appears hopeless


I still rejoice those visuals

I still cherish those memories

I still smile at those moments


But somewhere…

Heart is empty and insensitive now

Mind is numb and mute now

Body is shivering and dead now


This too shall pass, I tell to myself…

This will happen again, mind argues….

I will not be able to live this again, heart cries….


And it’s a day to conclude

It’s a point to decide

It’s a moment to determine


Whether I want to live or die slowly

Whether I want to be happy or feel paralyzed

Whether I want to adore happy memories or create bad memories


And I will choose to live, to be happy and to adore memories

Because my love,

True love is always about lifting life up…in physical presence or absence