Love is an Adventure : Part -17

Yessssss…….after a long and complete silence on this :-), I am here.

Alert – Long post ahead…..grab your cup of coffee :-). This story is soon going to be 18.

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Hello, Keya did not want to attend that call from unknown number while still being in arms of Ankur, but had to.

Hello, Mrs. Nimit? I am Neeta from administration department in  Vihan’s school. He has been waiting here for half an hour now. I tried to reach Mr. Nimit but his phone is constantly engaged. Can you please come and pick Vihan as he is tired and cranky now? The voice at other end spoke in a breath.

And suddenly Keya felt a fall from skyscrapper….


What the hell? How can I forget to pick Vihan? This is a result of this temporary, lust feeling for this unknown man, which is taking over my life and loved ones…she thought to herself while putting on clothes and tears rolled down. Guilt of missing Vihan’s pick-up time was killing her. But suddenly one more thought flashed in her mind.

What if the administrator would have talked with Nimit and would have told him about me not being there on time? How I would have answered Nimit’s questions?

She tried to control but could not stop tears. Ankur was confused about what was going on. He tried to hold Keya’s hand but she refused. He asked softly, whats wrong? Why are you crying like this? And that question of his acted like a bomb for Keya. Already irritated with herself, she looked straight into Ankur’s eyes and said,

I am not sure about you but I cannot put my family at risk to sleep with you. Never knew this is how its going to be….

And that statement boiled Ankur too. He shot back, Keya we both are adults and I have not pushed myself on you. Please be logical and don’t blame me for something where we both contributed and enjoyed.

Keya had rush of tears again but she did not have much time to argue. Finally, after buttoning her shirt, she opened the door of backseat and got off from the car. Before Ankur came out and could stop her or talk to her, she literally ran away towards her car.

In school, when she saw VIhan sitting alone on a bench in administrator office, she felt guiltier. She rushed to Vihan and hugged him tight. Vihan was taken aback for a moment but then he held her tight.


Mumma, where were you for so long? I was scared being alone here, he said innocently.

Keya had tears again. She could not answer. She started walking towards car while holding Vihan’s hand. For the whole way back, Vihan kept talking about his day at school but Keya was somewhere else. She was still feeling horrible the way everything happened in last few hours. She never even imagined to sleep with any other man. That temporary joy of orgasm flashed out with real life gravity. At home, first thing she did was to take shower.  She just wanted to wash away every touch of Ankur. Of course, its like

Having sex and then taking bath into Holy River to feel virgin again

But that shower helped her to calm down. After lunch, when she checked her phone, there were couple of messages from Ankur.

Ankur :  Not sure what went wrong and why you were so upset with me? I did not anticipate the end of our beautiful time like that.

Ankur : keya, never feel guilt for anything. Life happens once only and you have all the rights to explore life the way you want. I will wait for your response. Love you forever!!

That last sentence worked as expected. In a moment, all frustration disappeared. Having someone who loves you and more than that, expresses the feeling so well, is rare. Keya felt bad the way she had acted but at the same time, her mind warned her to not fall for the trap again. She typed back …

Keya : I know, life happens once only but I cannot put my family at risk. I do not want to do this anymore. Never thought we will get into all this. Yes, I loved you and will love you forever but let’s keep it silent and serene.  

Ankur responded promptly….

Ankur : Thanks for responding my love. I was scared for a moment when you left like that.

Keya : I am really sorry about it but that nasty feeling of being at fault took over.

Ankur :  Well, I don’t understand it but I need to respect it.  Can I tell you something?

Keya : sure.

Ankur : I felt heavenly today. Being male its very different but let me tell you this. Melting into each other when you have right partner made me understand why they say physical intimacy is an important part for a couple. The way our bodies communicated and responded to each other was something, I had not watched in porn movies too 🙂.

Keya was taken aback with multiple confessions but unknowingly she bit her lower lip.

Keya : Ankur, we do not want to discuss or do it anymore. But I am surprised by knowing the fact that you are/were watching porn.

Ankur literally ignored first part of statement and responded to the second part.

Ankur : Everybody does…..and as far as I know, females more than males 🙂

Keya was surprised again…..

Keya : Oh really?

Ankur :  Oh yes. Don’t tell me, you never watched porn.

Keya : I did not…..never.

Now it was Ankur, who was shocked. This smart and gorgeously beautiful lady love of his life was telling him that she never watched porn. So innocent she is, he thought to himself.

Ankur : Keya, how did you pass through your college years? Anyways, will watch together….

Keya was stunned with Ankur’s courage to ask her to watch porn together.

Keya : Ankur, I told you, we do not want to get into it again. We are not meeting again. We will be good friends, if we want otherwise we need to say bye to each other.

Ankur : Keya, what do you think we did was wrong? Why expressing love in any form is bad just because we are married to different partners? Do you know, I don’t remember saying “I Love you” to Revati. Only with you, I experience that real love feeling.

And as it works with every female, that ONLY word made magic.

After all, he loves me only otherwise why he would have been spending so much time with me?, her heart took over.

Keya : so you never tell her “I Love you”?

Ankur : Never…

Now Keya was confused. For her and Nimit, it was routine to express feeling with those words. But she knew that Ankur will not like that so she had to manipulate.

Keya : ummm…..for us, its not never but its on and off.

But after typing, she felt odd. With whom she was playing? The husband, who trusted her blindly or the man who claimed to love her the most or herself who was not able to decide what to do and how to control? And while she was still in introspection mode, that notification was there.

Ankur : Hey darling, I will have to rush. Revati has fixed a dinner evening with friend and will have to attend it. I will miss you. Have a happy evening J.

And suddenly Keya felt worse. Here, I have not called Nimit even once and he has to attend a party with his wife, whom he claims, never loved? When negativity takes over, control is very difficult. For the whole evening, she kept imagining how Ankur must have been enjoying evening with Revati and friends. Complete silence from Ankur made her feel poorer.


He could have messaged once, she thought to herself.

Nimit was late today and Vihan was playing with friends. To divert mind, Keya started re-arranging Vihan’s room and while looking at those bunch of books of Vihan, an idea of kids’ library popped up.

Kids will have fun reading all these books and Vihan will have friends around, she thought. Being good at art and creativity, she created a simple poster about kids’ library on her phone and shared it in school group.  People started inquiring about it and she got busy.

Ankur will be happy to know it. Hope he sees the poster in school group soon, she talked with herself.

But did it happen? How Ankur reacted?

How Keya felt when she realized that the “only” word Ankur had used just before few hours was not true?

Did this temporary pleasure looking relationship died or moved on with objects on path?

Stay tuned 🙂

I promise, I will not make you wait more this time….





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