Photo story : Ri Kynjai Resort, Meghalaya

To know why the name that echos “Serenity by Lake” is so perfect match, you need to visit this property or scroll down to the pictures, I have presented, without reading my never ending praises for the same.

In the corner of Meghalaya, when you look for the best option to stay, you do not expect much. And when you see a boutique resort, with above 8.5* rating on every hotel booking site, we were excited but still unknown to what was unfolding.

With couple of breaks in between and 3.5 hours of scenic but tiresome journey when our car started dancing on that kachcha road, leading to Ri Kynjai Resort, we just breathed deep. Not again, I murmured. Bad experiences of hotel booking and cancelling due to not meeting expectations, were alive suddenly. But we had to take a chance.

And that chance was worth every moment we spent there. The resort is presided over the picturesque Umiam lake, which is mostly known as Barapani lake. Inspired by Khasi culture, every corner of this property has been planned meticulously.

And it reminded us Bali…..why? We had same experience there when our expectations were overruled by the reality we experienced. Read more about it here :-).

Well, I can write 5000 words essay about the details and why it was one of the best experience but I am not in mood to change the title of post from Photo story to Word story so stopping here.


Let me tell you why it felt special….

1. That fireplace in the living room where you both can be cozy.

2. Living room sized bathroom and bed sized bath tub….a dream of any couple. Again, one of the best experience.

3. Have you tried playing Hide and Seek with your partner in a hotel room? 🙂 Well, I am not kidding. The villa at the resort has two floors and while reading and talking in the little space on upper floor, you can imagine, what if this would have been your home 🙂

4. Panoramic view of the beautiful Barapani lake, the moment you open that balcony door

And now, I will allow pictures to tell you the story 🙂

The road that leads to resort…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But mind well, reaching to reception is a task…







But where were we staying?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you see that lake view from Room balcony?

Let’s go around to check the beauty…..Restaurant, spa, walking trek and ??








And at this picturesque property, I needed a special click too…


I know…..I know….dreams, wishes and imaginations are flowing 🙂

Pack the begs then……


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