What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 2

And I am here again….In cappadocia, Turkey’s third most visited location, which attracts tourists from all around the world.

As I had mentioned in First Photo tour of Cappadocia, it is a location to enjoy in winter as well as summer and I was lucky to enjoy it in winter, to capture the brown colored caves standing high on white, snow-layered landscape. Nature has been generous to Cappadocia, when it comes to beauty.

And today, as a second part of Photo Tour to Cappadocia, taking you to Goreme Open Air Museum – the top tourist destination in Cappadocia.

But before you start the virtual, visual treat, you will have to tolerate my words….Yes, a brief about Open Air Museum.

On the list of UNESCO world heritage site since 1984, the Goreme Open Air Museum is accessible from every part of region in just 15 minutes. Well-known for the rock-cut churches and amazing frescos, Open Air Museum represents historical unity. Most of the churches here are from 10th, 11th and 12th century and history behind each of it is really interesting.

Weather erosion for years have created the rocks into unbelievable shapes and small entrances led into man-made cave churches. Prefer to visit with tour guide, who can explain history of each church and soon, without realizing it, you will find yourself imagining life as a Christian fleeing the Romans and living in fear of Arab invasions.

And your tour starts now……As I said, I was lucky to visit it in winter. Look at those beautiful colors and yes, I am there….find me 🙂

The track uphill…..


Ahaa….the beauty around
I want to be here forever…..


Did you look at the colors?


That narrow entrance….



The dining area..






Just wow…..can’t believe my eyes….Nature is really beautiful


The cozy cafe on hill soothes soul with Turkish coffee on winter morning…



Snow around and snowman to love ….




yes, yes…..its me. You guessed it right 🙂

Pack your begs and wait until next photo tour here…… 🙂





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