Death Wisdom

Death Wisdom

The most certain fact about life is the most uncertain thing in life….

But even after knowing that uncertain end of life, we want to take chance…


We want to live mediocre life (because we do not know how world looks from happiest peak)

We want to wait for perfect circumstances (does it ever happen, btw?)

We want to delay happiness (because that’s how we are nurtured)

We want to live as per society norms (yeah, because we are part of society)

We want to cheat the closest one (because trust is the cheapest affair on the earth)


And on final day, at last moment, breathing last atoms of oxygen….


We realize, we did not treat life the way we would have

We understand, life was a bigger gift than we thought about it

We recognize, how small we played on the biggest ground offered




Before we could rectify, we see ending around

Before we could hope, final moment is here

Before we could advise, heartbeats are slowing down


Bye bye world…


I wish, I could have lived the way I wanted

Free from defined rules

Away from invisible boundaries

Exempting myself from crowd



 I failed….

I missed…..

I just followed


Hope you will not make same mistake, I did

At least, after reading this….



Jab We Met : 7 incredible life lessons

Its been almost 10 years now but memories of that movie is still as fresh as it was yesterday. And as if it was planned, got a chance to watch that movie again, as a part of family movie night. I know, lots of articles have been written about this movie but could not resist the urge to contribute mine :-)….Happy reading…


Love does not know right or wrong

Take Risks, play hard, don’t blame others…

Love yourself and everyone else will

Life is all about little moments….Live it

People management is a skill

Burn and flush the past…Start new

Love is an extension of invisible friendship

The Secrets of Life….

You are an atom in the universe. No matter how big your problems look, remember it cannot be bigger than life…

Being human is the luckiest thing happened to you….Let’s celebrate :-).

Parenthood is the life changing and most exciting phase of life.

Life purpose for everyone is different here. Comparing yourself to someone else is like trying to copy an athlete’s speed when you know you are good at fast reading and not fast running.

Success is not how world sees you…its about how satisfied you are :-).

Finding true love is the most fortunate feeling, you can experience as a human.

Tomorrow is an another day…

Tomorrow is an another day…

Just after this dark night

At the end of this never ending tunnel

After the toughest test of patience …

All those tears will disappear

All those setbacks will roll down

All those wounds will heal …

With a new ray of hope

With a new light of joy

With a new way of life …

A smile will spread again

A feeling will replicate again

A love will be lived again 🙂


Just when I think I am Done …

Mind wanders and details are being analyzed

Heart denies and conclusions are being made

Thoughts pop up and hopes are being illuminated

Trust is cracked and arguments are being made


Just when I think I am done, I miss you more than ever

Just when I think I am done, I see new horizons to reach out

Just when I think I am done, someone holds hand to help out

Just when I think I am done, I feel unexampled energy to live

Just when I think I am done, I have just begun…..a new phase of life 🙂

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From ME to me (older version to younger version)

Dear me (I really hope I could write this letter to you on time. But sorry, I am almost 15 years late. However I think better late than never),



You will be amazed to learn that life has so much to offer

You will be excited to know that love has different meanings to present

You will be stunned to recognize that cloaking has been the habit of people

You will be astonished to understand that living is about exploring


Just leave those worries and tensions

Just chill with friends and family

Just say “love you” to loved ones

Just dance in the rain


People will come and go

Games will be lost and won

Mistakes will be made and learnings will be discovered

Time will take care of everything else


Leave fears

Look ahead

Love yourself

Live life …..


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  2. A Handbook of letter writing
  3. Unposted letter

Why do they change?

One day,

When they saw me working hard for longer hours

They said to not take life seriously

To enjoy life and to smile more

To help more and Be happy

On the other day,

When they saw me jumping high

Happiness flashing on my face

new rhythm played by my feet

twinkles in my eyes

and an undying smile ….

One more piece of advice came over, along with a question

Why are you wasting your time?

Why don’t you understand you have limited time?

Why don’t you make out of it the most?

Why don’t you take it seriously?

With confusion and dilemma

I stood there for longer

Watching the splashing water of ocean

BKY6FR A woman watching ocean waves in a turbulent sea.
BKY6FR A woman watching ocean waves in a turbulent sea.

Asking myself a question –

Why have they changed?

Why their statements have changed?

Why their reactions to my happiness changed?

And the answer from within came typically,

It’s because

Your happiness was unbearable to them

As your sadness

They love you in either way

After all, hate and love both are four lettered words…

And both have power to change the world

Therefore, I need to choose now…..

Which one I want to pick


And forever I will select LOVE over hatred

The love, which will make this world more beautiful

And the lives more liveable.

How about you?