Life Happens…..

Life Happens…..

In between some hugs and push

Life happens

In between some tears and laughs

Life happens

In between some dreams and realities

Life happens


But when life happens in dark

It seems worthless

It feels meaningless

It appears hopeless


I still rejoice those visuals

I still cherish those memories

I still smile at those moments


But somewhere…

Heart is empty and insensitive now

Mind is numb and mute now

Body is shivering and dead now


This too shall pass, I tell to myself…

This will happen again, mind argues….

I will not be able to live this again, heart cries….


And it’s a day to conclude

It’s a point to decide

It’s a moment to determine


Whether I want to live or die slowly

Whether I want to be happy or feel paralyzed

Whether I want to adore happy memories or create bad memories


And I will choose to live, to be happy and to adore memories

Because my love,

True love is always about lifting life up…in physical presence or absence




4 silent answers to most striking questions, being on first step of 40’s

Just a first day of being into 40th year of existence and I think, I have gained lot more wisdom about life (regardless of my look and act). Want to know how my mind speaks when I hear those superbly crafted questions?

Read on….

  1.   Where are you?

[My silent answer] : Well, right now, on call with you and rather than that its NOYB :-). FYI, I can be/live/take care of myself. If you are not known where I am means, I do not want you to know 🙂

  1. (But) why do you want to do it?

[My silent answer] : For 39X365X24X60 minutes, I tried a lot to fit but “unfit” experience seems cool, If you are asking me WHY that means I am doing something right/interesting/exciting/unique….and I want you to stay tuned to see outcome :-).

  1. Who was with you at that restaurant?

[My silent answer] : Well, I have pulled back that right from market. Just FYI, no one is allowed to ask that question. After living almost 4 decades in “human society”, I feel, I am an adult and know my boundaries and values. Thanks for the concerns (of digging about me and behind me).

  1. What has changed you so much?

[My silent answer] : Seriously, even I want to find that answer. Why “being human” experience did not feel good? But you know what? If you have not changed in a while, you are rotten. I am living life atleast 🙂

And last but not the least, do you want to know how does it feel to be into 40s?


I hope, you too feel the same way about me :-)…..


Death Wisdom

Death Wisdom

The most certain fact about life is the most uncertain thing in life….

But even after knowing that uncertain end of life, we want to take chance…


We want to live mediocre life (because we do not know how world looks from happiest peak)

We want to wait for perfect circumstances (does it ever happen, btw?)

We want to delay happiness (because that’s how we are nurtured)

We want to live as per society norms (yeah, because we are part of society)

We want to cheat the closest one (because trust is the cheapest affair on the earth)


And on final day, at last moment, breathing last atoms of oxygen….


We realize, we did not treat life the way we would have

We understand, life was a bigger gift than we thought about it

We recognize, how small we played on the biggest ground offered




Before we could rectify, we see ending around

Before we could hope, final moment is here

Before we could advise, heartbeats are slowing down


Bye bye world…


I wish, I could have lived the way I wanted

Free from defined rules

Away from invisible boundaries

Exempting myself from crowd



 I failed….

I missed…..

I just followed


Hope you will not make same mistake, I did

At least, after reading this….


We, females…..An open letter to all men

We, females…..An open letter to all men

We, females…..

Love you to be around

because that makes us feel wanted in this big, unknown world

And when you are not around, we are the right person to have all rights to ask you about your whereabouts

Prefer you to listen us

because that soothes the hurt soul and noisy mind

Please don’t ask questions and read my eyes

Ask you for your opinion

because that tricks you that you are considered

Sorry for revealing the truth but we do not care, actually

Chose you to be best friend

because that is what you are supposed to be

if you meet that expectation, we are at same side of game, always.

Expect you to make a cup of tea

because that satisfies the silent wish of seeing you in kitchen

BTW, you need better recipe for tea, next time

Need you to cry about everything

because that gives us a chance to accuse you for everything

And we cannot miss the chance to play our favorite game – The blame game

Require you to do everything for us

because that’s what we have been taught

to expect everything from you, including our own happiness…. Bullshit!!

Await you to love us unconditionally

because that defines the true bond between us

Everyone wants to be part of love story rather than reading it


Kick you out if you look around

that’s known to you better than me

experienced multiple times by now? Sshhhh……:-)

5 interesting and thoughtful observations from marriages I have witnessed

5 interesting and thoughtful observations from marriages I have witnessed

I know, I know…..Marriage is the most popular and doubtlessly most written topic but you know what?

Everyone, every time, every where finds it interesting, even if they are reading same post about marriage :-)….May be, they find something new every time, they read it.

With the same hope of the well-received post, when too many observations were dancing in mind, I decided to pen them down. Over to you poor (Oops, I meant dear) readers. Sorry can’t help 🙂

1. The FEMALE of the relationship is always right. Now you need to decide, who is the female in the relationship.
I have seen a guy wearing flower in hair, while accompanying his GF 🙂

2. The ANNOYER always maintains the same designation. The one who gets annoyed will never get chance to annoy the other one. Its like first come first.
I have observed one deep breathing while being annoyed by the other, publicly 🙂

3. With time, DRIVER in the relationship changes. So, never be happy, if you started first.
I have heard husbands driving kitchen and wives driving in bed, after 10 years of marriage 🙂

4. CHANGE of interest and increase in waist circumference (for one only) are the consistent factors of any marriage life.
I have seen couples look like mother-son or father-daughter, after few years of marriage. Interest in cricket changes to exhibition visits 🙂

5. SEPARATION is the permanent fear, one can offer to other, in relationship. Its like if you can fake to be brave, you are in.
I have seen husband getting out of drunk state, in a second, when they see the flashing screen on phone shows name of wife. Afterall, its a question of marriage life yaar 🙂