Life Happens…..

In between some hugs and push Life happens In between some tears and laughs Life happens In between some dreams and realities Life happens   But when life happens in dark It seems worthless It feels meaningless It appears hopeless   I still rejoice those visuals I still cherish those memories I still smile at [...]


4 silent answers to most striking questions, being on first step of 40’s

Just a first day of being into 40th year of existence and I think, I have gained lot more wisdom about life (regardless of my look and act). Want to know how my mind speaks when I hear those superbly crafted questions? Read on....   Where are you? [My silent answer] : Well, right now, [...]

5 interesting and thoughtful observations from marriages I have witnessed

I know, I know.....Marriage is the most popular and doubtlessly most written topic but you know what? Everyone, every time, every where finds it interesting, even if they are reading same post about marriage :-)....May be, they find something new every time, they read it. With the same hope of the well-received post, when too [...]