Love is an Adventure : Part -17

Love is an Adventure : Part -17

Yessssss…….after a long and complete silence on this :-), I am here.

Alert – Long post ahead…..grab your cup of coffee :-). This story is soon going to be 18.

Previous parts of the story are available at – Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12, Part-13, Part-14, Part-15 and Part-16.

Hello, Keya did not want to attend that call from unknown number while still being in arms of Ankur, but had to.

Hello, Mrs. Nimit? I am Neeta from administration department in  Vihan’s school. He has been waiting here for half an hour now. I tried to reach Mr. Nimit but his phone is constantly engaged. Can you please come and pick Vihan as he is tired and cranky now? The voice at other end spoke in a breath.

And suddenly Keya felt a fall from skyscrapper….


What the hell? How can I forget to pick Vihan? This is a result of this temporary, lust feeling for this unknown man, which is taking over my life and loved ones…she thought to herself while putting on clothes and tears rolled down. Guilt of missing Vihan’s pick-up time was killing her. But suddenly one more thought flashed in her mind.

What if the administrator would have talked with Nimit and would have told him about me not being there on time? How I would have answered Nimit’s questions?

She tried to control but could not stop tears. Ankur was confused about what was going on. He tried to hold Keya’s hand but she refused. He asked softly, whats wrong? Why are you crying like this? And that question of his acted like a bomb for Keya. Already irritated with herself, she looked straight into Ankur’s eyes and said,

I am not sure about you but I cannot put my family at risk to sleep with you. Never knew this is how its going to be….

And that statement boiled Ankur too. He shot back, Keya we both are adults and I have not pushed myself on you. Please be logical and don’t blame me for something where we both contributed and enjoyed.

Keya had rush of tears again but she did not have much time to argue. Finally, after buttoning her shirt, she opened the door of backseat and got off from the car. Before Ankur came out and could stop her or talk to her, she literally ran away towards her car.

In school, when she saw VIhan sitting alone on a bench in administrator office, she felt guiltier. She rushed to Vihan and hugged him tight. Vihan was taken aback for a moment but then he held her tight.


Mumma, where were you for so long? I was scared being alone here, he said innocently.

Keya had tears again. She could not answer. She started walking towards car while holding Vihan’s hand. For the whole way back, Vihan kept talking about his day at school but Keya was somewhere else. She was still feeling horrible the way everything happened in last few hours. She never even imagined to sleep with any other man. That temporary joy of orgasm flashed out with real life gravity. At home, first thing she did was to take shower.  She just wanted to wash away every touch of Ankur. Of course, its like

Having sex and then taking bath into Holy River to feel virgin again

But that shower helped her to calm down. After lunch, when she checked her phone, there were couple of messages from Ankur.

Ankur :  Not sure what went wrong and why you were so upset with me? I did not anticipate the end of our beautiful time like that.

Ankur : keya, never feel guilt for anything. Life happens once only and you have all the rights to explore life the way you want. I will wait for your response. Love you forever!!

That last sentence worked as expected. In a moment, all frustration disappeared. Having someone who loves you and more than that, expresses the feeling so well, is rare. Keya felt bad the way she had acted but at the same time, her mind warned her to not fall for the trap again. She typed back …

Keya : I know, life happens once only but I cannot put my family at risk. I do not want to do this anymore. Never thought we will get into all this. Yes, I loved you and will love you forever but let’s keep it silent and serene.  

Ankur responded promptly….

Ankur : Thanks for responding my love. I was scared for a moment when you left like that.

Keya : I am really sorry about it but that nasty feeling of being at fault took over.

Ankur :  Well, I don’t understand it but I need to respect it.  Can I tell you something?

Keya : sure.

Ankur : I felt heavenly today. Being male its very different but let me tell you this. Melting into each other when you have right partner made me understand why they say physical intimacy is an important part for a couple. The way our bodies communicated and responded to each other was something, I had not watched in porn movies too 🙂.

Keya was taken aback with multiple confessions but unknowingly she bit her lower lip.

Keya : Ankur, we do not want to discuss or do it anymore. But I am surprised by knowing the fact that you are/were watching porn.

Ankur literally ignored first part of statement and responded to the second part.

Ankur : Everybody does…..and as far as I know, females more than males 🙂

Keya was surprised again…..

Keya : Oh really?

Ankur :  Oh yes. Don’t tell me, you never watched porn.

Keya : I did not…..never.

Now it was Ankur, who was shocked. This smart and gorgeously beautiful lady love of his life was telling him that she never watched porn. So innocent she is, he thought to himself.

Ankur : Keya, how did you pass through your college years? Anyways, will watch together….

Keya was stunned with Ankur’s courage to ask her to watch porn together.

Keya : Ankur, I told you, we do not want to get into it again. We are not meeting again. We will be good friends, if we want otherwise we need to say bye to each other.

Ankur : Keya, what do you think we did was wrong? Why expressing love in any form is bad just because we are married to different partners? Do you know, I don’t remember saying “I Love you” to Revati. Only with you, I experience that real love feeling.

And as it works with every female, that ONLY word made magic.

After all, he loves me only otherwise why he would have been spending so much time with me?, her heart took over.

Keya : so you never tell her “I Love you”?

Ankur : Never…

Now Keya was confused. For her and Nimit, it was routine to express feeling with those words. But she knew that Ankur will not like that so she had to manipulate.

Keya : ummm…..for us, its not never but its on and off.

But after typing, she felt odd. With whom she was playing? The husband, who trusted her blindly or the man who claimed to love her the most or herself who was not able to decide what to do and how to control? And while she was still in introspection mode, that notification was there.

Ankur : Hey darling, I will have to rush. Revati has fixed a dinner evening with friend and will have to attend it. I will miss you. Have a happy evening J.

And suddenly Keya felt worse. Here, I have not called Nimit even once and he has to attend a party with his wife, whom he claims, never loved? When negativity takes over, control is very difficult. For the whole evening, she kept imagining how Ankur must have been enjoying evening with Revati and friends. Complete silence from Ankur made her feel poorer.


He could have messaged once, she thought to herself.

Nimit was late today and Vihan was playing with friends. To divert mind, Keya started re-arranging Vihan’s room and while looking at those bunch of books of Vihan, an idea of kids’ library popped up.

Kids will have fun reading all these books and Vihan will have friends around, she thought. Being good at art and creativity, she created a simple poster about kids’ library on her phone and shared it in school group.  People started inquiring about it and she got busy.

Ankur will be happy to know it. Hope he sees the poster in school group soon, she talked with herself.

But did it happen? How Ankur reacted?

How Keya felt when she realized that the “only” word Ankur had used just before few hours was not true?

Did this temporary pleasure looking relationship died or moved on with objects on path?

Stay tuned 🙂

I promise, I will not make you wait more this time….





Love is an Adventure : Part – 16

Love is an Adventure : Part – 16

Past episodes of this love story are – Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12, Part-13, Part-14 and Part-15.

While struggling to be normal, Keya could not stop thinking how easily Ankur conveyed his thoughts about her character and how she can be with someone else too.

How can he even think so? Why at a time he gets so edgy and possessive? Did not I feel pain when I saw his picture with family, all smiling and happy? She thought to herself.

Do you know which moment I miss the most rightnow? Phone beeped with special notification tone. She read and smiled painfully.

I will never be able to understand this guy. At one moment, he is all lovey dovey and at second moment, he is doubting me, she struggled again whether to respond or not.


Keya : ??

Ankur : That moment, when we were melting into each other…..your soft, pinky and wet lips were brushing mine and I loved that alien feeling.

Unknowingly Keya found herself biting her lower lip.

Keya : Ankur, you are an idiot…at one moment, you love me so much and at other moment, you are not ready to trust any of my statement.

Ankur : in that case, you are an idiot too….

Keya : what? How?

Ankur : Well, consider first part of your statement. You too are madly in love. I am just trying to find out who is that lucky one J

Keya smiled at his smartness to switch the track.

Keya : And you are monkey too…

Ankur : OK, as far as you are my partner, I am ready to do all monekygiri J

Keya : Means?

Ankur : Let’s do some monekygiri together…..are you up?

She took a second before responding…

Keya : Sure, why not?

Ankur : I love your spirit….you are always ready to do something new.

Keya : yeah, learning from you J. What are we planning to do?

Ankur : How do you like golgappa?

Keya : My all-time favorite.

Ankur : Wow….we are similar J. Lets meet rightnow at Pangat Golgappa. Every golgappa lover likes him. Let’s see how many we can gobble down while looking at each other…..ready?

Keya : ummmm…..

Ankur : come on…be sporty. I will see you @Pangat in 20 minutes. Love you and your smile.

Keya : ok 🙂

Hurriedly she changed to peach colored cap sleeve shirt and navy blue pant. When briefed in mirror, she smiled at herself.

Ankur winked at her the moment they both faced each other. Despite noon time, Pangat was crowded and they waited for their turn. There was no chance to talk but both were feeling each other’s presence. Ankur kept staring Keya and whistled. Keya was surprised with widened eyes. She smiled at him and he winked again.

Finally, it was their turn. They faced each other and the waiter started serving golgappa to both of them.

10, 20, 25….Keya was not able to take it more but she did not want to lose. She winked at Ankur and Ankur almost lost his balance. The plate fell down from his hands and before he could react, Keya jumped – Yay, I won.

You cheated, he claimed while getting down from Pangat.

I don’t think so. If you cannot take my wink, not sure what else can you do, Keya said playfully.

Oh, so you want to see what I can do, Ankur looked into her eyes and smiled.

Sure only if you can do something, Keya was still playful.

OK, let’s show you what I can do, Ankur smiled mischievously.

Sure, I am eager to know. But please consider time. I have only an hour before I will have to pick up Vivaan, Keya smiled.

Really depends….but let’s try, he whispered in her ears and asked her to follow.

But idiot, we are not going to do anything wrong, Keya was concerned but in masti mood.

My idiot, we will define that wrong word later on. Follow me please, Ankur’s voice was commanding.

They walked almost half kilometer and Ankur opened the back door of his Rover, parked in a corner of street.


Without question but with rapid heartbeats, Keya got in the back seat and at other moment, Ankur jumped in. Suddenly that uncomfortable silence took over. Ankur was sitting almost a centimeter away from her. She tried to keep her thoughts straight but….

So you want me to show what I can do, right? Ankur took her hand in his.

Well, I told you…we do not want to do anything wrong, she looked into his eyes but suddenly stole the sight just like a lady who surrenders.

Do you really think there is anything wrong in love? Ankur’s hand was now in her hair.

Ankur……Keya could not speak much.

Ankur cupped her face in his hands and pulled her nearer. His lips started brushing hers and both of them suddenly felt at loss of breathe. Suddenly the back seat felt like a bed of roses. Suddenly both of them were in sync – breathing and talking with eyes.

Ankur’s hand started working on her body. Some mountains, some flat land and finally valley….Each touch was electrifying and Keya was out of control. When Ankur’s hand reached to check the index of wetness, he was amazed.

Oh my God, you are already ready, he winked at her.

She opened the tightly closed eyes and those eyes and heavy breathe of hers begged him to satisfy her.

Ankur removed his pant hurriedly while constantly kissing her. And in between all doubts, playfulness, fun, arguments and thoughts, when the Adam-Eve touch happened, they felt heaven on earth. Both were amazed the way they felt so close to each other and how passionately they made love. At heart, both of them silently compared this love session with real life partner and knew that even 1% of this passion was not present there. Keya kept responding and Ankur kept driving and finally when both of them reached climax, Keya cried loud, out of happiness and satisfaction. Climax for female is underrated or ignored for long. Keya was never aware or never cared about climax. But today, when she felt that mountain peak under feet, she could not stop smiling.


They lied down in same position for 10 minutes, without speaking a word and Ankur constantly kissing her. Keya loved that killer smile of him and those deep eyes of him were saying how happy he was. She smiled and looked at him. He smooched her for one more time.

And suddenly that villain phone rang.

What do you think? Who must have called up at that time?

Did keya run away?

What happened to them? When did they meet next and what was the agenda?

Stay tuned for all the answers :-).

Hidden Honeymoon Treasures in Photos

Hidden Honeymoon Treasures in Photos

Honeymoon is a lifetime memory and everyone wants to make it happy memory. Gone are the days when one was visiting any overrated location as part of honeymoon. Now a days, people seek adventure, some nature, some peaceful time with each other but of course, at a photogenic location. Here are the 3 international destinations, I have visited and felt like they are hidden treasure for honeymoon. Have a look!!

  1. The Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-002

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-003

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-004

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-005

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-006


2. Bambu Indah Resort, Bali

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-008

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-007

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-010

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-009

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-011

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-012

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-013


3. Boracay beach, Philippines

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-014

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-015

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-017

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-016

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-018

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-020

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-019

Unknown honeymoon destinations-page-022


4 silent answers to most striking questions, being on first step of 40’s

Just a first day of being into 40th year of existence and I think, I have gained lot more wisdom about life (regardless of my look and act). Want to know how my mind speaks when I hear those superbly crafted questions?

Read on….

  1.   Where are you?

[My silent answer] : Well, right now, on call with you and rather than that its NOYB :-). FYI, I can be/live/take care of myself. If you are not known where I am means, I do not want you to know 🙂

  1. (But) why do you want to do it?

[My silent answer] : For 39X365X24X60 minutes, I tried a lot to fit but “unfit” experience seems cool, If you are asking me WHY that means I am doing something right/interesting/exciting/unique….and I want you to stay tuned to see outcome :-).

  1. Who was with you at that restaurant?

[My silent answer] : Well, I have pulled back that right from market. Just FYI, no one is allowed to ask that question. After living almost 4 decades in “human society”, I feel, I am an adult and know my boundaries and values. Thanks for the concerns (of digging about me and behind me).

  1. What has changed you so much?

[My silent answer] : Seriously, even I want to find that answer. Why “being human” experience did not feel good? But you know what? If you have not changed in a while, you are rotten. I am living life atleast 🙂

And last but not the least, do you want to know how does it feel to be into 40s?


I hope, you too feel the same way about me :-)…..


Love is an Adventure – Part – 11

Love is an Adventure – Part – 11

The story has put behind 10 parts and you can read all of them here –  Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9 and part-10.

Despite anticipated lazy Sunday morning, Keya walked out of bed early and made herself coffee. Of course, her mind and heart were in sync rightnow to daydream the meeting with Ankur in few hours. She kept thinking about what to wear, what to talk, how to react and so on. She re-read the chat with Ankur since past 24 hours and smiled silently.  At heart, just like any other female, she liked Ankur being jealous and his reactions. But at the same time, she wished to not pass through the situation again where she had to justify her intentions.

After coffee round and reading Sunday Times, when she slipped in bed with Vihan, he was awake and innocently smiled at her. Keya kissed his cheeks. This little guy had become a hope and purpose of her life since last few years, when she lost her own identity. She loved being with or around Vihan. Being kid with this kiddo was used to be the best time for Keya. They both started singing a poem and danced. Vihan was visibly happy, seeing his source of energy happy.


Nimit woke up and the three headed out for breakfast. This custom was followed since long. Nimit, being a perfect husband, had asked Keya to be out of kitchen on Sunday and Keya loved that free time once in a week.

Even while eating breakfast, Keya talked non-stop while stopping in between randomly to daydream about the meeting with Ankur, in few minutes. Nimit could sense that indefinable happiness of Keya but as usual, he controlled himself by not asking question. On the way back, Keya suggested both of them to visit the new sports center while she is away for couple of hours. Nimit and Vihan, both loved the idea. They dropped Keya at home and started for Sports center.

At home, Keya took quick shower as clock was already showing 11:45 am. Hotel  Platinum was about 20 minutes commute time from home and she did not wanted to be late. But again, female factor worked. One after other, she tried almost five different dresses but was not happy with any of it. Brown one was too revealing and purple had a big flowery design. Pink had cold shoulder and blue looked too short. She was in no mood to compromise but a special notification drew her to the real situation. It was almost 12:05 pm and Ankur had sent her reminder.

Ankur : Of course, you are not like other women, who forget about the special time. But just to remind you, someone is waiting for you eagerly. Come soon.

Keya was stressed now. She had just 5 minutes, if she wanted to reach on time. But she had not decided on dress yet. Finally, she convinced herself with that most promising, always worked trick of her own. She closed her eyes and took out a random dress. It was geometric patterned blue and white colored knee length dress. With a doubt, she put it on but when she looked at herself in that full size mirror, she was amazed. The dress brought out her perfect body structure while not exposing anything. Keya hurriedly matched the dress with diamond earrings and brushed long hair to leave them open.


It was already 12:17 pm, when she started from home.

After facing typical Sunday traffic, when she reached hotel Platinum, it was almost 12:42. While driving, she heard couple of those special notifications but was too late to look at them. She just rushed into Beans café but she saw a crowd of black tied people there. With a confusion of what’s going on and a guilty of being late, finally she took out her phone to call Ankur but decided to have a look at his messages.

Ankur :  Keya, Beans Café has been occupied today by one of the small business as they have their meet and greet talk today. I was not aware about it. Came to know only after I was here….

That message was around 12:10 pm. That means, Ankur was here earlier than the scheduled time, Keya thought to herself and smiled. Crazy man, she said silently and read another message which was delivered to her around 12:30 pm.

Ankur : Keya, I believe you are on the way and therefore not checking your messages. I was looking for option here but restaurant is also full due to brunch time and therefore I have booked a room in hotel Platinum so that we can talk freel. I hope, you will not mind about it. I will wait for you in hotel lobby.

For a minute, Keya was frozen. She did not imagined to be in hotel room with Ankur and her so called orthodox mind denied being there. But that heart in love had already overtaken and was directing her body to move towards hotel lobby.

She saw Ankur waiting. In blue jeans and white sleeve folded shirt, he looked handsome. She smiled when both of their eyes met. Ankur too had a wide smile on his face. The moment Keya reached nearer, he started walking towards elevator, signing her to follow. That was an awkward moment for Keya as it made her felt like she was doing something wrong. She did not like the way Ankur asked her to follow, without making her comfortable. Her mood changed in a fraction of second and she wanted to run away but she was already in elevator with him.

In elevator, when Ankur wrapped her with his right hand, she felt better and secure. Why females need that kind of emotional assurance while doing something wrong? And actually, was she doing anything wrong? Well, being at any place, with anyone is a personal freedom as far as you are following rules of society J…..That’s what society has taught us.

The right thing to learn about personal freedom is – to live the only opportunity, called life, on your own terms and do not allow anyone to control you. Also…..fuck off those, who judge you. They do so because they do not have courage to live the life, you are living or they do not have anything to do in life other than formatting and following rules 🙂.


BTW, while I was writing all those facts about personal freedom, Keya and Ankur were in hotel room – the most uneasy situation they would have imagined. But what followed is really an amazing story, exhibiting love and everything around it. Stay tuned 🙂