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What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 2

What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 2

And I am here again….In cappadocia, Turkey’s third most visited location, which attracts tourists from all around the world.

As I had mentioned in First Photo tour of Cappadocia, it is a location to enjoy in winter as well as summer and I was lucky to enjoy it in winter, to capture the brown colored caves standing high on white, snow-layered landscape. Nature has been generous to Cappadocia, when it comes to beauty.

And today, as a second part of Photo Tour to Cappadocia, taking you to Goreme Open Air Museum – the top tourist destination in Cappadocia.

But before you start the virtual, visual treat, you will have to tolerate my words….Yes, a brief about Open Air Museum.

On the list of UNESCO world heritage site since 1984, the Goreme Open Air Museum is accessible from every part of region in just 15 minutes. Well-known for the rock-cut churches and amazing frescos, Open Air Museum represents historical unity. Most of the churches here are from 10th, 11th and 12th century and history behind each of it is really interesting.

Weather erosion for years have created the rocks into unbelievable shapes and small entrances led into man-made cave churches. Prefer to visit with tour guide, who can explain history of each church and soon, without realizing it, you will find yourself imagining life as a Christian fleeing the Romans and living in fear of Arab invasions.

And your tour starts now……As I said, I was lucky to visit it in winter. Look at those beautiful colors and yes, I am there….find me 🙂

The track uphill…..


Ahaa….the beauty around
I want to be here forever…..


Did you look at the colors?


That narrow entrance….



The dining area..






Just wow…..can’t believe my eyes….Nature is really beautiful


The cozy cafe on hill soothes soul with Turkish coffee on winter morning…



Snow around and snowman to love ….




yes, yes…..its me. You guessed it right 🙂

Pack your begs and wait until next photo tour here…… 🙂




Love is an Adventure : Part – 19

Love is an Adventure : Part – 19


And a fresh morning arrived……

The first person Keya thought of was Ankur….I love him, her heart said and she smiled sadly.

Why she smiled sadly? Well, if you have not read past chapters of the story, read them here – Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12, Part-13, Part-14, Part-15, Part-16 , Part-17 and Part-18.


How can someone control the heart? No matter how immature he is, how jealous he feels at a time, how controlling he becomes in some situations,  I love him, she declared to herself.


Her fingers automatically started typing…

Good morning 🙂. Hope you slept well.

After a wait of 5 seconds, when she did not see any response from Ankur, she continued,

We know how important and unique our connection is. Let’s forget the differences and smile together. I love you Ankur, before clicking on Send, she thought for a second whether she was doing right or not but love took over and message was sent.

And the moment she entered in kitchen, that special notification was there… three in a row. She opened the messenger quickly. Ankur had written….

Good morning my love….

Could not sleep much as negative and positive thoughts were on swing for whole night. Not sure why this has to happen to us. If we know, this is unique connection to us and its valuable, why don’t we respect it? Why to build a glass wall around us?

I hope someday you will understand how hurtful it is to feel like ignored.

Keya was taken aback. In a moment, her morning resolution to not be negative flashed out.

Is he blaming me after what all happened?

Wow….never knew I needed all those love theories again to understand which bond I am sharing with him.

Bitterness and negativity took over and she did not want to respond. She was regretting on her morning decision to send message to Ankur. But not responding was a not choice for her. That incident, when she read messages of Ankur and could not respond them immediately because she was driving, led to a half day arguments.

I do not want to start it again….Already feeling drained, she talked with herself and just sent a smile in response.

Immediately, Ankur responded,

Keya, I want to see you. When are we meeting?

She did not see message until Vihaan left for school and she sat with her morning tea. She responded,

I am sorry, got busy with morning routine of school time.

Meeting -I will be busy today and tomorrow.  Let’s plan any day after tomorrow.


Of course, she wanted to meet him to hug him tight, to break down all those walls and to feel that love feeling again but all those wounds were still fresh for her. Her weak heart made her write response but her mind was in control today.

I am not going to meet him anymore. I know what he wants from me. If he was concerned about my feelings, he would have been careful but all he wants is my body. Once done, he will start arguing on any unexpected topic….her mind had valid argument.

Again, the response was immediate from Ankur.

Wow…..two busy days. Are you meeting someone special? 🙂

And that smile at the end of question irritated Keya to the core.

What is he thinking about me? Why these kind of questions at this moment? What will he achieve by being so sarcastic and possessive? She thought to herself.

Well, you should not be worried about all those things when we are away from each other, she shot back.

So right. I should not be concerned but I cannot control. You are so lovely and beautiful. I want you to be mine only, read Ankur’s message.

Ankur, that beauty can be deceiving but feelings are permanent, if you ever understand that, Keya was still not in mood to give up.

Oh darling, let’s forget the past. We know, we have future together. I am crazy for you and we know world is a happy place being together, Ankur’s message felt like a salty butter on bleeding wound.

Keya did not respond. for a while and phone kept buzzing….

Keya, I love you

Keya, I want to see you

Keya, you are my life.

Keya, you are my jaan.

Keya, I like your anger.

Keya, I know you love me too

Finally, she had to open the messenger and a smile was there again on her beautiful face.

You are crazy, Ankur, she wrote.

Of course, I am crazy. But only for you, my love, an immediate response made her smile again.

When are we meeting? Ankur started again.

I need to attend couple of inquiries for kids’ library today. Besides we met just yesterday and you had ate well J….Why are you hungry again? she responded.

Because my darling, you are amazing and skillful to drive any man crazy, Ankur’s response.

And yes, all those inquiries are local. You can attend them tomorrow. Your kids’ library is a temporary thing. For that you are denying to meeting time? Ankur’s words worked like an arrow to Keya’s heart.

Is this the same man who encouraged me to do something on my own?

Is this the same man whom I loved because I thought he understood me better?

Is this the same man for whom my thoughts and ideas were used to be a priority?

Not being able to control the anger mixed with feeling of stupidity of her own, made her furious. She tried to handle the conversation in calm manner but her disappointment was not hidden.

Ankur, I thought, it was you who encouraged me to do something on my own and that was the quality of yours, attracted me the most. You were the one who listened and loved every ideas of mine and made them better. And today, my things are temporary? Are you serious? I think, every big thing starts with a baby step and while I am still taking first step, I would have expected your supportive words rather than…..Keya left the sentence incomplete and wiped her tears.

Oh come on Keya, I was just kidding. You are still my priority and will be always. I did not know you will take it so seriously. Sorry, if I had hurt you. Focus on your kids’ library and we will plan some other time, Ankur responded.

Not sure whether it was sarcasm or not, Ankur’s message made Keya think again….

May be I took his statements to heart. He might not mean it. He loves me and I know it. How can I think anything wrong for him? Her heart started arguing with mind.

Keya did not realize Nimit’s presence while being in deep thoughts.

Hey Keya, everything ok? How are the things with Kids’ library? Nimit asked casually.

Yeah, going good….she responded absent mindedly and walked towards kitchen to get Nimit his favorite ginger tea.

But her heart was not at peace. Constant analysis of situation and guilt was in progress…

Ankur is also trying hard to take out time for meeting. How can I say no to him?

He has been available whenever I had asked him.

If he was interested in my body only, we would not have come so far.

Finally, she decided to postpone the inquires on next day and messaged Ankur….

In your fav pink shirt and white skirt, I will be waiting for you ….

With an expectation of immediate response, she kept checking her phone but for couple of hours, Ankur did not even check her message.

He was so eager to meet and now he does not have time to even check the message…..self thought made Keya uncomfortable.

Finally, after almost 3.5 hours of wait, she heard that notification. Immediately, she checked….

Sorry Keya, I was busy in business meeting. Could not check message.

Thank you my darling. Would love to see you. Around 6 pm? Can we meet @park-inn? I will book room there.

Can’t wait to see you my love.

With mixed emotions, Keya re-read those messages. Not sure what to do, she just typed “OK” and sent it.

In the evening, when she reached Park-inn, it was already 6:15 pm and Ankur was waiting for her in Room # 604, as he had mentioned in his message, just 15 minutes back. Hurriedly Keya entered into elevator and pressed #6. But that uncomfortable feeling took over again….

Am I doing right thing by meeting him in hotel room?

Why I am so mad for him that I am ready to risk everything?

What if someone catches even a glimpse of me in this hotel at this time?

What if Nimit comes to know about all this? He will never be able to trust me.

Until when I will keep meeting him like this? Whats the future of this?


That beep of elevator broke her chain of thoughts and with slow steps; she started walking towards Room#604.

What happened next?

One more love making session or anything else?

How Ankur treated Keya?

Did Keya find peace of mind after meeting Ankur?

Did the roller coaster ride of emotions continued?

Yes, all answers are ready but you need to wait until next chapter….

Stay tuned 🙂

What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 1

What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 1

Knowing your US visa can be a gateway to Turkey is a big relief and when I downloaded that eVisa in a minute, I was like……..finally, one more long pending wish…..hooh!! But weather check was not encourageous. With doubts and hopes, the trip finally started.

Turkey was one of the rarest trip where planning time was minimal and could not do much research too. Flying to Cappadocia on second day of landing in Istanbul, that too based on some online suggestions, felt like a rush and on airport when I observed the current temperature in Cappadocia as -8 C, a thought to cancel the trip to Cappadocia crossed mind but ….

But discovering Cappadocia was that once in a lifetime feeling of being amazed and impressed and influenced by natural beauty. 2 days in Cappadocia and camera full of memories, when I left Cappadocia, I knew how and what I wanted to write about this place.

And thats why this photo tour….. Everyone who has visited Cappadocia will agree that you cannot describe the beauty in words and so I will work smart :-). Why to bore you with those black and white letters when you can see the colorful images and imagine yourself in it?

As the title says, this is just first part of Photo Tour to mesmerizing Cappadocia. I am planning to publish at least 5 parts (yes, as I said, camera full of memories)… stay tuned 🙂

Today…..the most beautiful part of Cappadocia (or at least I think so) – Ihlara Valley.

To introduce Ihlara Valley, the guide said…as the US has Grand Canyons, we have Ihlara Valley. I was not impressed with the statement knowing Grand Canyons and beauty around. But this photo tour will tell you how I felt good by being proven wrong for one more time….

Ok…..OK… more words……only colors…..

















Well, as usual, I had a special click too at this beautiful place……memories, you know? 🙂


Let me know in comments, if you are excited for second part of photo tour….