Love is an Adventure : Part – 20

When I see the date of last episode published for the story, I cannot believe myself. Was I really busy to write next part? Or was it just a blockage time? Did I really tried to be away from this story or was I just waiting to hear from Keya and Ankur? Not sure but [...]

Love is an Adventure : Part -18

And today, I am an adult….well, that’s not me. That’s what the claim is from the story. Started as an idea to wrap up it within 10-12 chapters and publish it as novelette, the story is already moving ahead to become a fiction novel. But that’s how it works when it comes to writing fiction….Hope [...]

Love is an Adventure : Part -15

Previous parts of story will give you better idea about the couple, I am talking about. Read them here - Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12, Part-13 and Part-14.. In dark, while facing the brightness of mobile phone, Keya started reading Ankur’s messages.  Ankur : I missed you so [...]