What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 5

The last episode of Photo Tour series in Cappadocia....Hope you enjoyed Cappdocia 🙂


What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 2

And I am here again....In cappadocia, Turkey's third most visited location, which attracts tourists from all around the world. As I had mentioned in First Photo tour of Cappadocia, it is a location to enjoy in winter as well as summer and I was lucky to enjoy it in winter, to capture the brown colored [...]

What to not miss in Cappadocia : Photo Tour – 1

Knowing your US visa can be a gateway to Turkey is a big relief and when I downloaded that eVisa in a minute, I was like........finally, one more long pending wish.....hooh!! But weather check was not encourageous. With doubts and hopes, the trip finally started. Turkey was one of the rarest trip where planning time [...]

Photo story : Ri Kynjai Resort, Meghalaya

To know why the name that echos "Serenity by Lake" is so perfect match, you need to visit this property or scroll down to the pictures, I have presented, without reading my never ending praises for the same. In the corner of Meghalaya, when you look for the best option to stay, you do not [...]

Cu Chi Tunnels : Photo Story

The #1 tourist destination in HCMC, Vietnam - The Cu Chi Tunnels,  carries bleeding history with it but rather than those war facts what will impress you the most is the way tunnels have designed. Today, this 121 KM long Cu Chi tunnels have been turned into war museum and tourists are invited to crawl [...]