This Wednesday, dipping myself into memories from Bryce Canyonโ€ฆA glimpse of an unforgettable sight from there:-)



The change in others, which hurts you the most,
is a result of change in you
because everyone replicates your behavior
rather than that first circle of relationship.

When you are able to exprience that pinkish orange sun rise alongwith splashing waves of ocean and that cool breeze touch……while your family is around and you are aloof from this world – no internet, no laptops, no TV, no cell phones and no news paper.
Will you ever demand anything else from life?
Will you ever think of better time?
Will you ever remember those chaos of daily life?
Will you ever remember anything else but love and warmth?
No, you will not.

I too did not.
Just came back after celebrating a silent but most memorable birthday (in a pure virgo way), I could ever have. Thanks a lot for wishes from all of you.
I am grateful to you all, for being part of my life.
That most auspicious blessing called LIFE, was never beautiful as it is right now.
Love you time – the magic….:-)