High in Sky : Wordless Wednesday

Today, let me refresh those memories from Napa Valley, when landscapes looked more beautiful because of those yellow little mushrooms….







Phi Phi Island : The beauty crown of Thailand

Phi Phi Island : The beauty crown of Thailand

Thailand was never on my list as I always believed it was overrated (yes, I assume things), but when it happened the first thing I wanted to visit was Phi Phi Island. Had read and heard many things about this vehicle free tiny island where culture is great, parties are great and weather is romantic. Let me show you the whole episode of journey from Phuket to Phi Phi (the second Boracay?), via pictures…

Flight from Bangkok to Phuket was sleepy…..It took too much time to reach Phuket (or that’s what I think).

But surprise was waiting on Phuket airport. The jetty to get a boat to Phi Phi was an hour travel from airport. Hooh, I said silently but with no option, got into car. And soon, my disappointment vanished. Traveling to Phuket roads was beautiful. Finally, reached jetty almost on time to catch the boat but managed to get that thirst killer and got into boat.

And the journey started…..everywhere you see, its water, beautiful islands and blue sky. The beauty was wordless….

Finally, after almost 1.5 hours of comfortable boat ride, saw first sight of Phi Phi island.

Got down to pier and waited for next boat to reach to hotel, while drinking beauty of nature around…

And yay, there is the hotel….the beach looked awesome from that long tail boat

BTW, I did notice that NoRegrets tag and its so right….No regrets, if you get to travel 🙂

Evening at Phi Phi was one of the most memorable evening in Thailand.

Walking through the beach street bare foot, next morning and boozing with sunlight was something, I would do again and again. That little street, where you do not see any vehicle but only aromatic food, candle lit dinner tables, fire shows, pool parties, rock dances, happy faces and beautiful structures…..

Saying bye to Phi Phi was the most difficult task but knowing the next destination was soothing. Want to know, what was my next destination? But before that, you will have to tolerate photo story of island hopping around Phi Phi

Stay tuned :-)….I promise, I will use less words and more pictures for it 🙂

A day in Pureto Princesa, Palwan : #PhilippinesDiary

A day in Pureto Princesa, Palwan : #PhilippinesDiary

Before I venture out for new destination, I wanted to cover one more place from beautiful Philippines….Palwan. They say Palwan has beautiful beaches and after scrolling down to this photo story, you will agree on that but what’s more enticing about Palwan is…..

Scroll down and see what was covered in a day, in Pureto Princessa, Palwan…..

That’s what I saw as first scene, when I opened my eyes on first morning in Palwan

Excited, I ran down stairs to feel that beach while sun was already out…

After treating my thirsty eyes with sun and sea, it was time to rush…The day was supposed to start. Heading out for half day city tour…

Riding in that tri-wheeler was fun….

And here is the first stop….A formal panel colony, where 150 US soldiers were burned by Japanese, during second world war

The church in front was crowded being it was 25th December.

The little but colorful market outside church…

And now the place, I was looking forward to….Bay walk. The first sight itself was tempting.

The beautiful bay walk track, where I can walk infinitely….

After leisure time and photography fun, it was time to visit Butterfly Park….Oh, its just 11 am….on time 🙂

Butterflies……I am always at a loss of words to explain what I feel when I see these beautiful creatures

Oh, did I tell you there was a baby turtle too there…

Couple of meaningful posters inside park…

And now the tribal show….

Mitra’s ranch….thats where we headed next and the beauty around was just breathtaking.

And lastly, Baker’s Hill. I do not have any pictures of Baked items they offered as it was raining and was more interested in taking pictures of those love signs…

It was around 1 pm and island hoping was yet to be covered. Thinking should not spend more than 3 hours for it was a bad bad idea and I still regret it. They take you to 5 islands via boat and believe me, each of the island is marvelous. You will not leave it until your boatman follow you and ask you for multiple times to get on boat. One of the best experience, would love to repeat. So here I was, hoping the islands for next 3 hours….

And with this, day ended with lots of memories.

They say, you can never forget beautiful memories….I want to add to it, its only until you create new. Philippines and 2017 was closed with great bunch of memories but with a resolution to create more exciting memories in 2018.

Stay tuned 🙂

PP Underground river – New 7 Wonders of Nature : #PhilippinesDiary

PP Underground river – New 7 Wonders of Nature : #PhilippinesDiary

What is to see around Palwan?  Was the first question to the tri-wheeler driver on the way to hotel from baby airport of Pureto Princessa.

You should go see Underground River….He said.

Underground river…..sounds interesting. Imagination about this unknown recommendation was in full swing. One more day and I was on the way to Underground river…excited 🙂

Known with a formal name as The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 80 kilometres from the city center of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  The river is called Underground River because it flows directly underneath the St Paul Mountain Range. Besides being one of the longest underground rivers in the world, the PPUR is also one of the very few that outflows directly to the sea.

To reach to underground river, you will visit beautiful Sabang town. The little town offers amazing beauty of blue watered beach, friendly people, couple of very good resorts and lots of novelty fruit shakes. Time at Sabang will be the most exciting time, while waiting for your turn for ferry ride and enjoying the beauty of nature around, especially those splashing waves.

And the wait ends….the new journey starts and while ferry ride, you are not sure, on which side you should see because the stunning beauty, nature has spread around is much more than your eyes can drink in.

And finally, you are on another beach. The most clean, splendidly beautiful, white beach where you do not want to stop clicking. Five minutes of soft hiking from here will take you to the boat ride station to Underground River.

And now, the most exciting part starts….Are you ready to get into that dark, seemingly little entrance in the mountain? The audio tour will help you while whole boat ride of 20 minutes, where you will explore the underground river, those naturally shaped curves, which will be interestingly related to human body and lifestyle, by your boatman. BTW, let me tell you, in the dark, the headlamp of boatman is the only directive point for you. The boatman will ask you to be silent so that you can clearly listen to those click-click of bats, sweet chirps of all the fauna, which you might not have heard about in outer world.

Finally, that’s the way to go out to sunlight again and beautiful sceneries again.

And once out of boat, you will be transferred to ferry again to go back to Sabang. And believe me, those unforgettable memories will not allow you to sleep for longer.

Stay tuned for some more visual treats where I will take you to the beautiful islands, around Palwan 🙂


Why Boracay is the Paradise? #PhilippinesDiary

Why Boracay is the Paradise? #PhilippinesDiary

Located in central Philippines, this little jewel has received many awards from travel publications and agencies. It has made to list of “Top 10 destinations to visit in 2016”. And if I have to award it, I will address it as “Best place for honeymooners”:-).

Dancing on white bed of sand while listening to those wild waves of ocean is not a dream of yours? Treat your eyes here, rather than just imagining how it would feel.

The picturesque beach offers some of the best spots for pictures and I too did not miss the opportunity…

Sunset here is never to be missed. Those unnamed colors seen in the sky would be the lifetime memories.

Also, you will see the sand artist at their best, almost at every half kilometer….Keep clicking, I told to myself.

The happening beach is full of palm trees, bars and restaurants. Boracay is the best place for relaxation and nightlife and once visited, you will agree to that.  The night life here is all about exploring, walking barefoot, enjoying different cuisines, trying karaoke, relaxing while enjoying massage, observing and sinking in the ambience around and finally, sleeping on towels on beach, while looking at those shining stars…..

The blue water and white sand are not allowing me to go back to my real life, although I am already back and believe me, you too will not….

And with this, if you think, Boracay story is over here…..Sorry, my friend. Stay tuned to drink the beauty of islands around….