Love is an Adventure : Part -15

Love is an Adventure : Part -15

Previous parts of story will give you better idea about the couple, I am talking about. Read them here – Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12, Part-13 and Part-14..

In dark, while facing the brightness of mobile phone, Keya started reading Ankur’s messages. 

Ankur : I missed you so much today evening. Wish, you were with me.

After 4 hours of silence, he feels, he missed me, she smiled with sarcasm.

But before she could continue reading messages, pop-up of another message in school group got her attention. Keya opened the school group chat and saw Revati had posted a family picture with happy faces and with a caption, Evening well spent.

Keya was agitated now. He is telling me he missed me for evening but happiness on his face tells me different story, she spoke silently to herself. She felt tears on her cheeks.


Whats going on? She wondered.

She went back to Ankkur’s chat and resumed reading,

Ankur : I am missing you so much. Good that you are having fun evening.

Ankur : I wish you were here. Everyone in the home is sleeping and I am awake, thinking about you.

Ankur : I hope your real life fun will not overtake our bonding and our time.

Wow, he is thinking about me when he has no one around. I am the last priority or priority of the night, Keya felt worse about herself.

If he has fun evening, its family time. If I have some fun with my family, it’s a matter of doubt, she kept talking to herself.

Tired and exhausted, she dozed off with phone in hand. But could not sleep much. After being awake early in the morning, she checked Ankur’s message as first thing.

Ankur : Good morning !!No smile for the new day and no regret about what he did, she thought. But again thinking about the love she felt for Ankur swept off the negatives of last night. She responded…

Keya : Hi, Good morning 🙂

Keya : Hope you slept well…

Promptly Ankur responded,

Ankur : Yes.

Keya was taken aback with that short and blunt response.It should be me, who should be upset, she thought.

As she had still sometime before she had to start the routine day, she made herself coffee while waiting for Ankur’s message but she was disappointed.

Finally, she could not keep patience.

Keya : Hey, whats wrong? Didn’t you sleep well?

Ankur : Not sure why this is happening to me. Why I have to feel bad again and again.

Keya was dumbfounded. Whats happening to him again and again.

Keya : What happened?

Ankur : I don’t want to talk about it because I think I need to learn how to rest my mind.

Now, Keya was growing impatient, furious and confused.

Keya : But what happened?

Ankur : Keya, I could not sleep much last night and whenever I checked you, you were almost available online for whole night.

Keya : Ohhhh…..while reading your messages, I dozed off.

Ankur : Look Keya, I have nothing to do with it and I know I do not have any right to ask or suggest how you should live life but it hurts. I am OK if someone else is there in your life. But please be truthful.

Keya felt like someone had pushed her from 28th floor to the ground floor.

How in the world he can think of like that? Tears rolled down again.

He is the one I love and he feels that I am with someone else?

She promptly took a screenshot of chat app and sent it to Ankur (not knowing, which trap she was getting into) and wrote –

Look at it. I had been talking with you since last night. All of others are marked for Yesterday.  

For a moment, when she did not see Ankur’s response, she thought, Ankur was convinced and everything will be normal soon. But after 5 minutes, she read the message….

Keya, technology can be altered and anyone can do it now a days. We have been talking for days now. I have never seen you online like yesterday night.

That hit Keya high.

What? I am presenting the proof and he is not ready to believe with stupid arguments, she thought.

Keya : Ankur, I am not techie as you know. I cannot alter something in minutes. Please trust me. I have loved you and only you.

But at the same time, a thought flashed in her mind, why I have to give him a proof or assure him for multiple times for the foolish thoughts of his mind. I know, Nimit is observing changes in me but still he has never spoke this kind of direct statement.


But again, before she could nurture the thought much, another message was there…

Ankur : Yes Keya, I do not have any option other than trusting you but I am hurt.

And his words made her feel guilty about not being able to clarify things. She kept asking herself if she could have done better in convincing Ankur.

Finally, after some resistance at both ends, things were normal between two by afternoon. But Keya did not know what she had done.

By providing proof, she had invited new problem for her life. True love never needs proof as words are trusted blindly and if it needs proof, its not true love.


Did she know that she will be asked or expected to provide proof every time while providing that proof innocently? 

Did she know that she will be made feel bad and guilty for the proofs she would be presenting? 

And most importantly, despite all the arguments for days, did Keya accepted Ankur’s proposal to meet again? If yes, what happened during that meeting? 

Want answers?

Stay tuned 🙂



Love is an Adventure : Part – 14

Love is an Adventure : Part – 14

With a promise to grow this adolescent story into adult, here is another chapter. Previous chapters are –  Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11, Part-12 and Part-13.

After entering into her cove, the kitchen, first thing Keya did was checking Ankur’s messages rather than switching on the coffee pot. She saw almost 6-7 long messages from Ankur. While holding her breathe, she started reading….

Ankur : I love you Keya.

Ankur : I know, at a time, we both will feel guilty about finding the love of life while looking at our social status and responsibilities. But do you know what? We have been programmed like that…since childhood. And the algorithm is, never be happy when its about you.

Ankur : Keya, tell me the last time, you ate your favorite ice-cream alone and were happy? Tell me the last time, you spent time on your hobby and did not feel guilty about not giving that time to your kid?

Ankur : Dear, not all the people in world find true love. 80% of those, who found have lost it due to one or the reason, and are in pain. We are lucky to have found each other. And before those never experienced feelings blossom, you want me to stop.

Ankur : Just ask yourself, will it be easier for you to get over the feeling?

Ankur : Not sure what you will decide for future and for us but I know, I love you and I will love you forever.

Keya re-read the messages 10 times before Nimit entered in kitchen, looking for coffee. She slid the phone in her pant pocket and started preparing coffee. But her mind was already on a long journey. Within moments, it felt like the struggle between mind and heart was over.

I have all the rights to be happy and I do want to see the life beyond this house and housewife things, she spoke to herself. After handing cup of coffee to Nimit and holding one for herself, when she came out of kitchen, Vivan came running to her and sat in her lap. Within a moment, thought train started again,

How will Vivan feel if he comes to know that I love someone else?

How will everyone think about me when they come to know that a married and settled female like me and a mother in addition has an extra marital affair?

But before her mind could put more stress, she heard another notification and could not resist the urge to read it.

Ankur : I know you have read my messages for multiple times by now and your no response is killing me. Please respond, my love.

Not knowing what to respond to those long statements, She typed fast when Nimit and Vivaan started another game of home cricket.

Keya : I love you….In you, I have found best friend and love of life.

And the second moment, phone buzzed for multiple times.

Ankur : Thank you my Love.

Ankur :  I wanted to tell you something but before I could, you ran away…

Ankur : Do you know, you are like a butterfly? Colorful, chirpy, happy flying and light 🙂

That made Keya smile.


The chat went on and on until late afternoon. Lots of sharing about likes/dislikes, wishes, desires, leg pulling, philosophy and fun happened. Keya kept reading his messages and kept responding while Nimit was away or was not watching her. Secretly she felt so fortunate to have someone compatible in terms of thoughts, passion and taking fun in right way with clever response. She loved Ankur more for the way he intelligently responded her playful statements and showing affection at the same time. Every time, unconsciously her mind compared Ankur and Nimit.

Nimit would have never understood forget about responding the clever statements, she thought. Nimit was never a person of words. He would always speak less, would be busy with himself and his little projects. Although he had been a supportive husband, Keya never felt the warmth she had felt with Ankur. As an adult, you want to talk with someone who understands the sentence after you speak first word, you love hanging out with a person who has multiple stories to tell, you wish to be with one who possesses same interests or atleast encourages you.

At one point, she wondered, how Ankur must be managing the situation at home, while constantly responding her messages, as she knew Revati was used to love being around her husband all the time, as she had mentioned once in female gossiping session while waiting for kids outside school. She thought to ask but controlled herself. I should not get into details, as far as he is responding. And I know, he loves only me, she thought to herself.


From where that “only me” came to my mind? she wondered but before she could think much about it, that notification tone was again there.

Ankur : Hey Keya, I will connect back later. Heading out with Revati and kids. They love going out, especially on Sunday I will miss you. Wish we were together.

For a moment, keya felt jealous for Revati. The way, Ankur wrote that Revati loved to be out, she did not like it. She felt angry and upset and low at the same time.

Although she did not respond, Ankur did not ping again and that made her more upset.

Seriously, he does not care what I am thinking and how I am feeling at the moment. He must be busy enjoying with his family. And what am I doing here? I bluntly denied Nimit’s proposal to go out as I was expecting Ankur to be available for chat. I am foolish, she talked to herself. Few moments and sudden mood change.

She went to Nimit and asked him if they can go out as Vivaan would love it. Nimit, as usual, did not say no. Three of them headed to fun fair and enjoyed the evening. For a moment, she forgot Ankur and loved being childish with Vivaan. Nimit was happy seeing her happy.

On the way back, they stopped by at restaurant for dinner. And while they were waiting for dinner to be served and were chatting happily, that notification was there. For a moment, she decided to not look at phone but the next moment, her heart helped in changing that decision. She looked at phone screen.

Ankur : Hi love. Busy evening? You have not responded previous messages too. Hope you are enjoying evening.

And her anger tested the limit now. She checked time. Almost 4 hours, after he realizes that I have not responded? Now as he is back, he has noticed my no response, she thought and promptly responded.

Keya : Out with family as they love to. Yes, enjoying fully. Will connect back later.

She pushed the back button harder to get out of the chat app asap and literally threw the phone in her purse. She heard multiple notifications but was not in mood to attend them. If he has dedicated family time, so should I, she thought with irritation. At one end, she wanted to read all those messages, wanted to chat with Ankur and on other end, she was extremely disappointed the way Ankur disappeared for few hours on the name of family time. Struggle continued between mind and heart and she was cranky.

After reaching home, she just wanted to throw herself in bed but preparation for next day kept her busy. With each special notification, her irritation grew. She wanted to read those messages but she wanted to control herself by not reading them. She wanted Ankur to know that she was upset.


Finally, when she entered in bedroom, Nimit was already asleep. She looked at him in lamp light and suddenly felt guilty. How can I cheat this man? He gave me life and position in society, she thought to herself.

In bed, she could not sleep for long and finally gave in to the demand of heart. She looked at the messages….

What the messages read?

Was everything fine between Ankur and Keya?

Was Ankur available to respond?


Wait to read 🙂

Love is an Adventure : Part – 13

Love is an Adventure : Part – 13

When you write a fiction, it’s a different feeling. Sometimes words flow constantly and sometimes you struggle to write a 20 words paragraph. Its been almost a month, latest part of the story published. But as I said, I felt mind blockage and took quite a bit of time for me to get out of it. This story is becoming teenager today as it has completed 13 episodes. Previous parts of the story can be read at  Part-1, part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8, Part-9, part-10, Part-11 and Part-12.  I hope you will be patient enough until this story becomes adult and gets a hard cover :-).

Read on…..

While the love birds – Ankur and Keya were busy exploring wettest body part of each other, Keya’s phone rang and that brought both of them to real world. Ankur’s hands were still around her waist but Keya got conscious. She started looking for phone in her purse, while trying to avoid Ankur’s stare. Phone ring was getting louder and so were Keya’s heartbeats. When she saw Nimit’s name on screen, she shivered. One glance at Ankur and she clicked the green button to talk…

Nimit : Madam, if you are done with your friend, can you please come back? We have been waiting. Its been 4 hours now. You said, you will be back in 2 hours.

And that made Keya realized that as usual, she completely lost track of time, while being with Ankur. With little hesitation mixed guilt, she handled the communication.

Keya : Yeah Nimit, actually couple of more friends join and we did not realize time. I will be home soon. I hope both of you are OK.

Nimit : Hey, no problem. Take your time. I was just worried.

Keya : No, I was about to leave from here. Will be home in about 25 minutes. She committed time out of guilty.

Nimit : Sure Keya, No problem. We will wait.

Keya : Bye.

The next moment, she clicked the red button for twice to make sure the call was off now and looked at Ankur. He was still staring her. She softly freed herself from his hands and smiled wryly.

test image_1

Ankur : Everything ok?

Keya : Oh yeah, I need to leave now.

She started collecting her purse and glasses. Ankur stood behind her and when she turned around, he literally lifted her again, without notice. Keya was shocked, anxious and giggling at the same time. Within a minute, Keya was at ease and they were smiled together. Ankur put her down carefully and looked straight into her eyes. And before she could respond, he put his lips again on hers and briefly brushed them.

Keya, I love you, Ankur said.

She smiled, looked down and bit her lower lip. Again, Ankur noticed it and pulled her in his arms.


Keya surrendered happily but her monkey mind was already counting seconds.

Must be almost 7 minutes, I talked with Nimit. He must be waiting. Not sure what I will tell him, if he asks for details of meeting with friends. I have to leave now, she talked with herself.

Ankur, I will have to leave now, she said softly.

I do not want you to, his hands were still locking her.

Keya looked into Ankur’s eyes and said, Ankur, this will not lead us anywhere. Let’s stop here.

And before Ankur could speak anything, she unlocked herself from his hand lock and started leaving. Mixed feeling of much more guilt and excitement of newly found love took over. She so wanted to run back to give a last hug to him but controlled herself and left the hotel room, even without looking at Ankur.

And while she was still passing through hotel lobby, her phone buzzed with special notification. Keya so wanted to read the message but continued walking towards car. On the way back, she heard almost 10 notifications and with every notification, her curiosity grew high.

What he has to say when I have clearly told him that I do not want to get into this? She thought to herself.

At home, Nimit was playing with Vivaan. She entered with fake smile and before Nimit could notice, she slipped into bedroom. Looking herself in the mirror, she felt teary eyes.

Why did I do it?

Anyone can claim to love me but that does not mean I should forget my values.

I am never going to meet him again.

What people will think of me if they would find that I met another man in the hotel room?

Her mind was thinking at a fast pace and was constantly asking answers from that little heart, who was still pondering that feeling of “never experienced” love or lust.

Its not my fault that I found someone after being married.

We have not done anything wrong. That kiss was just expression of feelings.

Why should I feel guilty about anything? Did Nimit ever care how do I feel when he leaves me alone in bed after doing whatever he wants to, with my body?

Ankur will never cheat on me. After all, he is taking same risk.

Her heart fought back with mind, with stronger arguments.


After changing into cotton pant and shirt, she came out but could not match eyes with Nimit. Still that internal struggle was going on between mind and heart.

So Kyea, how was your meeting with friends? Nimit asked casually.

Oh it was good. Actually, I was meeting them after a long, so was nervous. They all are doing so well in different fields and settled so well in life. Sometimes I think, I need to do something too. We talked and laughed on past memories. All of them have multiple kids and still they are doing well in life, Keya kept talking without Nimit asking for any details. Her uncontrolled words were a mixture of guilt and fear.

At that very moment, phone buzzed again with special notification. Keya grabbed her purse and took out her phone.

Nimit, I will prepare coffee for me. Will you join? She said

And without waiting for Nimit’s answer, she headed to kitchen hurriedly, holding the phone tight.

What do you think was waiting for her?

Did Ankur accept the proposal of her about not getting into “this”?

Or did he try to convince her that they were not doing anything wrong?

Stay tuned 🙂